Spring 2022

32 Dec21602 Guided by Innovation, Inspired by Nature Wolf Reicht Architects, ‘Vienna's Most Outstanding Luxury Architecture Firm’ for 2022, has made a name for itself with its incredible buildings that push the limits of what is possible in its field. Striving to create new shapes, playful spaces, and a synergy with nature, its bold new ideas have created some of the most impressive modern builds in Vienna. Moreover, it looks forward to developing many more of these as it continues to wow its market segment and peers both with soulful, timeless structures. Outstanding architects and interior designers, Wolf Reicht Architects is a team of interdisciplinary, highly skilled, and holistic designers, developing contemporary and innovative structures. Fundamentally, it takes its inspiration from the simplicity and synergy of nature, pulling together a variety of different stylistic and aesthetic choices in order to create something that stands out in its industry, to its clients, and within its own portfolio. Of course, with all this in mind, the most important element of a build is still the client’s wishes to Wolf Reicht Architects. Critically, it will always strive to ensure their specifications are followed to the letter at every turn, involving their voice in the build to guide its hand as it designs, develops, and creates the spaces in question. Taking principles from hybrid and flexible designs, it is most intrigued in the push and pull of different effects in a design. Nominally, it integrates a variety of different smart energy systems into a design right from the first sketch, thinking of the additional benefits that certain innovations and developments would grant its clients in order to make sure the space fits seamlessly as a venue for their livelihoods. Following its guiding principle of creating a concept that is ‘greater than the sum of its parts’, it champions this idea of ‘efficient aesthetics’, incorporating wild blooms and cultivated greenery into its work to keep the natural world at the core of its efforts. Additionally, its portfolio contains a wide swathe of different designs and ideas. Technopark Rabba, for example, is a large, innovative building with an intriguing design that is sure to catch the eye. Its three disparate core pieces, arranged to be at a slightly different angle, are stacked atop each other to create a kind of ‘floating’ effect, between which greenery can be seen flowering to give this idea that nature is the connective tissue for all life. From there, a prospective client can see East Harbor Twin Towers next to Technopark Rabba in its portfolio, a creation which is entirely different. This unique build creates fun and whimsical shapes with glass and clear materials, again separating the buildings in the middle with carefully manicured greenery which brings colour and vibrancy to the piece. Just two of the many exemplary builds available for viewing through its website, it invites clients to peruse its work and get in touch forthwith, excited to see what challenges will be brought before it in the future. Company: Wolf Reicht Architects Contact: Wolfgang Reicht Website: wolfreicht.com