Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023

46 | LUXlife Magazine - Restaurant & Bar Awards 2023 Best Artisan Italian Café 2023 - St Louis Café Piazza is an Italian cafe situated in the town square of St Louis, providing locals with a place to gather and enjoy delicious food and drink. Cafe Piazza is inspired by owners, Tim Meinecke and Camille Jackson’s childhoods in Sicily, as it is tradition to gather in the piazza at 2pm to enjoy a gelato, cappuccino, or a bite to eat. What truly makes Café Piazza different from the rest is that it offers locals a place to enjoy traditional Italian food, while going into a space that celebrates and embraces Benton Park and its surrounding neighbourhoods. When Tim Meinecke and Camille Jackson took inspiration from his childhood, it was never about copying and pasting it, but instead merging two worlds together. The Italian side is represented through the food as the menu offers a variety of traditional dishes. Customers can choose starters such as calamari, toasted ravioli, or a piazza board with mouth-watering cheese and cured meats. In terms of mains, there are plenty of choices, including paninis, salads, pizzas, pies, and much more. When it comes to pizza, it is freshly baked in a wood oven, so the taste is just incredible! Lastly, it offers desserts and coffee to finish off the meal in Italian style. Café Piazza can also provide catering for those who are looking for quality Italian dishes for events. When it comes to incorporating the local essence, Café Piazza does this in the most creative way. The ceiling of the café features a spray paint mural that takes customers on a journey through St Louis’ history. It is jaw dropping to say the least and a beautiful way to integrate the city’s past into the space. The artist that made it a reality has an inspiring story and it is one worth knowing about. Be sure to head over to Café Piazza’s website to find out more. Café Piazza has become a staple of the Benton Park neighbourhood, where people come for the food and drinks, and stay for the friendly environment and community feel that it offers. It is a go-to place to gather for locals which is why Café Piazza has now been recognised with the award of Best Artisan Italian Café 2023 – St Louis. The team at Café’s Piazza are who have made this possible, providing customers with the best food and service that creates an environment like no other. The café provides its customers with local entertainment, local art, and product sale, as it encourages artists in the area to use its walls to promote their beautiful pieces. It also has a partnership with Benton Parade to add retro entertainment through classic arcade games, particularly pinball. In addition, it likes to involve its customers wherever possible so it invites them to colour in stickers that they later can stick to the café’s walls. Tim and Camille believe in supporting local companies, therefore the restaurant is currently working on designing a business networking wall. This will mean that local companies will have their business logo on a skateboard deck. It will have wall mounted business card holders to help spread the word and help them succeed. Now, the duo are also looking forward to the opening of their local market/café in summer of 2023. Cobblestones STL will be open in the morning, afternoon, and evening, serving locally roasted coffee, breakfast, and lunch, with options including sandwiches, pastries, soups, salads, and more, as well as offering the purchase of groceries, meat, produce, wines, spirits, and even cocktails. This will be the newest business contributing to the revitalisation of The Landing, and will be located on the corner of 1st and Lucas in the Peper Lofts building, adjacent to the newly built Katherine Ward Burg Garden, an expansion of the Great Rivers Greenway. We are truly rooting for the continued success of Tim, Camille, and their businesses as the future beckons! Contact: Tim Meinecke and Camille Jackson Company: Cafe Piazza Web Address: