Hospitality Awards 2022 Page 21 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 As a boutique consultancy that works with the owners and managers of independent hotels, Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy works hard to exceed the guest’s expectations by creating memorable guest experiences. In essence, it helps its clients to reach their potential within their hotels by looking at all aspects of the business from the way it is structured through to its service delivery. Best Hospitality Assistance Consultancy - London Aug22121 Run by Monica Or – the author of three Amazon best-selling books, international speaker, and hotel awards judge – Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy is an excellent boutique consultancy that works with the leaders of the world’s independent hotels. Nominally, the efforts of herself and her company focus on creating the most memorable guest experiences, something that will allow a hotel to stand out in a market segment that can provide fierce competition; these efforts have made Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy a household name globally, with Monica’s books being used both in businesses and universities. In this way, Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy’s work is an education as much as it is a transformation. Fundamentally, across the magazines that it has been featured in, all of them have mentioned the incredible nature of the bespoke program that it puts together. The milestone actions from this may include working alongside staff members to review a hotel’s internal processes and procedures; training their team, embedding a more effective service culture, and increasing cost effectiveness within the business, all in the name of maximising revenue and streamlining the business whilst staying focused on the delivery of a quality service. Therefore, this company encourages its clients’ staff to be empowered to use their initiative in order to always be one step ahead of the game, ready with professionalism and discretion to serve any needs that a guest might have. Indeed, Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy trains teams to be able to anticipate these needs, delivering a seamless service as a result. This is shown through the 7R’s model in Monica’s ‘Star Quality Experience’ book. Using the model of a key, another model developed by Monica in her ‘Star Quality Hospitality’ book, she shows the practical steps one can take to run a successful hotel. This has helped many of its clients to push through the tumult of the pandemic, as a result. Critically, the two key hurdles that it primarily saw as a result of the outbreak was staffing issues and shutdowns. With many taking this chance to reflect, Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy has been able to make itself more of a cornerstone partner to its clients than ever before, aiding them in internal redevelopment in favour of their staff. Understanding the importance of the internal customer, the attitudes and behaviours required for a successful hospitality career is emphasised in Monica’s third book ‘Star Quality Talent’ which will help a business to build a guest centric team. As the hospitality industry lives and dies by the quality of its teams, it hopes it will continue to foster positive change in this way, making modern hotels more able to serve the changing expectations of today’s guests by implementing Monica’s outstanding teaching. In the meantime, it will keep pushing forward with its dedication to client and community, promising that for every review on Amazon received for its ‘ Star Quality Talent’ book, £1 will be donated to the Hospitality Action charity. Company: Star Quality Hospitality Consultancy Contact: Monica Or Website: