Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022

Page 4 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards Established to bring the simplistic, vibrant and fresh taste of the romance that is Italian food to Delaware County, Otto by Polpo was launched as part of a collection of restaurants owned by the Daku family. From sunset breezes to authentic aromas, Otto by Polpo ensures that its guests will get the best of Venice in a traditional yet modern escape through plates of succulent, flavorful and delicate dishes - capturing the essence of Italy and pairing it with the Jersey Shore. At Otto by Polpo, not only will you get some of the finest cuisines a diner could encounter, but you’ll get an experience you’ll never forget – memories of the delicate and delectable meal will pair with the unforgettable atmosphere that is Otto. Happily, residents of Delaware County can enjoy the eclectic and one-of-a-kind taste of Venetian cuisine found at Otto by Polpo, all in due thanks to Albanian-born Bujar Daku and his brother Gani Daku. Together with their family, they have been able to bring the oldworld’s charm and incorporate a newfound and everlasting passion, dedication, and perfection to each satisfying dish. However, while the innovation and execution of the well-run business are in the hands of the Daku family, it is the classical, whimsical Recognized as the Best Modern Italian Dish Restaurant in Delaware County, Otto by Polpo is reinventing what fine-dining means to the individuals of Delaware. Allowing them to taste the freshness of New Jersey paired with the authentic and traditional stylings of Venetian cuisine, all capturing the delicate and savoury nature of a meal and an experience that won’t be soon forgotten. Feb22065 Otto by Polpo Best Modern Italian Dish Restaurant - Delaware County and exceptional stylings of chef Bujar that have maintained the admirable quality tastes and authenticity of the cuisine. Each dish is constructed and developed by collaborative innovation but finalized to perfect with the skill and culinary wonder of chef Bujar. From selecting the finest and best quality ingredients such as produce, meat, fish and cheese, the daily selection is what appeases chef Bujar’s sensational creativity that allows him to provide The background of chef Bujar is a wholesome and inspiring story; as his family immigrated to the United States in the early 1990s and in search of the freedom of a new life – the American dream, Bujar worked through the ranks in the kitchens of America until he began working with some of the top restaurants such as La Veranda and La Buca, two of the most renowned establishments in the Philadelphia area. Finally, Bujar had made the single most significant choice of his career. After searching for the long-lost freedom, he so desperately wanted when he first arrived in America; he found it in himself as he opened his first restaurant - La Fontana Del Mare. Now, La Fontana Del Mare has been voted the Best of South Jersey. Soon after, along with his brothers, he opened a series of restaurants, La Fontana Della Citta, La Fontana Coast in Sea Isle City, La Vecchia Fontana and of course, Otto by Polpo. Otto by Polpo provides a sensory oasis that allows its guests to enjoy the world of fine dining with traditional and comforting meals that reminisce of the unique, passionate