Parent & Baby Awards 2023

10 | LUXlife Magazine ounded by Aisha Al Hajjar, midwife and mother of eight, Amani Birth is a way for expecting mothers to gain the essential knowledge needed to truly enjoy their birthing experience. By bringing updated knowledge of evidence based practises in childbirth from around the globe, Aisha has proven her passion for supporting a parent’s right to childbirth education. Now, she works tirelessly to promote a variety of educational opportunities, granting parents the chance to prepare and make informed decisions about the next step in their lives. Childbirth is the first step of the journey of parenthood, and Amani Birth is here to guide. At its core, Amani Birth is focused on providing expectant parents with the necessary education to prepare for their birth. In addition, it also assists in doula support, and places an immense importance on Islamic values throughout its practises. As such, it’s accumulated an array of global affiliates who all share the same passion that Amani Birth does – to help women experience childbirth with the guiding hand of their belief and the education of trained midwives and mothers. Thanks to Amani Birth, families are able to explore how the female body works, not just throughout labour, but throughout pregnancy as a whole. From there, it supports them in practising coping techniques to manage the trickier parts of labour and childbirth, without having to use pain medications if possible. Of course, Amani Birth is well versed in the process of childbirth, and recognises that not everything goes to plan every time. As such, it’s set on preparing parents for every eventuality, granting them the power of knowledge to pull themselves through should complications arise. Encouraging education within families is what Amani Birth specialises in. It seeks to not only assist families in recognising what goes into childbirth, but helps mothers stay involved with their own birth experience, no matter what. Having a child is a miracle in its own right, and mothers deserve to be able to enjoy being a part of this incredible circle of life. So, Amani Birth devotes every resource to ensuring that mothers and families alike are equipped with the knowledge that they need to confidently approach childbirth, regardless of whether or not unexpected interventions arise. Sometimes, preparing for the birth of a child can be one of the most daunting parts of the process. Nobody can ever plan it down to a science, but Amani Birth is committed to at least giving parents the tools to understand and adapt to the fluctuating nature of childbirth. No matter the situation, Amani Birth hopes that it can provide the perfect amount of knowledge so no parent ever feels as though they aren’t prepared to make the correct choices, and it all culminates in a program that empowers, uplifts, and supports mothers above all else. Best Childbirth Education & Doula Services Coach 2023 (USA): Aisha Al Hajjar Birth is considered one of the most beautiful encounters that an individual can go through. It’s the creation of a new life – a wholly spiritual experience that most deserve to fully indulge in. Amani Birth exists as a means to remind everyone of this. As an Islamically founded childbirth education and doula program, Amani Birth reconnects birth with belief in the hopes that it can give the birthing process the respect that it deserves. We’re proud to present Amani Birth with this award title, and we truly believe that its work has the potential to completely redefine the way parents and families approach the concept of childbirth. Its invaluable work has already assisted women in a plethora of ways, but there’s no doubt in our mind that, as time progresses, Amani Birth will continue to expand its array of thankful parents. Contact: Aisha Al Hajjar Company: Amani Birth Web Address: F Jul23467