Spring 2022

33 Dec21672 Designs Of Tomorrow To thrive in the world of architecture requires an ability to look beyond the obvious, whilst always maintaining an eye for the commercial. The team behind Metaph Architect Associates has always managed to maintain this balance, leading to their recognition in the 2022's Leading Designers Awards. With awards for 2022's Most Innovative Residential Project: St Residence & 2022's Award for Excellence in Innovation under their belt, we take a closer look to discover more about this firm. The brainchild of Michihiro Matsuo, Metaph Architect Associates draws on his many years of experience when it comes to developing truly innovative designs that serve the deepest needs of his clients. His approach is one which covers every aspect of the industry, from the creative spark to practical construction to the sales process. This expertise is not something he was born with, but a selection of skills which he has honed over the years. Straight out of high school, Matsuo was working in the construction industry, supervising at a major construction company and housing company. Not content with working for others, it was not long before he was working to obtain his own architectural qualifications and starting his own business. His unique brand and styling is one which has brought him incredible success over the years. By understanding every part of the architectural experience, he has been able to secure incredible success for the various companies he has been responsible for. With such expertise behind him and his team, it’s little wonder that Matsuo was asked to work on the development of the St. Residence project. This property is the result of three years of planning and conceptualising, with the Metaph Architect team drawing on their considerable well of experience to bring a very specific dream to life. The owner had a clear vision which the team were trying to bring into beautiful reality. Through a process which championed care and attention at every stage, they were certainly able to succeed. St. Residence is nestled in a quiet residential area on a hill in Kobe, surrounded by rich greenery. The owner was looking for a housing solution, somewhere he could live as a second home that offered a tranquillity and effortless charm that could not be found in the city center. To the Metaph Architect team, it was clear that the major point of difference was the stunning view and so the decision to focus on a U-shaped plan was made. This would provide a perspective that couldn’t be matched and a focal point that was second to none. Every aspect of this incredible development was considered by the Metaph Architect team, and went through their office for approval. As a result, architecture, furniture, and the owner's life have been effortlessly united. This attention to detail demonstrates why the company also earned the award for Excellence in Innovation. Their clients’ needs have always come first and this means that they are always looking for new ways in which to serve them better. The growth of Metaph Architects Associates is one which reflects the ambition of its founder. No matter what, the team are committed to producing great work for their clients. With a strong portfolio of projects behind them, we can rest easy knowing their success is assured for many years to come. Company: Metaph Architect Associates Name: Matsuo Michihiro Email: [email protected]