Restaurant & Bar Awards 2022 Page 5 LUX 2022 Restaurant & Bar Awards techniques that inspired the ‘old school’ way of cooking with the collaboration of inventive alternatives. Bringing together these techniques allows Otto by Polpo to produce classic meals that taste of history – a divinity bite on a plate. Food, while it is an essential core of a restaurant – from the flavour, execution, temperature, technique, innovation, and passion to the quality of the ingredients; the freshness, the authenticity, and the presentation – the only thing more palpable than a good meal is where it is being eaten. The energy, vibrancy, comfort, and overall awe of a restaurant, combined with service, is the irresistible taste that will linger long after the meal is over. Now, area residents can skip purchasing a plane ticket and enjoy the Venetian cuisine made popular by the Daku family restaurants. As Otto by Polpo, along with the aforementioned restaurants above, are established as successful family-owned establishments, the priority for the business is to maintain its reputation and continue producing vibrant, decadent and rich flavours that capture the essence of Italy and the modern stylings of chef Bujar. One of the critical aspects of what makes the restaurant so successful and distinguished is the unparalleled talent, passion, and perfection that goes into each dish and the outstanding freshness and superior quality that can take a simplistic dish to a goldstandard level. Otto by Polpo does so by remaining open all year round, allowing chef Bujar to explore creativity and innovation while using local, seasonal ingredients that change throughout the year. Therefore, whatever the meal, customers know that everything on the plate was carefully thought out and specifically chosen to adhere to quality, standard and, of course, flavour. Because of this, Otto by Polpo can only truly be understood once you have visited the warming, welcoming and embracing establishment decorated with love and creativity and fuelled by the hunger and drive to produce one-of-a-kind meals authentically for those in Delaware County. From antipasti, Insalata, meats, fish, pasta and more, whatever the dish, everything is crafted with the highest level of detail and passion that cannot be replicated anywhere else. For an exclusive taste of Venetian cuisine, one must visit Otto by Polpo, the Best Modern Italian Dish Restaurant in Delaware County – a truly unforgettable oneof-a-kind experience. Company Name: Otto by Polpo Contact Name: Bekim Daku Contact Email: [email protected] Web Address: