Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 25 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Established by couple Lisamarie and David Volino, Volino’s Meat Market Steak House was launched to bring customers of the New Jersey area an upscale and modern dining experience within the Wayne neighbourhood. Together, Lisamarie and David Volino have been recognized as the Steakhouse of the Year and honoured the Culinary Excellence Award. Volino’s Meat Market Steak House Steakhouse of the Year - Northern New Jersey and LUXlife Culinary Excellence Award 2022: Creative Cuisine Feb22069 Volino’s Meat Market Steak House was developed to give the New Jersey area a modernized dining experience, showcasing classy dishes and a uniquely distinguished atmosphere. In collective efforts, Lisamarie and David Volino of Volino’s Meat Market Steak House have brought exceptional features that show their personality and communal efforts within Jersey and its effects on the restaurant itself. Native to Wayne, New Jersey, David has been able to bring his charm into the establishment, ensuring that his customers are well taken care of and have everything they need for a unique and memorable visit. While Lisamarie has different connections within Connecticut, she has grown and adapted to the surrounding area – simply loving the people and the community within Wayne. Since then, she has been in the local area for over 25 years, all due to David’s marital and mutual partnership. Co-Founder Lisamarie Volino expands on this, stating, “As business entrepreneurs with years of experience in management and leadership roles, we have compassion, love of social interactions and are here to make sure our client’s experience meets their expectations nightly. At Volino’s, You’ll experience food in a way you haven’t before with all fresh ingredients from our from-scratch kitchen - memorable food in a modern ambience.” From prime cut, dry-aged steaks, fresh seafood and local ingredients, Volino’s creates an experience that surpasses traditional food memories. It permeates the atmosphere, piercing the naturally romantic, comforting and somewhat nostalgic aura of the restaurant. It allows customers to develop moments that will linger long after the final bite. “From the moment you enter, you can see the thought and detail that went into transforming the space to a comfortable gathering for friends and family—offering an ambience that is modern, sexy, with a feel of an NYC style steakhouse in your own neighbourhood. The Volino’s Meat Market Steak House will tease and excite your visual appetite as your experience begins when you are escorted into one of the sleek black tufted leather banquets or a delightful saddle club chair that will get you comfortable, relax your mind and transport you to a delicious, unforgettable experience,” boasts Lisamarie. The concept of Volino’s began when partners Lisamarie and David Volino looked back on their trips as frequent customers of upscale establishments. Therefore, pulling together their own experiences to transform their concept from dream to reality – adding personal touches to make everyone feel welcome as if they were family. The two co-founders are exceptionally proud of their business, and this is shown daily as they present themselves and their character nightly – greeting each table and ensuring they have an opportunity to talk to guests and welcome them happily into their’ home.’ However, there can be several hurdles to overcome, like with any new business. For Volino’s, the restaurant has encountered its first significant obstacle roughly six weeks after its launch, with the Covid-19 pandemic spreading across the world and affecting the way Lisamarie and David would conduct business. While the restaurant did have to shut down for a few weeks on end, Volino’s was in constant fluctuation from indoor to outdoor and back to the indoor dining. A difficulty that was eventually overcome and is ready to welcome back its long-valued customers. “Learning to adapt to outdoor dining as new restaurant owners were challenging but exciting. We have overcome a lot and think our resilience has helped make it through the pandemic,” explains Lisamarie. At Volino’s, everyone who works within the restaurant has been with the business since the very beginning and is therefore seen and respected like family – even with actual family members who work within the establishment. Lisamarie expands on this, stating, “It is a warm, friendly, laid-back environment. As we grow, we look to add team members that will fit into our vision and culture.” For the future, plans for Volino’s are in the works, with the idea of starting an open-air concept. Closing the article with her final comments, Lisamarie states, “We hope to have the full support of the town and our patrons in this expansion. It’ll be a one of a kind welcomed part of the town. Our dedication and drive to be successful in this new endeavour.” With the best of luck and two new awards hanging on their name, Volino’s is ready for a new adventure and will be tackling whatever challenges are in the way to ensure it remains the Steakhouse of the Year every year. Company Name: Volino’s Meat Market Steak House Contact Name: Lisamarie Volino Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]