Leading Designer Awards 2023

Leading Designer Awards 2023 | 7 Summer 2023 | 17 home has been a true labour of love, focusing on light, space, and the use of luxurious materials. The property stands as a testament to STUDIOMINT's prowess, combining design aesthetics with functionality to create a living space that's truly exceptional. On an international level, STUDIOMINT's creative genius comes to life with a new five-star resort in Fiji, a magnificent structure with over 200 rooms and 80 villas. Designed to attract foodies, Instatravellers, and those seeking a luxurious family lifestyle, the resort embraces a fresh and innovative approach, combining traditional elements with contemporary design, encapsulating the essence of luxury and tranquillity. With the surge of advancements in technology in recent years, it comes as no surprise that STUDIOMINT is at the forefront of these emerging trends. Through integrating smart home features to using technology to enhance the design process, STUDIOMINT has proven its ability to keep pace with rapid advancements, constantly delivering the best to their clients. STUDIOMINT is a design firm that prioritises the needs of its clients above all else. No matter what the request may be, it’ll deliver with equal amounts of passion and innovation. It challenges the status quo in all of the best ways, and it’s this admirable quality that makes it so special. There are no other interior designers within Melbourne who are quite as devoted to experimenting with their projects as STUDIOMINT, which easily makes it the most unique of its kind within the industry. Since it has already accumulated a large portfolio of showstopping projects, there’s no doubt in our mind that STUDIOMINT is going to continue to present designs that defy the norm, and we can’t wait to see how these projects take shape in the years to come. We’re proud to present STUDIOMINT with the title of Best Luxury Residential Architect 2023 – Victoria, and we’re sure that it’ll continue to take Australia’s design industry by storm. Contact: Ilya Frolov Company: Studio Mint Web Address: https://www.studiomint.com.au/ Since 2009, STUDIOMINT has been approaching each of its projects with one guiding mentality – to create a space that promotes positive psychology in which clients can flourish both personally and professionally. It accomplishes this through its rigorous understanding ofboth interior design and architecture, and its these qualities that really set STUDIOMINT apart.