Parent & Baby Awards 2019

Page 20 LUX Parent & Baby Awards 2019 Inspiring more than half a million parents across the world for more than a decade, babybay® offers a truly unique design and solution to parents who want to sleep next to their new born baby, and enjoy long, relaxing nights. Removing the need to get up and groggily head to the child’s bedroom for breastfeeding, comforting or cuddling, the ingenious babybay allows a baby to sleep right next to their parents, feeling their closeness and warmth. Ranging from babybay® Midi to babybay® Boxspring XXL, there are a plethora of co- sleeper designs that are sure to suit every parent need. Operating as a regular crib, but with one foldable side, the co-sleeper sidles right up to the bed to ensure maximum closeness between parent and child during relaxing evenings together. Thanks to a patented fastening system, it can be easily fixed to the parents’ bed and removed again. This always makes it possible to mount it to mum’s bed without gaps - the be-all and end- all for an extra bed. With adjustable heights and plenty of space for babies to sleep in, babybay co-sleepers grow with the child. Once the baby has grown out of the crib, the co-sleeper can be transformed into a myriad of extra items, whether that be a desk, children’s bench, doll’s changing table, game table, travel cot, or even a playpen. There is no shortage of the uses for this adaptable, luxury co-sleeper that brings parent and child even closer together. For many new parents, the desire to sleep and cuddle with a new born baby can be very strong, despite the dangers it presents. With the ingenious co-sleeper design from babybay and Tobi® Kindermöbel, parents need worry no more as their beloved bundle of joy can sleep right next to them whilst still being the limitedness of their own bed. Tobi Kindermöbel GmbH & Co. KG Best German Baby & Children’s Bed: Tobi® All in One The firm also offers the award-winning Tobi® All in One baby & children’s bed, for which a patent has been applied. This innovative solution is the perfect multifunctional companion from baby to child. The elaborately crafted, sturdy, four-way height-adjustable cot, which can be converted several times, offers with three wide slip rungs a relaxed and easy entry and exit and thus a lot of freedom for your child. Simple conversions allow it to be used as a baby cot, crib, youth bed or as a cosy cuddly sofa. An ideal solution for parents who wish to have their babies by their side throughout the night, babybay’s co-sleepers and the Tobi® both present the perfect way to establish an even stronger bond and give parents a well- deserved, restful nights sleep. Company: Tobi Kindermöbel GmbH & Co. KG Website: