Parent & Baby Awards 2019 Page 21 LUX Parent & Baby Awards 2019 With humble beginnings back in 2015, Wombat was created by a group of friends who all had different backgrounds in the babywearing and fashion industries. Helping new mothers look and feel amazing, whilst bringing them closer to their child, is at the core of everything that the business is achieving, with outstanding results. Providing pregnancy and babywearing coasts and jackets for both mothers and fathers, this group of friends understand the bond between parent and child is sacred. Living in a faster-paced world than ever before, practicality is must for everyone, even new parents. With numerous benefits to carrying a child close for the first few months of their lives being paramount to their wellbeing and development, Wombat’s products allow parents to not have to renounce that special bond when they go out with their little bundles of joy. Everything from riverside walks to shopping trips becomes an intimate journey alongside the person who matters most in the whole world. The coats themselves are fashionable and functional, created with personality to help keep both parent and baby warm and dry during the winter months. The team at Wombat constantly aim for the highest quality, investing in the latest technical fabrics to ensure coats and jackets are breathable, wind resistant, water repellent, and safe for both users. Also committed to environmentally- friendly practices, the company promote sustainable materials whilst minimising the use of plastic, protected nature and wildlife. One of the most intimate things that parents can do with their child is hold them close, and feel the love. Inspired by the natural bond between a mother and her child, clothing company Wombat & Co. London have designed an innovative range of winterwear, sure to strengthen that connection without compromising on fashion. Wombat & Co. London Most Innovative Mother & Babywear Company - UK Crafted wi th l ove Kids grow up so fast these days that those first few months of a baby’s life are precious, and parents now don’t have to spend any time away from them. Holding them close, protecting and watching over them in a warm and fashionable coat, Wombat have brought parent and baby even closer together, maximising the intimacy and unbreakable bond that is so vital to the development of both. Company: Wombat & Co. London Contact: Carmen Camacho Website: