Hospitality Awards 2022 Page 35 LUXlife Hospitality Awards 2022 Alcohol has had a significant place in history and culture for centuries, with many cultures crafting their own varieties of wines and other beverages entirely independent of one another. Wineschool3 teaches wine enthusiasts, sommeliers, wine merchants and anyone keen to learn more. Delivering private and corporate tastings on various topics – educating even the dullest palettes. Wineschool3 Leading Wine & Spirits Education Providers – Cayman Islands Aug22396 Wineschool3 has grown from humble beginnings in the Cayman Islands. It is the leading educational hospitality company for wines, sake, and spirits and has been for the last ten years. It operates in over 35 countries and territories in the Caribbean and Latin America with students and clientele ranging from major hotel chains, local distributors, restaurants, and an ever-growing private client list. Now students can choose online in-person or self-study; the shift now puts the power of learning in the hands of the students in a way that they couldn’t before. In addition, Wineschool3 has certified instructors in Mexico, Aruba, Bermuda, and Antigua who continuously learn and grow to continue providing up-to-date and top-level service to their students. Its slogan is Liquid Lively Fun or LLF, and it is built into the very fibres of the company. Technical things can be taught, as can knowledge of wine and spirits. However, being outgoing and engaging are not skills that can be imparted so easily. Wineschool3 prides itself on education and works tirelessly to provide its students with the tools for success. It encourages students to express their thoughts, as its instructors deliver their syllabus via dynamic and collaborative means. Learning can be tedious, so it ensures its classes are interactive, engaging, and always LLF. Even as the company had to pivot to more online teaching – as a strictly in-person service – this has not changed. Tools like the pub quiz site Kahoot and interactive tours of breweries and distilleries are just some of the methods it uses to impart knowledge whilst keeping things light. When students begin at level one, whether their goal is to learn to pronounce Merlot, work in the hospitality industry or become a sommelier, it has a course to meet their needs. It even covers topics like food and wine matching and gin tasting to vintage wine tastings for private and commercial clients. Wineschool3’s courses are taught in a way it hopes students will never forget. It accomplishes this through the little things and extra steps it takes. The staff’s professionalism, the establishment’s cleanliness and the extras taught – that no one else teaches – are what Wineschool3’s team hope students can look back on and smile at after graduation. For Wineschool3, the future is bright! It is working on a few projects, which will be revealed later in 2022. One includes a few of its updated proprietary courses; Wine Spirits Education Trust (WSET), American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI), and Shaker Bartending. As it matures, it feels there are still courses missing from the industry, and it is working with industry partners to bring this education as a part of its offerings. Another development is Wineschool3’s partnership with Le Petit Bar. Together they will offer a collection of courses as part of a soon-to-open Wine Bar in the Cayman Islands. A must-visit when it opens! Wine, spirits and other alcohol hold very strong cultural and social significance almost everywhere in the world, and Wineschool3 welcomes everyone to drink and learn. Whether it’s newcomers or those looking to take the next step in their expertise, it is the bespoke service for a memorable and informative learning journey. Those looking to understand more than a Google search can provide shouldn’t be looking any further than Wineschool3. Contact: Christian Esser Company: Wineschool3 Web Address: