Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 24 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards At Mammy Pancake, customers can expect to enter a world of nostalgia. Opening its doors in 2009, the establishment is notable for its devotion to the popular street-food, egg waffles. In fact, it was this food that inspired the restaurants creation. Over the years, Mammy Pancake has certainly spread its wings, resulting in the formation of twelve additional restaurants within the city and three in Taiwan. Simply, the Michelin Star decorated restaurant has earned its spot as a highlyrespected feature in Hong Kong’s vibrant eatery industry. The egg waffle, also known as an egg puff or a bubble waffle, has recently become a global phenomenon thanks to its popularity on social media. However, the now internationally renowned dish stems from Hong Kong, where it is typically served on street-stalls. Mammy Pancake offers its own spin on the delicious treat, using only high-quality, whole ingredients and innovative combinations to set itself apart from its competition. Indeed, be it complimented by lemon or banana and chocolate, the batter is freshly made every morning and each dish is made to order so that its customers receive mouth-watering, fresh egg waffles. Guests are not only treated to such edible delights, but they also receive high quality customer service. From the moment the customer walks up to the counter they are greeted by knowledgeable staff, a friendly atmosphere, and the sweet aroma of tantalising goods. Moreover, the team is always on hand to walk new customers through the menu and items or offer up recommendations to return guests. It ensures that each dish is tailored to the everyone’s tastes and expectations. Of course, such Nestled in Hong Kong stands the city’s best kept secret. Mammy Pancake is the epicentre for delicious waffleoriented dishes, including the city’s most popular street food, egg waffles. Between tantalising sweet treats and a reputation for excellence, it is clear that Mammy Pancake is a must-visit dessert bar. Feb22496 Mammy Pancake Dessert Bar of the Year - Hong Kong expectations have altered over time. In just over a decade the company has learnt to focus on putting out creative and tasty offerings that the customers have come to associate the Mammy Pancake name with. The covid-19 pandemic had a large impact on such industries, yet Mammy Pancake found itself relatively unscathed, as the take-away world received fewer sanctions than fullservice restaurants. As Mammy Pancake only offers take-away options, its staff are more protected from customers than it would be if it offered a dine-in service. Moreover, it continues to stress the importance of wearing PPE and workplace hygiene. Whilst it certainly adds to the overhead, it is worth the extra time and cost to guarantee that the staff and customers are protected against Covid-19. Its quality is reflected in the numerous reviews that it has received across the internet. Cultivating a rating that spans over four-stars, Mammy Pancake reviews can be found across many sites like OpenRice, TripAdvisor, and Google. One customer, Nicholas T, testified in a pun-filled review, ‘The throng of young people awaiting their orders confirmed that this place is something of an institution. We ordered one cheese egg waffle and one chocolate egg waffle. There was a short wait before our orders - which were egg-ceptional value (not much to shell out you might say) - were delivered. Both were delicious and quite large and still tasted great when I finished them off the n-egg-xt morning. Well worth finding whilst in Hong Kong...’ Contact: Irene Wong Company: Mammy Pancake Web Address: