Leading Designer Awards 2023

6 | LUXlife Magazine Jun22596 16 | LUXlife Magazine In STUDIOMINT’s own words, it’s “… a design group specialising in ultra-luxury residential and five-star international hotel design…”. With a confluence of creativity and innovation, its team has fostered a portfolio of remarkable interior design ventures within Australia and beyond. Regardless of the property type, STUDIOMINT seeks out the most inventive ways to use space, all while adhering to functionality and aesthetics. The result is a meticulously crafted residential or hotel space teeming with distinctive charm. Since 2009, STUDIOMINT has been approaching each of its projects with one guiding mentality – to create a space that promotes positive psychology in which clients can flourish both personally and professionally. It accomplishes this through its rigorous understanding ofboth interior design and architecture, and its these qualities that really set STUDIOMINT apart. Whether a client is looking for a traditionally classic aesthetic, or is wanting to modernise their surroundings, STUDIOMINT will assist in coalescing all of the necessary attributes to make it happen. Regardless of the size or cost of the project, STUDIOMINT is resolute in delivering a unique outcome each time, using its experience with multinational brands and private clients to craft perfection. By drawing inspiration from a multitude of factors, including cultural background, interests, passions, aspirations, family structures, and even religious beliefs, STUDIOMINT is able to co-create a completely bespoke space that’s guaranteed to exceed every client's expectations. Notably, the ultra-luxury residential design sphere is continually evolving, with new trends, technologies, and styles emerging at a swift pace. In response, STUDIOMINT has equipped itself with the adaptability it needs to consistently provide clients with state-of-the-art solutions that align with any industry advancements. This, paired with an intense research process into each unique client, allows STUDIOMINT to consistently produce inventive and inspired projects to meet its clients’ needs. One splendid example of their impressive craftsmanship can be seen in the 1,500+ sqm home in Ballarat, Australia. This ultra-luxury design Apr23237 Designing Spaces for You to Thrive For over twelve years, STUDIOMINT has been marrying creativity and technology to bring breathtaking architectural projects to life. From medical and commercial lots, to private residential requests, it’s able to apply a daring, yet decadent, approach towards each individual project. We explore how STUDIOMINT has managed to build such a revered reputation, and how it’s come to earn the title of Best Luxury Residential Architect 2023 – Victoria.