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Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Parent & Baby Awards 2023 LUXlife Magazine is proud to announce the return of the Parent and Baby Awards! This popular programme has now been running for six consecutive years, and we are excited to shine a light once again on the leading companies shaping the industry today with cutting-edge products and services. The global baby products sector is expanding at a consistent rate of 5.7 percent annually, with a variety of factors influencing this impressive growth. While North America continues to dominate the market – maintaining its position as a central hub for product development and innovation – the largest growth is currently being recorded in the APAC region, where both population and dual-income household numbers are on the rise. This essential market is always evolving, and the Parent and Baby Awards 2023 will endeavour to highlight the latest trends and advancements across the baby care, toiletries, food, safety, and convenience segments. Parents around the world are developing a greater understanding of infant health and hygiene issues and are more concerned with the type of ingredients they are exposing their children to. As a result, demand has significantly increased for organic, chemical-free, and sustainable baby products in recent years, with parents willing to invest in premium-quality products that offer multiple health benefits.

4. Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s.: Best Children's Technical Education Provider 2023 - Czech Republic 6. Go Mama: Best Maternity Clothing eTailer 2023 - New Zealand 7. Rugabub: Best Eco-Friendly Baby Mat Company 2023 - Australia 8. Tigerlily Childcare: Best Childcare Recruitment Specialists 2023 - UK 9. Gemma Clare Photography: Best Newborn & Family Photographer 2023 (Greater Manchester): Gemma Clare 10. Amani Birth: Best Childbirth Education & Doula Services Coach 2023 (USA): Aisha Al Hajjar 12. Fitting Children’s Shoes: Best Children's Foot Health & Shoe Fittings Enterprise 2023 - USA 13. Blossom Tree Toys: Best Wooden & Traditional Toy Retailer 2023 - Asia Pacific 14. Fil De Legende: Best Formal Baby & Child Clothing Store 2023 - France 15. Tronque: Best Stretch Mark Preventative Skincare Manufacturer 2023 & Best Pregnancy Body Care Retailer 2023 16. Seashells Nursery: Most Nurturing Children's Day Nursery 2023 - Scottish Borders 17. Cumiskeys Nursery Service: Best Baby Stroller Repair Service 2023 - ROI 18. Turtledove London: Most Comfortable Organic Children's Clothing Company 2023 - UK 19. Dragonflies Community Nursery: Best Community- Run Nursery 2023 - Sussex 20. ParentLove: Breastfeeding Monitoring App of the Year 2023 21. Cuddlies: Best Biodegradable Eco Nappy Company 2023 22. KidAntics/Avenir: Best Arts & Crafts Kits Supplier 2023 – UK 23. Ionian Nannies: Best Mediterranean Holiday Childcare Provider 2023 24. Mad House Mums: Best Breastfeeding & Postpartum Clothing Brand 2023 25. Imagination Station Early Learning Center Inc: Best Toddler & Preschool Childcare Agency 2023 - Greater Boston Contents

4 | LUXlife Magazine f you, like me, have always wondered what the difference is between a kindergarten and nursery, wonder no more. There’s a simple answer, and it’s all to do with the teaching level and age of the child being catered to. Nurseries are aimed primarily at youngsters aged 5 and under, and the activities promoted there are focused on encouraging dexterity and child development. Play-based learning is the order of the day, with plenty of arts and crafts activities and socialisation. Nursery school is less formal in education, more playful, and is designed to meet the custodial needs of children. Kindergarten, on the other hand, is more of a stepping stone to formal education. Whereas nurseries are aimed at babies and younger children, kindergartens continue on a year, occupying a pre-school time frame that prepares older children for school. Fixed timings for start/finish of the day are in place, and basic concepts of subjects such as maths, languages, and natural science are introduced. Kindergarten is, in effect, the first formal year of primary school for children aged between 5-6 years old. This would be the reception year at school for UK citizens. Kindergarten is a German concept, with the word literally translating as the garden of children. Kinder is the German word for children, and garten is the German word for garden. It was first introduced circa 1840 by Friedrich Frobel, who created the first such institution. These days it is a popular introduction to formal education for children in countries such as Germany, America, Australia, Japan, China, and of course the Czech republic, where the Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. is based. One of the incredible, stand out selling points of Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. is its focus on what it calls technical engineering for small children. It introduces children to a programme known as the Small Digital University, which enables them to learn basic coding skills to allow them to operate robotic animals such as a robot mouse and a robot fox. This ingenious programme is introducing educative concepts to children in a way that entertains and delights them, almost by stealth learning. The Small Technical University has a 12-month programme length, and encourages children to experience real world roles through role play. The positions children can experience in this manner include roles such as architects, designers, plumbers, project leaders, waste managers, electricians and the like. It provides a fun and educative way to teach, with the children always excited and enthusiastic to be taking part in the programme. Best Children's Technical Education Provider 2023 - Czech Republic Based in the Czech republic, Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. is an innovative nursery school/kindergarten with a range of venues sited in several small Czech cities. It is aimed at children between the ages of 1-6 years old, and enables parents to get to work earlier safe in the knowledge that their children are being looked after by a progressive and forward-thinking educational establishment of note. I Jul23332

Parent & Baby Awards 2023 Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. is a company with a strong cultural mindset that determines to contribute to society in a positive fashion. It is passionate about continuously educating its staff, ensuring they are trained in the most up to date educative methods including teaching foreign languages and communication skills. It is a mutually cooperative team, which unites in the common, shared value system. This includes keeping an open mind, approaching teaching with a positive mind frame, and contributing to rewarding values within the community. Most of all, it is essential that staff always put the children first in everything they do. These are values that are timeless, and will always remain valid to the organisation. Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. has been making children and parents happy since its launch in 2016. Its name translates to English as the Royal Nursery, and as such it is resolved to help all its child attendees feel like kings and queens, or princesses and princes during their time spent at the institution. The company is focused wholly around them, and relishes the opportunity to provide them with anything they desire to fulfil their imaginative play. This is a company goal, championed by all the teachers, nannies, and aunts at the kindergarten. The institution would like children to have a day full of fantastic excitement that they remember with a smile. It wants them to enjoy every day they spend at the pre-school with memories to look back on of fairy tales being read to them, great fun playing with other children on all sorts of things, lively and colourful classes, and delicious goodies to eat. The Small Technical University and Small Digital University is run under licence, and is part of the company’s vision to transform preschool education, preparing children for life in the 21st century. It is a non-violent way of learning, following philosopher Cormenius’ idea of learning by playing. He believed that children should get to know themselves and the wider world through learning in a morally positive way. The intention of Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. is to develop children’s technical and logical skills, with individual topics that are designed to correspond to the Education and Care Plan. It is suitable for children aged from 2-6 years old. Children will work alone and in groups, following a detailed structure that is proportionate to the child’s age, and has a clear goal. They will use physical properties that test their strength, with some simpler activities combined with more demanding ones. The point of the programme is to develop a positive mental attitude to technical fields, independence, teamwork, reasoning skills, spatial perception, and fine motor skills. Children might play at being bridge builders, engineers, or water managers for instance, to get to know just how the world we live in works. Supporting the education of children in kindergartens is an extended part of the successful Polytechnic Education program of Small Technical University. The methodology has been adapted to support with the digital education of younger children, with an emphasis placed on getting to know the digital world away from screens. Rather, it encourages an ‘on the carpet’ experience with activities such as a programmable wooden robot, Cubetto. The Small Digital University is intended to enable teachers to introduce pre-school children comprehensively, clearly and simply to the world of ICT (information and communication technologies). The programme is suitable for children from 3 to 6 years old. Children are taught to value an individual approach to learning through independent and group work at the Small Technical University. It also encourages the development of spatial orientation, imagination, logical thinking, concentrating attention, and helping to develop perception. Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. has already opened 6 kindergartens in Písek, Strakonice, Heřmaň, Vimperk, Kestřany, and Vila Vilekula, a sure sign that it is much in demand and is doing an excellent job. Undoubtedly, that is why it has been awarded Best Children's Technical Education Provider 2023 - Czech Republic, in the Parent and Baby Awards. Our congratulations go out to this terrific company who are making such a wonderful difference in the world of education for young children. Contact Details Company: Asociace jihočeských rodin z.s. Web Address: Contact Name: Jaroslava Králová “Activities are offered to children in a playful way appropriate to their individual abilities and skills. Children are not forced into the activities offered or directed.”

6 | LUXlife Magazine Best Maternity Clothing eTailer 2023 - New Zealand Maternity clothing is all about three main qualities – comfort, support, and functionality. As such, Go Mama came to be. Now heralded as New Zealand’s best maternity clothing eTailer, Go Mama has coalesced an expansive catalogue for those looking to maintain their active lifestyle during their maternity journey. Join us as we delve into how Go Mama created a brand filled with love, care, and an avid understanding of the needs of expecting mothers everywhere. Founded by Natalie Pitts, Go Mama was created with one sole mission – to empower pregnant and breastfeeding women through functional, comfortable, supportive, and affordable apparel. Using her own experiences as a mother, Natalie heard the outcry for a brand that both delivered quality products, all whilst uplifting and motivating new and expecting mothers alike. Go Mama stands as a testament to the willpower of a mother wanting to help other women around her, and it’s this characteristic that truly sets it apart as a brand. With a vast range of products – from hoodies, sweatshirts, swimwear, and varying bottoms, to invaluable accessories fit for any active mother’s preference – Go Mama is, by far, the most dependable eTailer when it comes to selection. Every product has been designed with convenience in mind, whether this manifests through its breastfeeding friendly sports bras, or its line of tops that provide much-needed bump support. Each item present on Go Mama’s website has been carefully crafted with the demands of pregnancy and breastfeeding in mind, and the result is a catalogue of high-quality, ecofriendly apparel that has mothers throughout New Zealand talking. Pregnancy and postpartum affects women in a multitude of ways. Just as every person is different, the same can be said for this journey. Natalie experienced this first-hand when expecting both of her children, and recognised that there was a severe lack of resources to uplift and empower women who were potentially struggling during this time in their lives. As such, not only did she create Go Mama to deliver brilliant products to mothers who needed a little extra support, but she founded a platform through which mothers could truly express themselves without shame or judgement. Go Mama represents a safe space for new and expectant mothers, no matter their hardships. In addition, it comes as no surprise to learn that Go Mama not only has the wellbeing of mothers at the forefront of its practises, but is also keenly aware of the impact that it’s having on the environment. We are responsible for the world that our children will grow up in, and Natalie has put every measure in place to ensure that Go Mama has the best possible effect on the ecosystem. Despite being a clothing eTailer, which are often times responsible for a large percentage of wastage and environmental damage, Go Mama adopts a wholly sustainable approach. Be it through the manufacturing process, or through the products themselves, Go Mama demonstrates an acute understanding of how to run a successful business whilst being mindful of the planet in the process. Go Mama is a shining example of how one mother’s determination can result in one of the most revolutionary maternity eTailer brands on New Zealand’s current market. By taking what she has learned from her time as a mother, and adapting it into a means to help other women in the process of staying kind to themselves throughout their maternity journeys, Natalie has set a new standard within the industry that’s sure to influence future maternity products. No woman should have to sacrifice happiness or self-worth during one of the most complicated times of their life, and Go Mama is there to ensure a stability that manifests in the form of fantastic, high-quality maternity products. Company: Go Mama Web Address:

Parent & Baby Awards 2023 Rugabub is an Australian company providing quality play mats not only for babies, but for the whole family to enjoy. We speak to its Founder, Dana Weil, to learn more about the multi-award-winning foam mats and their positive impact on the lives of many families. Best Eco-Friendly Baby Mat Company 2023 - Australia Rugabub had all of this in mind when creating the ultimate play mat for your sanctuary. Having children ultimately changes your home, but that does not mean you have to sacrifice your idea of paradise. With timeless and simple designs, carrying a sophisticated, stylish, and chic approach, neutral enough to match whatever colour scheme you may have, these play mats complement any space nicely. Rather than simply adding a play mat to your home, Rugabub play mats are designed to be a part of your home, a mat that complements your space and still allows you to show off your beautiful home, furniture, and creative side. Living in an uncluttered environment can reduce the building up of toxins and dust around your belongings, something Rugabub are highly favourable of. Looking forward to the rest of 2023 and beyond, Dana hints at the launch of a new range of products to complement the play mats, with production just beginning and more details soon to follow. These new products will keep the same sustainable, stylish approach that Rugabub is famed for, and the same personal, one-of-a-kind customer service that keeps clients satisfied as the business continues to expand and thrive. Contact: Dana Weil Company: Rugabub Web Address: s a wife, mother, creative, and energetic person, Rugabub’s Founder Dana Weil has lived and worked all over the world, exploring different cultures and working with indigenous communities. As a result, Dana is fully aware of the importance of making a house your home, somewhere to feel safe and happy. This desire to share a piece of her home with the rest of the world is how Rugabub was born. The company consists solely of the husband-andwife duo, managing everything themselves and loving every minute of it, so rest assured the utmost care and consideration has been taken in ensuring the quality of the products and service. Rugabub is about so much more than just providing an essential baby product – after all, nearly every home will buy a play mat for the family, and the whole family, not just the baby, will be spending quality time on it together. By using an innovative visual texture, the play mats have an appearance like no others you will have seen before. Dana explains, “The patterns are intricate, the quality is enduring, and one-of-a-kind artistry is so creative that it makes us stand out of the crowd.” The company also has an astoundingly diverse collection available, each one bearing the finest quality, skill and artistry, ensuring you get the best the market has to offer. Parents are always keen to help other parents, and Rugabub offers a unique customer service experience, even being available just for a chat, having had many discussions with the community in the early hours while breastfeeding. The duty of care inhabited by the business extends not only to parents and their babies, but also to the environment. Rugabub play mats are made of the utmost sustainable, non-toxic material the industry can provide. By using innovative TPU foam, which has been rigorously tested to not only comply with, but exceed, International Toy Safety Standards, you can be certain the health and safety of your child is looked after and a top priority. Rugabub’s play mats are made from eco-friendly and biodegradable materials that will break down over-time. All harsh, toxic, and preserving chemicals have been eliminated entirely from the play mats, so not only are children safe using the product, but care has also been taken ensuring that the world left behind for our children is as sustainable and happy as can be. This happiness all starts with the home, which should be a welcoming space inviting you in with open arms, where stress and strains can melt away, leaving behind precious time with the family. A

8 | LUXlife Magazine lice possesses a keen passion for helping families to find the best fit nanny that will work for them as a family. She loves listening to the needs of each family and helping them understand the role of a nanny and how this will fit in with their dynamic and assist in their daily lives. Thus, the next logical step for Alice was to become a franchise holder at Tigerlily Childcare, building off her first-hand experiences in the sector to help others in their quest for finding the perfect nanny. The company has its own early years department, who work very closely with nurseries and independent schools assisting in the recruitment process. In addition to this, Tigerlily Childcare prides itself on an ability to place the perfect nanny within a private household, hosting in-depth conversations with families to ensure every detail is catered for and as much as possible is known in order to make a well-informed decision. The company’s success is anchored in its small size, which lends itself to providing a personal search, making sure clients are matched with nannies who have a similar personality and fit the requirements. The team stay in close contact with both the client and the candidate to make sure both sides are happy throughout the process and follow up on things once the candidate has started, to guarantee all is well and see if the family have any questions or queries. The candidate screening process adopted by the business surpasses all market standards, and candidates are only recommended to clients for positions when the team truly believe they possess the relevant experience, personality, and unique qualities to ensure success in the role. This leads to a uniquely personal service, where all consultants are informed about the family and the full details of what they are looking for in a nanny so they can come to a combined decision on suitability. Everybody within the company is trained to listen to and act on the needs of a client, as well as how to stay up to date on any changes within the early years industry and keep on top of industry trends to guarantee the highest calibre of service possible is afforded to a client. As Alice explains, the team at Tigerlily Childcare are excellent, with all consultants either having a background in nannying, nursery work, or being handpicked from the wider world of recruitment. The staff working within the team have been there on a long-term basis and have a real passion for the job and helping candidates and clients. All candidates are checked against their passion for the early years, and background and previous employment checks are carried Best Childcare Recruitment Specialists 2023 - UK Tigerlily Childcare is a UK-based recruitment agency that specialises in the employment of early years and household staff. We speak to Alice Matterface, who, after training at Princess Christian College as a nanny and subsequently having an 18-year career as a nanny in London, decided to become a Tigerlily Childcare franchise holder in 2014, and has not looked back since. out in order to ensure a safe and ethical working environment is available for all. The team have found the market increasing dramatically over the past few years, as more parents are looking for full-time nannies and full-time childcare within the household, perhaps due to work commitments. Modern parents tend to favour a gentler approach to childcare, with less of a strict routine to be in place and an increased sense of understanding present in its place. This nurturing approach is offset by unfortunate staff shortages in the wider early year’s world, with less colleges covering the level 3 qualification in childcare, a decrease in staffing numbers was inevitable. Despite this, the rest of 2023 and beyond is an exciting time for the team at Tigerlily Childcare, as they are currently in the throes of substantial growth, expanding their teams and re-launching their nanny desk in the London area. The company hopes to have an additional new desk up and running in London by the new year, giving families even more devoted time from an expert consultant team. Whatever challenges the industry may face in the future, Alice and the team at Tigerlily Childcare will continue to deliver a unique and tailored nanny experience, improving the lives of parents and children immeasurably. Contact Details Contact: Alice Matterface Company: Tigerlily Childcare Web Address: A Aug23539

Best Newborn & Family Photographer 2023 (Greater Manchester): Gemma Clare Based in Bolton, Gemma Clare Photography is a newborn and family photography studio that provides sessions for family portraits, newborn family and sibling photos, as well as special occasion portraits for birthdays and Christmas. The studio is owned and run by Gemma Clare, an experienced photographer and mum of two, who is passionate about capturing her clients’ precious moments in beautiful images that will be treasured forever. Aug23525 Gemma Clare began her journey in photography back in 2002, when she left college with the highest possible grade in A-Level Photography. Soon after graduating, she noticed a job advert in the newspaper for a photographer at her local studio, which was part of a national chain. With very little experience but buckets of enthusiasm and personality, she was offered the job at 18 years old. Now, Gemma has more than 20 years of experience photographing families and babies and is just as passionate about what she does as when she started. Having worked as a self-employed photographer between 2005 and 2009 before going on to work at various companies, Gemma made the decision to return to self-employment in 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Soon after this, she suffered the sudden loss of her 58-year-old father, moved into a new house, and discovered her surprise pregnancy, all within a very short space of time. Despite some unplanned life events, Gemma was able to successfully establish and build her business over the next three years. At her studio, Gemma’s priority is delivering a friendly, unique experience at an affordable price. As a mother of two young children herself, six-yearold Arin and two-year-old Louie, she understands how difficult and expensive it is to have children whilst earning very little maternity pay. For this reason, Gemma doesn’t charge over the odds, but rather charges what she would be willing to pay herself. In light of the current cost of living crisis, she has also added smaller, mini photo sessions to her offerings, providing customers with an even more affordable option. Unlike some other photographers, Gemma ensures that every customer receives digital files of all photos taken in their session along with full printing rights at no extra cost. She firmly believes that no parent should have to select just five pictures of their beautiful family. Furthermore, as a mum, Gemma is highly familiar with the challenges that parents face on a dayto-day basis: the sleepless nights, the chaos of leaving the house, and the task of spinning lots of plates while running on little more than fumes. Gemma believes that she can fully relate with her customers because of this, so she prides herself on the welcoming, friendly, and relatable interactions she has with her customers. For example, if a family is late for their appointment, she is forgiving and understanding because she knows how difficult it can be to be punctual with children. Gemma’s studio is conveniently located and easily accessible, straight off the motorway and with plenty of free onsite parking. She believes that this is a huge selling point for her business, since no parent wants to be hunting for somewhere to park with kids in the car, let alone after giving birth and possibly having surgery. Situated within a modern commercial building, the studio is also equipped with parent and baby friendly onsite facilities, including a changing table, wipes, nappies, nappy bags, pads for mums, Calpol, Bongela, bottles of water, and even snacks for both children and parents. All these little touches create a pleasant, stress-free experience, leaving customers with excellent memories of the day. Those interested in Gemma’s services can visit her website to schedule an appointment using the convenient online booking system. This feature was added to the website last year with the goal of enhancing and streamlining the customer experience. Customers can view Gemma’s availability at their own leisure without lengthy text or phone conversations, which has driven a huge increase in bookings and reduction in no-shows. As a result of her continued excellence, Gemma Clare has been awarded Best Newborn & Family Photographer, Greater Manchester, in the Parent and Baby Awards 2023. In the future, Gemma plans to offer "watch me grow" plans and monthly payment options. She also plans to reach out to more community groups, parenting classes, baby massage companies, play groups, and nurseries, taking her services directly to them. This will enable customers to get beautiful studio-quality images at a reduced price and at a time that fits in perfectly with their daily routine. Contact Details Contact: Gemma Clare Company: Gemma Clare Photography Web Address:

10 | LUXlife Magazine ounded by Aisha Al Hajjar, midwife and mother of eight, Amani Birth is a way for expecting mothers to gain the essential knowledge needed to truly enjoy their birthing experience. By bringing updated knowledge of evidence based practises in childbirth from around the globe, Aisha has proven her passion for supporting a parent’s right to childbirth education. Now, she works tirelessly to promote a variety of educational opportunities, granting parents the chance to prepare and make informed decisions about the next step in their lives. Childbirth is the first step of the journey of parenthood, and Amani Birth is here to guide. At its core, Amani Birth is focused on providing expectant parents with the necessary education to prepare for their birth. In addition, it also assists in doula support, and places an immense importance on Islamic values throughout its practises. As such, it’s accumulated an array of global affiliates who all share the same passion that Amani Birth does – to help women experience childbirth with the guiding hand of their belief and the education of trained midwives and mothers. Thanks to Amani Birth, families are able to explore how the female body works, not just throughout labour, but throughout pregnancy as a whole. From there, it supports them in practising coping techniques to manage the trickier parts of labour and childbirth, without having to use pain medications if possible. Of course, Amani Birth is well versed in the process of childbirth, and recognises that not everything goes to plan every time. As such, it’s set on preparing parents for every eventuality, granting them the power of knowledge to pull themselves through should complications arise. Encouraging education within families is what Amani Birth specialises in. It seeks to not only assist families in recognising what goes into childbirth, but helps mothers stay involved with their own birth experience, no matter what. Having a child is a miracle in its own right, and mothers deserve to be able to enjoy being a part of this incredible circle of life. So, Amani Birth devotes every resource to ensuring that mothers and families alike are equipped with the knowledge that they need to confidently approach childbirth, regardless of whether or not unexpected interventions arise. Sometimes, preparing for the birth of a child can be one of the most daunting parts of the process. Nobody can ever plan it down to a science, but Amani Birth is committed to at least giving parents the tools to understand and adapt to the fluctuating nature of childbirth. No matter the situation, Amani Birth hopes that it can provide the perfect amount of knowledge so no parent ever feels as though they aren’t prepared to make the correct choices, and it all culminates in a program that empowers, uplifts, and supports mothers above all else. Best Childbirth Education & Doula Services Coach 2023 (USA): Aisha Al Hajjar Birth is considered one of the most beautiful encounters that an individual can go through. It’s the creation of a new life – a wholly spiritual experience that most deserve to fully indulge in. Amani Birth exists as a means to remind everyone of this. As an Islamically founded childbirth education and doula program, Amani Birth reconnects birth with belief in the hopes that it can give the birthing process the respect that it deserves. We’re proud to present Amani Birth with this award title, and we truly believe that its work has the potential to completely redefine the way parents and families approach the concept of childbirth. Its invaluable work has already assisted women in a plethora of ways, but there’s no doubt in our mind that, as time progresses, Amani Birth will continue to expand its array of thankful parents. Contact: Aisha Al Hajjar Company: Amani Birth Web Address: F Jul23467

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12 | LUXlife Magazine Best Children's Foot Health & Shoe Fittings Enterprise 2023 - USA Fitting Children’s Shoes is a passionate company on a mission to help children find the correct pair of shoes around the globe. We hear from Owner Juan Valenzuela as Fitting Children’s Shoes wins its title in the Parent and Baby Awards 2023. Fitting Children’s Shoes (FCS) was founded and created 10 years ago inspired from my experience working at a local shoe store in Maryland, United States. This first-hand exposure made me realize the important role that shoes play in a child’s life, specially at an early age. That is why, FCS’ mission since then has been to help parents all over the world find the right shoes for their children, regardless of whether they have a specific foot condition or foot shape. You won’t believe the number of families who take their children to healthcare practitioners with a specific concern (e.g., flat feet, toe walking, overpronation) and often find themselves dismissed by medical professionals who believe that the child will simply outgrow the condition. As part of my role, I always urge parents to trust their instinct specially if they notice something wrong with their child’s feet and even if the medical professional dismisses their concern, seek a second opinion, and have a proactive approach. Parents need to keep in mind that they have a limited window of opportunity to make a significant change in their child’s foot structure and gait mechanics, as the older the child gets, the harder the condition is to manage. The resources I create mainly target a wide range of foot related issues and topics of relevance to be able to help as many families as possible. In addition, my commitment to aid families find the right shoes goes beyond just creating content and monetizing, I also extend personalized guidance to families worldwide given that I’m personally invested in helping every single child find the correct pair of shoes whether it means monetizing a sale or not. In addition, I encourage parents to contact me through the comments section on the website or through e-mail to help them find the correct shoes for their children. This service involves suggesting specific shoe types or styles, as well as determining the correct size of their child via an online tool I created. Through this resource I assist families retrieve their child’s exact foot length and shape (i.e., narrow, medium, wide, extra wide), as well as identify possible foot conditions. This resource was developed since I noticed that most specialized children’s shoe local stores have closed, and those that remain open don’t usually have staff properly trained on how to measure kids’ feet. With FCS’, families are always guaranteed an excellent service response of 24 hours or less and this is completely free of charge. On a daily basis, I take the time to go over each of the messages received and provide a tailored recommendation considering the child’s specific needs. Over the years, this endeavor has enabled me to contribute to the community and gain insights into the different experiences parents face across the globe. Moreover, my focus is to stay current and attend to the many challenges families go through in finding the correct footwear by ensuring the content and links are always up to date, meaning that there is stock of that specific shoe or orthotic insert that is being recommended. In short, FCS’ mission and core values are based on delivering exceptional customer service and thereby my commitment and dedication to families goes beyond mere transactions. As a matter of fact, while my website’s readers and subscribers are mainly based in United States, I also help families in Canada, India, Australia, and United Kingdom, even though these are not being monetized. I truly believe that every interaction with my readers is an opportunity to make a positive impact. Sincerely, Juan Valenzuela Company: Fitting Children’s Shoes Web Address: Contact: Juan Valenzuela Aug23061

Parent & Baby Awards 2023 A retailer of traditional, wooden toys, puzzles, and games, Blossom Tree Toys promotes imaginative play with its beautiful collection of children’s toys. From wooden games and building blocks for toddlers to craft and science kits for older children, this toy store offers something special for everyone. Encouraging little ones to learn and grow, Blossom Tree Toys is the perfect destination for high-quality, sustainable toys. Best Wooden & Traditional Toy Retailer 2023 - Asia Pacific development of children. They provide entertainment and fun, contributing to a child's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development. Finding the perfect gift for kids ages 3 to 6 can be challenging. Children at this age are at a stage where their interests are rapidly changing, and they are exploring the world around them in many different ways. Therefore, it is essential to select gifts that are ageappropriate, engaging, educational, and fun.” Toys featured included building blocks, colourful puzzles, wooden balance bikes, role-playing toys, and educational science kits. Blossom Tree Toys is consistently working to minimise its carbon footprint by using compostable packaging options and wrapping sourced from sustainable forests. Its wrapping is made with renewable energy and printed using water-based inks. The company uses a 100% carbon neutral courier service for its deliveries and strives to neutralise its footprint through a partnership with ecologi, a leader in funding climate projects. A supporter of local, national, and global charities, Blossom Tree Toys will soon be providing options for its customers to join in its charitable work with MSWA, Smith Family and Save the Elephants. Continuing the pursuit of sustainable initiatives and its creation of beautifully crafted, wooden wares, this toy store never fails to meet the needs of its community. For its carefully curated collection of traditional wooden toys, puzzles, and games, Blossom Tree Toys has been honoured with this year’s award for Best Wooden & Traditional Toy Retailer - Asia Pacific. Contact Details Contact: Debbie Pollard Company: Blossom Tree Toys Web Address: temming from the desire to provide old-school, traditional toys to all ages of children, the company strives to develop environmentally friendly product options, using sustainable forestry, organic, and recycled materials. The Blossom Tree Baby Range also offers a stunning collection of organic and fairtrade baby and toddler clothing and accessories for children of 0-3 years. Its collection of apparel is sourced from fairtrade and uses 100% organic cotton, made to survive fidgety naptimes and energetic play. Its curated range of classic toys, puzzles, and games includes products specifically designed for early learning and development, education, and sensory play. The brand’s traditional values aim to inspire playbased learning with non-electronic, engaging toys. Providing endless hours of entertainment, these exciting designs are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime. Debbie Pollard, founder and managing director of Blossom Tree Toys, developed an appreciation for wooden creations and traditional toys from an early age. Living in a small English village on the outskirts of a country park, Debbie found herself surrounded by talented carpenters and artisans who sold their wares to locals and tourists alike. She later moved to Australia and celebrated the birth of her first child. Both Debbie and her husband began scouring the market for reliable, heirloom pieces that could be passed down to future generations. Emerging from this desire for beautiful and traditional toys, Blossom Tree Toys was born. Fulfilling the dreams of parents and children, these exquisitely crafted toys, puzzles, and games are designed for longlasting, creative play. In a recent blog post, Debbie highlighted her favourite gift ideas for children aged 3-6. She says, “Toys play an essential role in the S Aug23160

14 | LUXlife Magazine ince 2012, Fil De Legende has been providing the people of France with stunning, showstopping formal outfits for young people of all ages. From babies to children, it has managed to balance magnificent materials with an unparalleled eye for beauty in order to craft a cohesive catalogue of outfits suited for a variety of formal occasions. Whether a parent is looking for a baptism outfit for their little one, or is in need of a flower girl dress for that special day, Fil De Legende is more than prepared to outfit your family with gorgeous garments of the highest quality. Formal occasions are some of the most memorable parts of our lives and, as such, we all want to look great when experiencing these monumental moments. This is Fil De Legende’s entire reason for being – to stand atop the children’s formalwear market as a beacon of brilliance in the field. In addition to the splendour of the garments themselves, fit for boys and girls alike, Fil De Legende aims to present every individual customer with an unrivalled sense of luxury throughout its services. From the exquisite tailoring to the careful packaging, Fil De Legende promises a lavish experience with every purchase. It comes as no secret to learn that the children’s formalwear market is wildly different from the adult formalwear market. There isn’t a constant influx of change, so some may find it difficult to innovate in what many would see as a more stagnant industry. However, Fil De Legende sees the timelessness as a means to constantly seek out new fabrics, new styles, and new ways to adapt garments into inventive showstoppers that are perfectly tailored to each occasion. It manages to marry tradition with contemporary clothes to forge a varied catalogue suited to whatever the parents may fancy. Suiting tastes is where Fil De Legende excels, and it's clear to see through its vast product catalogue. Regardless of whether parents are wanting to purchase a full outfit for their upcoming special occasion, or are simply looking for a ceremonial cape, bonnet, or additional accessories, Fil De Legende has France’s largest selection of options available. Each handmade piece of clothing represents a desire to enhance the children’s formalwear market, and it’s definitely what sets this attentive business apart. There’s an element of elegance behind each garment, granting parents the opportunity to outfit their young ones with some of the most beautiful pieces of clothing on the market. We’re very excited to share Fil De Legende’s brilliance with our readers. Its award-winning clothing line is irrefutably filled to the brim with quality, and its vast array of products will make any person’s heart melt. Every single item listed on the website is bursting with personality and elegance, resulting in a catalogue of clothing fit for any big day. Fil De Legende demonstrates an understanding of what the market has been searching for, and has skilfully filled the gap with gorgeous dresses, suits, and everything in between. Best Formal Baby & Child Clothing Store 2023 - France Finding high quality formal clothes for your little ones is almost always a challenging task. Thankfully Fil De Legende has set its sights on solving this issue, and is now heralded as the best retailer for formal children’s clothes. By combining quality materials and exceptional tailoring, Fil De Legende has accumulated a catalogue of beautiful formal wear fit for any special occasion. Children deserve to look and feel good too – it just takes a brand that understands this to provide what parents have been looking for. Fil De Legende is such a brand, one that has more than earned its award-winning status. Contact Details Contact: Karine Onillon Company: Fil De Legende Web Address: S Jul23273

Best Stretch Mark Preventative Skincare Manufacturer 2023 & Best Pregnancy Body Care Retailer 2023 It’s no secret that many women often fear the appearance of stretch marks during pregnancy. Though beautiful, these marks could hinder the confidence of women, regardless of what they symbolise. It’s for moments like this that Tronque developed its patented skincare treatments. Tronque is focused on restoring the natural radiance of a women’s skin, and we delve into how its formulas have come to change the lives of its customers throughout New Zealand and globally. Since its inception, Tronque has pursued one goal – to grant women access to skincare that’s actually good for their skin. Through sourcing the highest quality ingredients from green chemistry and nature, Tronque has been able to concoct a formula that’s both safe for skin, and incredibly effective in minimising the appearance of scarring. Founder Tanné Snowden sought to develop a range of products that took real care of her clients’ bodies, and her success in doing so has allowed her to assist a variety of women who have struggled with their body image. Specifically targeted towards repairing skin from the neck down, Tronque presents a product line that’s backed by science, and is made up of high performing, safe ingredients that are both gentle on the skin, and hold the perfect amount of healing properties. Tronque focuses on repair and rejuvenation above all else, and has managed to home in on a myriad of skin conditions and scarring. These include, but aren’t limited to – eczema, dry skin, sun damage, pigmentation, body acne, keratosis pilaris, ingrown hair, and psoriasis. However, its main area of expertise is, of course, reducing the prominence of stretch marks during and following pregnancy. As such, Tronque has a client base of mostly pregnant and post-partum women, each looking to alleviate the skin damage that may have potentially been caused during their pregnancy. Thankfully, its natural, zero endocrine disruptor products allow for an incredibly effective healing regime – one that’s both easy to adhere to, and enjoyable to experience. Every product that Tronque offers has been designed to make its users feel as good as possible, whether that feeling comes from its results, or is derived from the application itself. No matter the aspect of the product, customers are reported to have consistently felt a sense of relief knowing that they’re utilising a range that truly has the best interests of their skin in mind. Despite the overwhelming success of Tronque and its line of skincare products, it stills sees gaps that it’s eager to fill. One such instance is its desire to create smaller alternatives of its already existing products. That way, women needn’t worry about leaving their skincare behind when travelling, and will be able to store an essential part of their daily routine in a far easier and straightforward manner. This exciting advancement opens the doors for a plethora of opportunities, including Tronque’s determination to expand its reach to the US and Australia. If women are looking for a gentle, yet effective, way to reduce the appearance of their stretch marks, Tronque’s patented Scar Concentrate is specifically designed for the job. By targeting scar tissue, it’s able to repair the area of application, and its level of effectiveness far exceeds anything currently present on the market. Tronque thrives when assisting women in reducing their scars, and it’s thanks to this passion for reuniting women with the body that they know and love that it’s been able to have such a wonderful impact on the industry. We’re incredibly excited to feature Tronque as part of this award supplement; it’s clear that Tronque has a bright future ahead of it, and we simply can’t wait to see it grow and flourish even more than it already has. Contact: Tanné Snowden Company: Tronque Web Address: Jul23621

16 | LUXlife Magazine Most Nurturing Children's Day Nursery 2023 - Scottish Borders Beginning as a charity nursery that opened its doors in 1971, Seashells Nursery now stands as one of the most enriching and nurturing nurseries within Scotland. Its proximity to a plethora of nature’s best kept secrets, combined with the love, dedication, and kindness of its staff, has allowed Seashells Nursery to provide all week round care for the little ones. We explore how Seashells Nursery takes full advantage of its location to fill a child’s early years with wonder and excitement. Operating 50 weeks of the year, Seashells Nursery offers a safe space to children between the ages of two and five to spend their time whilst away from home. Equipped with highly trained, professional staff, who each have a genuine love for childcare, and situated in the beautiful seaside town of Eyemouth, Seashells Nursery is the best option for any parent looking to expand their child’s horizons. Only a five minute walk away from the beach, where boats and seals alike reside, Seashells Nursery presents a unique opportunity for a more handson educational experience for the youngsters, all whilst encouraging an appreciation for the natural beauty of the Scottish Border. Of course, being so close to the beach has benefits for the staff, as well as the children. Seashells Nursery delivers staff training sessions on a regular basis, and sometimes opts for said sessions to take place beside the sea itself. As such, not only can the individuals tending to the nursery’s attendees garner a deeper understanding of how to navigate the beach, but they’re given the chance to truly care for their own wellbeing whilst at work. All of this culminates in a harmonious environment that truly helps to fuel the little ones’ creativity. However, the beach isn’t the only place that Seashells Nursery frequents. As well as taking the children on seaside excursions, Seashells Nursery also indulges in the occasional woodland walk. As it ventures through the woods with the nursery’s attendees, its staff are able to concoct wonderous tales that are sure to spark the imagination of the youngsters. These stories are based on the surrounding area, derived from familiar fairy tales, and add a unique spin to an already wonderous woodland wander. Seashells Nursery is determined to help raise the curious generation of tomorrow, and utilises its natural surroundings to achieve this. In addition, Seashells Nursery understands the importance of uniting the generations. As such, it plans weekly visits to the local care home, allowing for a connection with the elderly through which it can learn all new stories to tell the youngsters. Defying the boundaries of age isn’t as difficult a feat as most would think, and Seashells Nursery demonstrates this perfectly. It has a genuine love for its surrounding area and community, resulting in a healthy environment for the children attending. Parter this with its desire to bring the best out of every individual, staff or youngster, and you’ve got a nursery that truly understands what it means to encourage kindness and creativity within young people. Seashells Nursery, operating under an ethos of love, integrity, and aspiration, has come to earn a fantastic reputation among the local community, and it’s clear to see why. It isn’t popular, simply because it’s placed in an ideal location, but is instead a parents’ first pick due to the fantastic atmosphere that it’s tirelessly worked to establish. Fostering an environment where children are encouraged to learn, create, and explore is essential, and Seashells Nursery promotes all of these values when caring for a variety of little ones. Whether it’s a direct result of the managers’ unapologetic appreciation for their staff members, or the avid dedication that the entire collective has towards offering children the best early learning experience possible, Seashells Nursery truly sets itself apart as the Scottish Border’s definitive nursery. We’re incredibly proud to shed some light on this magnificent collective, and we can’t wait to see what new wonders it finds as it continues to guide children through the whimsical world of the Scottish Border. Contact: Miriam Lindsay Company: Seashells Nursery Web Address: Sep23089