Hospitality Awards 2022

Page 36 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 BESTNEST is the luxury holiday division of Hilton Head Island-based Beverly Serral Properties. Centred within the Lowcountry region island of South Carolina, BESTNEST is a niche rental home and villa service founded in 2010. BESTNEST’s goal is to provide a home away from home at the highest possible level of comfort, cleanliness, and convenience. Working within one of the most lauded resort islands in the United States – with the added bonus of Beverly Serral’s experience in real estate and interior design – it provides one-ofa-kind holiday stays. The BESTNEST team understands that holidaying can be both expensive and stressful, so at every possible level, they do their best to bring delight to every guest. Each BESTNEST property is fabulously outfitted and maintained to the highest specification, and is equipped to a high, exacting standard; stylishly furnished, decorated, and cleaned to be both chic and comfortable. When going away, finding the right place to stay is often the biggest challenge for holidaymakers. Balancing value with comfort and looking for the right amenities and services can make or break a trip. In the Lowcountry of South Carolina, the BESTNEST by Beverly Serral Vacation Rentals brand covers all of that with its holiday rental homes and villas. With a smile and a warm, enthusiastic greeting, the BESTNEST team provides a luxurious home away from home. Aug22345 Best Luxury Vacation Villas Provider – Southeast USA This approach is what sets BESTNEST apart from other luxury holiday rental firms. Each element of service has been given much thought and attention, from guest communication to homeowner interaction and everything in between. One theme within the BESTNEST concept is constantly “going the extra mile”, which has proven to be key to their success. BESTNEST has its services – and their implementation – down to a science. Beyond preparing the perfect atmosphere in its offices and properties, the team does their best to both anticipate and solve potential issues. BESTNEST believes every experience in one of its properties should be the better than the last, particularly for returning visitors. When the concept launched in 2010, providing lovely bed linens and decent cookware put it miles ahead of the competition. Times have changed, and so have the BESTNEST standards. Beverly Serral, Founder and Concept Creator, takes pride and pleasure in finding and supplying new “sweet spots” like super highquality kitchen knife sets or the best hair dryers – the type that even the best hotels do not provide – because to the overall Beverly Serral brand, BESTNEST is a labour of love rather than a mere division of the business. In 2020 Ms. Serral saw a need and opportunity to enhance the concept further and launched the BESTNET/Luxe division, which features an elevated experience in vacationing, indulging even the most discerning guests. Concierge level guest services are provided 24/7, and household outfitting and amenities include such acclaimed partner brands as Nespresso, Kiehl’s, Cutco, and Mrs. Myers. BESTNEST is poised for even more expansion with the possibilities of franchising, licensing and the development of ancillary divisions (including e-commerce and consulting) all being considered and researched. BESTNEST is ready for the next chapter and is excited to bring its team and guests along. As a brand, BESTNEST has fine-tuned each property to adhere to the sky-high standards that guests have come to expect and appreciate. Accompanied by a track record of success and widespread customer satisfaction, BESTNEST now holds the award for Best Luxury Vacation Villas Provider in the Southeast USA. Contact: Beverly Serral Company: BESTNEST by Beverly Serral Vacation Rentals Web Address: