Hospitality Awards 2022

Page 18 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 Located in the sparkling Lido di Jesolo, on the outskirts of Venice, the Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa is a touchstone in the luxury hospitality sector. Since opening its doors in 2014, it has devoted itself to ensuring guests’ stays are beyond all expectations. Designed from the ground up to instil a unique sense of comfort and relaxation, Almar Jesolo makes a striking first impression with its impressive avant-garde architecture. The resort’s contemporary design is enhanced by refined finishes, creating an elegant and classy atmosphere. Inside, the resort is peppered with large, open spaces, contemporary clean lines, and retro-inspired statement pieces. Even palettes of the 195 rooms and suites are made to be comfortable yet distinguished, with natural light accentuated by bold aquatic elements. It is an exclusive haven of privacy and relaxation centred around guaranteeing the highest degree of guest relaxation and freedom. As such, it offers a high level of service with minimal oversight or interference. The discreet presence of its team is purposefully designed to make guests’ stay perfect, leaving them freely to enjoy the resort’s spaces and the location. In addition, the facilities and location, from its private beach and huge swimming pool to the proximity to the City of Romance and so much more, give guests an uninhibited A luxurious seaside resort in a sunny European country is heaven on earth for many a holidaymaker. Thus, it is no surprise that Italy’s Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa has attracted guests from across the world to its gorgeous facilities. But it is far more than the striking coastline of the Adriatic Sea and the modern but authentic theme that supplies the atmosphere of unprecedented and unforgettable luxury experience. Aug22323 Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa Luxury 5-Star Seaside Resort of the Year 2022 – Italy understanding that their trip is filled to the brim with options and experiences to have. Yet, they are not overwhelmed by this abundance of choice; the hands-off atmosphere of the resort is there to inspire relaxation, not a push to explore and experience. The only thing visitors are encouraged to do is take things at their own pace. The Almar Experience, as the resort’s team calls it, is a carefully crafted concoction of spaces, colours, scents, flavours, and feelings to provide a distinct type of luxury through its theme of freedom and relaxation. The first is the leisure component, which blends Mediterranean fusion cuisine and stylish rooms to immediately impart Almar Jesolo’s unique brand of local Italian luxury. From cocktails to your threesquare meals, there is a seductive arrangement of gastronomical discoveries at the resort’s multiple restaurants and catering services. All of these can be enjoyed in an elegant and contemporary setting, whether at the bar, at the restaurant table or in the privacy of one of the lavish rooms. Another distinctive feature is Almar Jesolo’s qualified staff, as it is always the people who determine the quality of the service offered. Their passion and dedication – and the investment into their training and well-being – translate into the five-star experience they deliver. The next point in the Almar Experience is the award-winning Almablu Spa. Overlooking the sea, every detail was designed to relieve tension and help rediscover self-confidence. And that is long before guests even begin their spa experience. Almablu Spa uses holistic paths and programs – inspired by natural elements such as Fango and Thalasso – with an extensive menu of wraps, anti-ageing treatments, moisturisers and rituals inspired by ancient traditional techniques. Then Almar Jesolo’s Events team rounds with the overall event experience at the resort. From business meetings to fashion shows and medical congresses to training courses, the purpose-built Auditorium – and the rest of the Almar Jesolo Resort – is the ideal location for organising events, and the team knows that well. “A luxury resort facing the sea in Jesolo,” both says it all yet falls short of the whole picture. The Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa guarantee a new way of experiencing business through relaxation, entertainment, and well-being. From the team to the services to the architecture, the resort is custom built, almost brick by brick, to evoke the feelings of freedom and relaxation it wishes its guests to experience. Italy’s Luxury 5-Star Seaside Resort of the Year for 2022 is a spectacle by the sea, and it knows it. The perfect beachside holiday on the Venetian outskirts is waiting for distinguished guests with an eye for a magnificent stay. Contact: Jenny Faggionato Company: Almar Jesolo Resort & Spa Web Address: