Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 23 Page 22 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards Customers are no longer concerned only about how much their purchases cost. With increasing awareness of the detrimental impacts of the retail and manufacturing industry on the environment, consumers are now conscious of buying eco-friendly products from socially-responsible companies – that have the added bonus of being high-quality and worth every penny. Products for People Who Care. Enter Bamboolik, a manufacturer and supplier of cloth nappies, reusable sanitary pads and other environmentally friendly products that is a social enterprise dedicated to employing mother of children under four and single mothers, as well as providing excellence in customer service. Established in the Czech Republic, Bamboolik first began manufacturing many of its products in sheltered workshops that created job opportunities for disabled people as well as employing mothers of small children. Many employees were loyal customers who became more invested in the firm, enjoying the flexibility of the hours that enabled the With so much cause for stress and anxiety so prevalent in the news of the world at the moment, it is always wonderful to come across people and organisations who are doing their bit to spread positivity. Bamboolik is one such organisation, based in the Czech Republic with a dedication to making a positive social and environmental impact. Employing mothers who are severely disadvantaged in the Czech labour market to produce reusable cloth diapers, sanitary pads and other products, Bamboolik is a shining example of how to be a conscientious business. Aug20503 Bamboolik Best Modern Cloth Nappy System 2020 - Europe balancing of family and careers. A supportive and collaborative environment, Bamboolik has always provided guidance in professional and personal development, as well as actively listening to employees to learn how the company can improve. Continual conversation has facilitated continual development for company and staff alike, as well as cultivated a dependable community. This loyalty was proven during the recent pandemic lockdown, which presented many staff members with the opportunity to stop working and take government aid. The majority of women chose to keep working, helping to keep the business flourishing – something that would not have been possible for this small firm without these women. With many manufacturers temporarily or permanently out of action and the majority of staff confined to their homes, Bamboolik had to quickly adapt. The flexibility of the staff was a great benefit and many were already used to working from home or coming into the office when they could, giving Bamboolik the boost to keep going, even throughout lockdown. The firm even capitalised on the lockdown, promoting its products as ideal solutions for people who were reluctant to venture to the shops for supplies. Washable and reusable, Bamboolik products are not only convenient and cost effective, they are also a vital asset in reducing waste. One child is approximated to produce 1.5 tonnes of non-biodegradable waste, so for even one child to convert to cloth would make a remarkable environmental impact. According to the calculations of Bamboolik, they have sold over 10,000 large nappy sets, meaning 10,000 babies did not use disposable nappies. This therefore means that Bamboolik have reduced non-biodegradable waste by approximately 15,000 tonnes, an incredible achievement for a small social enterprise. Bamboolik’s efforts are far from over, as they now take on the unfair maternity leave system of the Czech Republic. Although initially the three-year-long leave sounds excellent, the financial subvention is extremely low meaning women have to go back to work, which is not actually possible. The lack of state institutions providing childcare for children under three, the inordinate expense of private institutions and the lack of part-time jobs for mothers of small children are all part of the unfair system women are faced with. This results in women being out of work for years, resulting in long term consequences such as less income and lower retirement subvention. The opening of the Bamboolik workshop in 2020 is the company’s manifestation of their mission to combat this issue. Providing job opportunities for mothers of children under four and single mothers, Bamboolik offers part-time roles with flexible hours as well as encouraging staff to pursue qualifications. Work experience throughout parental leave means that mothers are able to come back to the workforce on an equal playing field, benefiting both mothers and the Czech economy. As Bamboolik works hard to promote their responsible approach to entrepreneurship, they are hoping to inspire other employers to be more open to non-traditional work arrangements, reducing the gender gap that is so dominant in the Czech economy. As for Bamboolik themselves, they have their sights set on an even bigger workshop to facilitate continued growth. We are excited to see what the future holds for this outstanding social enterprise. Contact: Dorota Lichvarova Company: Bamboolik Web Address: