Spring 2022

Spring 2022 A Bold, Innovative Powerhouse In The Exploding Home Furnishings Industry LUX life M A G A Z I N E As a ‘2022 Award for Excellence in Innovation and Design' recipient, FirsTime & Co. is an American designed home furnishings company working diligently to provide the very best in timeless home furnishings at affordable prices. Operations are throughout the United States, with national distribution partners from East and West Coast ports, allowing them to support their global manufacturer network while passing those efficiencies on to their customers. FirsTime & Co. brings new, cutting-edge designs and bold, dynamic styling to the rapidly growing $29.6 billion home furnishing market, all at competitive prices.

Sofi Bajor, Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: www.lux-review.com Editor’s Letter Spring 2022 Hello and welcome to the Spring 2022 issue of LUXlife! This issue will bring you up to speed on some of the most innovative, lavish, and simply spectacular businesses that are truly making their mark on the industry. So far, 2022 has been a year of fulfilment and growth for many – after a long time in difficult situations and multiple closures of businesses around the globe. For example, our cover, FirsTime & Co. has added an award to its roster – and it has no plans of slowing down as it sky-rockets further into its deep rooted success. With its team of well-seasoned professionals helping to make anything possible, FirsTime has become an industry-leading designer, marketer, and distributor of luxurious home furnishings that ultimately prove to be valuable tools in empowering its wide variety of clients. With over 30 years’ of experience, FirsTime is now a force to be reckoned with as it leads the industry, creating high hopes and an experience that delivers every time. This issue guides us through its values and attitude which have propelled it at an exponential rate. With many individuals and companies trusting it to improve their spaces and fulfil their wildest dreams, FirsTime is a well-respected business that is setting the pace in a fast moving world. Spring is on our doorstep and we welcome it with open arms. Here at LUXlife we hope you stay safe and well – and we look forward to seeing you again for the next issue. For Majestic Experiences

Contents 4. News 6. A Bold, Innovative Powerhouse In The Exploding Home Furnishings Industry FirsTime & Co. 8. Best Sustainable Interior Project Design Company - Hong Kong Tiffany Design Group Ltd. 9. Creative Agency of the Year - Catalonia Littlestudio 10. Building Success, One Generation At A Time. Friede & Associates 11. Nature Knows Best Earth’s Kitchen 12. Sleek, Stylish and Sophisticated Blend Furniture 13. Architecture in Harmony with Nature CSS & ASSOCIATES LLC 14. The Design to Success Alexandra Dixon Interiors 15. Visionary Architecture for Desert Living Robinette Architects Inc 16. Best Bespoke Fine Jewellery Experts 2021 Meaden Master Jewellers 17. Best Outbound Luxury Travel Advisers - Houston Kora Handcrafted Luxury Journeys 18. Live Beautiful Moniomi Design 19. Best Vegan Syrups Range 2021 Toschi UK Ltd 20. Best Aviation & Marine Management Consultancy – Asia VWACS (Hong Kong) Ltd 21. The Home Of Indian Groceries Quality Foods Online 22. Integrating Art with Innovative Concepts Chains Interior 23. Best Luxury Lifestyle Brand - USA Prince of Scots 24. Tricks Of The Travel Trade! Paxport Group 25. Winery of the Year - Vila Real District Enoteca Douro - Quinta da Avessada 26. Three Decades of Luxury Interior Design & Remodeling Dorian DeHaan Interior Design, Kitchen & Remodeling 27. 2022's Most Trusted Real Estate Investment Company - the UK Legacie Developments 28. Most Trusted PR & Image Management Services Provider - Southeast USA Francis Mariela Communications 29. Best Single Malt Whiskey Distillery 2021 – Australia Hellyers Road Distillery 30. Simply Beautiful Skin Loop 31. Beautiful Spaces on a Small Scale KOTOAKI ASANO Architect & Associates 32. Guided by Innovation, Inspired by Nature Wolf Reicht Architects 33. Designs Of Tomorrow Metaph Architect Associates Contents 11. 20. 36. 34. Ethical Fast Food Restaurant of the Year 2021 – Asia Pacific Lord of the Fries 35. Let Your Love Flourish By Arrangement 36. For Majestic Experiences Ostraco Suites 37. Building Our Futures PPF Goujon Architectes 38. Rich Getaways For Relaxation Hotel Snagov Club 39. Creating Space for the Future: Inside and Out Studio Twelve Interiors 40. Everyday Heroes Master Production Unlimited o/a Everyday Heroes & Everyday Hero Youth 41. Contemporary Living For Luxury Lifestyles Franzina Partners Architecture 42. Best Croatia Tours & Luxury Cruises Company - London Unforgettable Croatia 43. Eye Of The Beholder ALTER EGO Project Group 44. Winner's Listing

Vikar Ahmed,The Jeweller Of The Stars, Creates A PieceWith One Of The Most Expensive Gems In TheWorld Vikar Ahmed, known as `The jeweller of the stars´, is working on a very special piece that will contain one of the most expensive gems in the world. The order, made by a celebrity from Los Angeles, is an exclusive necklace where the Paraíba Tourmaline is the protagonist. This gem of more than 40 carats and with a unique turquoise colour, is one of the most valued in the world. In addition to containing the precious Paraíba in the centre, the necklace will be made in more than 320 carats and decorated with precious coloured gems. This commission from an international star is not the only one that the German jeweller has received. He has become the private jeweller of many celebrities, hip-hop artists and fashion designers. Artists visit him at his studio in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, where he makes personalised and bespoke jewellery pieces. Vikar himself is responsible for personally delivering his exclusive pieces in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Munich, London, Cannes, Paris, Zurich and St. Moritz, among other places. His VIP clients who reside in Monaco fly him to the city exclusively for this purpose. Through a passion for gemstones and one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces, he has developed close friendships with his clients. Vikar Ahmed plans to open more retail stores around the world. The production of the jewels will continue in Idar-Oberstein, in the spirit of "Made in Germany", since his customers want high quality and the best workmanship. Vikar's beginnings go back to the city of Idar-Oberstein, where he grew up. There he started his own company in 2004. His connection to diamonds, coloured gemstones and jewellery made him discover a passion for the world of luxury. Being self-employed was difficult for Vikar as he had go through different jobs to finance his company and to achieve his dream. With this he made his first designs and presented them at selected fairs around the world. His innovative and unusual collections sold quickly and so spread his work, made with white and coloured diamonds, as well as coloured gemstones in large sizes, from 30 to 120 carats. All of his creations are guaranteed to be made with the best German quality workmanship and connect with people who want to identify with luxury. As a luxury brand, the Vikar Ahmed company represents a unique lifestyle.

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 5 The Luminaire Launches New Luxury Offering For Curious Travellers The new offering will see guests travel in the company of remarkable people – artists, explorers, naturalists, historians, archaeologists - leading thinkers with a lifetime of experience in their field and captivating stories to tell. The Luminaire will create deeply personalised stimulating travel experiences anywhere on earth, tapping into a guild of expert minds to bring substance and purpose to trips shaped by their guests. Designed for travellers young and old who have a thirst for knowledge and a desire to make connections to locations, cultures and history around the world, The Luminaire reinvents the concept of cultural and stimulating travel. Spring journeys now available to book, where guests can choose to travel with acclaimed photojournalist Sir Don McCullin CBE, explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Venetian architect and historian Francesco da Mosto. Chief Executive Adam Sebba said, “We’ve built the Luminaire for a new archetype of traveller. We know the next generation has a strong passion for knowledge, expects and values deep personalisation, and has a wide and eclectic range of interests… “Our mission is to make intellectual travel cool, and we don’t see anyone else doing that.” The Luminaire is a new UK-based luxury travel company that is reinventing the concept of cultural and stimulating travel with engaging, thought-provoking new perspectives on subject and place. Designing personalised journeys which explore the individual interests of each of their guests, The Luminaire reveals the world through a new and exciting lens. Guests travel in the company of remarkable people – artists, explorers, naturalists, historians, archaeologists - leading thinkers with a lifetime of experience in their field and captivating stories to tell. Through visceral experience, their journeys endeavour to nurture personal growth, cultivate a more profound and authentic connection with the world and introduce cultural and educational travel to a new generation. Venice during the Biennale: During the Art Biennale in Venice, The Luminaire offers an opportunity to experience the city through the eyes of a native. They create a narrative arc, asking questions to provoke curiosity. How remarkable that a city that has derived its power and influence from water is now existentially threatened by it. Architect and historian Francesco da Mosto’s family have lived in Venice for over a millennium, and he has a singular perspective on the floating city’s rich history and uncertain future in the face of the escalating effects of climate change. The Luminaire has created an immersive experience with master artisans, restoring priceless treasures and artworks, many of which are buildings, frescoes or altarpieces - part of the city itself. In so doing, they co-opt travellers into becoming advocates of the city’s future, and not mere bystanders. This offers a unique perspective on the central themes of the Biennale’s 59th exhibition The Milk of Dreams, alongside an art historian, who also accompanies guests on a private visit to the Peggy Guggenheim Collection with the gallery’s Associate Curator. Photography with Sir Don McCullin CBE: And in Somerset, The Luminaire offers rare access to another deeply personal perspective – that of the world’s greatest living photojournalist, Sir Don McCullin CBE. Over four days, with private photography masterclasses, accomplished or amateur photographers will explore Sir Don’s relationship with this wild countryside which dates back to his childhood, escaping the London Blitz. Scientific expedition with the world’s greatest living explorer: For the first time, Sir Ranulph Fiennes will join a private journey to Antarctica, recounting his extraordinary experiences in this unhospitable wilderness. On a nine-day journey aboard a private expedition yacht, the varied perspectives of glaciologists, marine biologists, ecologists and adventurers will combine to reveal deep and truly unique insights on this fragile world. Co-founder and CEO Adam Sebba, who has worked over a 20-year career as a chief executive in luxury travel and fashion said: “We’ve built the Luminaire for a new archetype of traveller. We know the next generation has a strong passion for knowledge, expects and values deep personalisation, and has a wide and eclectic range of interests. Right now, there is no one offering substantive and accessible travel experiences to cater to that need.” “Our mission is to make intellectual travel cool, and we don’t see anyone else doing that.” Their own research last year, surveying travellers across the world with an estimated combined net worth of $4.4billion, revealed some surprising insights indicating that global travel preferences have dramatically shifted in the last few years, accelerated by Covid. Respondents revealed that ‘enriching cultural experiences’ were their top reason for selecting a hotel, whilst room design, traditionally an important consideration, scored the lowest with almost no responses. For further information or enquiries, visit: theluminaire.com o Venice during the Biennale: From £14,395 per person, 5 nights, for a group or family of four. o Photography with Sir Don McCullin CBE: From £12,450 per person, 3 nights, for a group or family of six. o Scientific expedition the world’s greatest living explorer: Pricing from £118,025 per person based on two people sharing, 9 nights.

6 Nov21362 As a ‘2022 Award for Excellence in Innovation and Design' recipient, FirsTime & Co. is an American designed home furnishings company working diligently to provide the very best in timeless home furnishings at affordable prices. Operations are throughout the United States, with national distribution partners from East and West Coast ports, allowing them to support their global manufacturer network while passing those efficiencies on to their customers. FirsTime & Co. brings new, cutting-edge designs and bold, dynamic styling to the rapidly growing $29.6 billion home furnishing market, all at competitive prices. A Bold, Innovative Powerhouse In The Exploding Home Furnishings Industry

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 7 Spring 2022 growth and profitability goals. This devotion to excellence has made FirsTime & Co. a leader in the home furnishing ecosystem. FirsTime’s competitive advantage is founded on three key principles: • A youthful, design-driven culture with a focus on high-end refined decor, delivered at reasonable prices • Advanced, deep market analysis, leveraging decades of executive experience within the retail environment • A unique adaptable operational cost structure that provides flexibility and scalability of the company These FirsTime principles have been critical in shaping the organization for continued success – especially during these challenging times of COVID-19, combined with the severe global supply chain cost and availability issues worldwide. Their superb designs, based on sophisticated analysis and delivered using a flexible and scalable cost structure, have enabled them to weather these headwinds. FirsTime & Co. is an industry-leading designer, marketer, and distributor of high-quality home furnishings, designed to inspire customers to express their individual style. Committed to offering best-in-class décor and furniture, the company creates and sells product lines through multiple national retailers and a wide array of leading eCommerce channels. Their global network of manufacturing partners spans from Egypt to Taiwan and includes production in China, India, Vietnam, as well as the United States. Their warehousing and distribution partners enable their products to reach their customers quickly and without damage. FirsTime & Co. works closely with these manufacturing and distribution partners to establish and maintain optimized business practices across the extended enterprise – operating seamlessly and efficiently to give their customers great products, reliable delivery, and reasonable prices. Their diverse, young roster of creative artisans, combined with their unparalleled organizational structure, has set the company up as an industry leader. By developing multiple loyal partnerships with nationally known premier retailers such as Target, Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Amazon, they have become a staple in “current yet timeless” home decorations. Consistent attention to quality and service has earned them the trust of the largest national retailers. FirsTime’s broad view of the industry has been honed through 30 years’ experience and a strong presence in the marketplace. They understand the markets comprehensively, and quickly adapt to everchanging retail macro- and micro-climates. Their deep understanding, sophistication and experience enables FirsTime & Co. to recognize and stay ahead of developing trends to effectively sustain a profitable and long-lasting corporation for its customers, employees, and shareholders. The home furnishings industry has changed as homeowners and apartment dwellers have changed. This company's clientele wants to put a unique stamp on their home’s interior that reflects their personal taste as well as their sense of the times – without spending a fortune doing so. “Your father’s department store” just doesn’t cut it anymore. Today’s customers want to shop online, and FirsTime’s expertise enables them to do so very effectively. For the last decade FirsTime & Co has been guided by Christopher D. Bering, Chairman and CEO. Chris leads a strong team of artisan designers and logistics specialists who demonstrate that positive commitment, vision, resilience, and hard work are embedded deeply in the organization. Collectively, the team creates its success through a high-performance culture – it doesn’t just “happen.” FirsTime offers its staff members flexibility and the opportunity to generate fast-paced results and stay ahead of market demands while remaining focused on meeting the organization’s Now, more than ever, customers recognize the need for themselves and their families to reimagine their homes to fit their lifestyle better and express their unique vision. Homes and apartments should be authentically stylish, enticingly comfortable, and filled with meaningful furnishings. Recently, our society has recognized that the home can be so much more than a space to live. It can be a sanctuary for family, an office for work, a cozy place for leisure, and a gathering space for social interaction with friends and relatives – all in one. FirsTime & Co. has confidently shared their style and imagination into the living spaces of their customers – “from the FirsTime family to yours.” Company: FirsTime & Co. Contact: Christopher D. Bering – CEO Email: [email protected] Website: www.firstime.com Video: https://youtu.be/YA-ivZFb-D0

8 Jan22094 experience while at the same time providing innovative and modern designs for its clients. “We think that the user-centred and innovative design sets us apart from the competition. From the interior architectural design perspective, a sense of belonging is created when someone adapts to a specific location or environment. Therefore, we have adopted biophilic design, sustainable, eco-friendly concepts, interaction and user experience design to provide the environment and process of relevant experience,” explains Eva. Primarily concentrating on its most recent project, Tiffany Design has focused on applying sustainable architectural designs for infectious disease control to nursing homes. The reason for doing so is mainly based on how nursing homes are currently set up. Although there are locations in which individuals are often alone, for example, the bathroom or bedroom, senior individuals often share common spaces such as living, dining and activity areas. Thus, it can promote infection amongst residents, staff and visitors – especially during these uncertain times. Therefore, Tiffany Design has taken special consideration into the use of materials for this project. Eva explains, “…Materials such as antibacterial tiles, plywood, electrical socket plate and even the wall coating that can save energy consumption and antibacterial. In addition, to reduce the use of chemical disinfectants. As we all know, substitute chemicals not only pollute the environment but also endanger health.” In the future, Tiffany Design will be applying and combining the main concepts of environmental protection, sustainable development and interior architectural design of infection disease control going into future projects. Tiffany Design is afoot in Hong Kong’s interior design industry. With collaborative innovation and sustainable practices, the company will continue to push through national barriers and will be a branded name to watch out for internationally. Company Name: Tiffany Design Group Ltd. Contact Name: Eva Chan Web Address: www.tiffanygroup.com.hk Contact Email: [email protected] Founded in 2002, Tiffany Design Group Ltd is more than just a top-tier provider of interior design solutions; but additionally offers results in project management, engineering contractors, garden construction, maintenance, and other related services. The company mainly focuses on residential, retail stores, restaurants, educational institutes, offices and various public and private sectors across China and Hong Kong. The company is renowned for its quality of solution services and designs. Its irrefutable success has come from Tiffany Design’s professional designers and management team, who have won the appreciation and trust of its customers through its high standards of unmatched expertise. Thus, the company has grown steadily since its inception to provide continuously unparalleled services within the interior designing industry. From planning through to the designing process, Tiffany Design takes onboard incredibly amounts of details to ensure its customers can relax and enjoy the services offered as a one-stop service convenience, thoroughly cared for by the members at the company. “Our works have been renowned for the rich colours and refreshing style. With vivid colours bringing a touch of vitality, a relaxing environment enables people to enjoy their lives fully. We believe this philosophy accounts for the incredible popularity of our works,” states interior designer Eva Chan. Currently, the most significant trend within the interior designing industry is that of creating eco-friendly spaces. Thus, Tiffany Design has developed several services based on the concept of sustainable designs, focusing strongly on environmentally conscious architectural and landscape designs, project management, construction and other related products. At Tiffany Design, designers encourage its clients to look into the future and integrate the concept of sustainability towards their indoor and outdoor spaces. While the industry has many fluctuating challenges, the biggest one has been the ongoing effects from the Covid-19 pandemic, which has taken over the industry on a global scale. However, because of this, Tiffany Design was then offered an opportunity in 2021, from an operating organisation that runs nursing homes, to become the primary interior architectural designers and project management consultants on the task. Tiffany Design strongly believes that they were sought out because they are one of the few companies in the industry that can consider user Established over two decades ago in Hong Kong, Tiffany Design Group Ltd is an awardwinning company that delivers wide-ranging interior design solutions. Recognised as the Best Sustainable Interior Project Design Company, Tiffany Design provides highly qualified designers with innovative ideas that create comfortable, fashionable and distinctive designs that meet and surpass customer expectations. Best Sustainable Interior Project Design Company - Hong Kong

Jan22095 Creative Agency of theYear - Catalonia Littlestudio, an expert when it comes to marketing and branding, has been making a name for itself with the service of its myriad different clients over the years. Based out of Catalonia, this agency is a small, friendly, and creative firm with a strong voice and a recognisable visual punchiness that makes sure those it works with can stand out from the crowd in order to become the front-runners in their market segment, utilising its tailor-made branding and communications tools in order to do so. In essence, Littlestudio is just that. A little studio with big ideas. Fundamentally, this innovative agency has made a name for itself by designing for its brands with boldness and bravery at every turn, taking an innovative and creative approach to its business and utilising its over 30 years of experience designing for top brands in order to do so. With powerful concepts in mind, its methodologies speak to the impact that a fresh new idea can have when it comes to branding, championing the ability of a strong brand communicating everything about a company before that company even says anything about themselves or their products, a feat that can seem intimidating to businesses just starting out. This is where Littlestudio steps up to help. Critically, it sets it apart from its competition by way of its attention to detail, working hard to ensure that every ‘I’ is dotted and every ‘T’ is crossed, making itself Barcelona’s number one marketing and communications creation agency by way of tailormade and highly relevant work. Its efforts will always be appropriate for both the client and the market segment they wish to attract, keeping itself sensitive to the current social climate into which a brand or piece of advertising will be released so that its work is not only relevant, but respectful. In times like these, with the pandemic still ravaging the world, this is more important than ever. Much of the marketing and branding that was relevant pre-pandemic no longer is, and so Littlestudio has been working hard to support its clients through pivoting their messaging where appropriate, offering special designs that focus in on that connection between the client and their target market. Crucially, this fosters a sense of closeness that is aiding its clients in retaining customer loyalty, and it helps them to keep the attention of these people with new shapes for structures and new striking graphics that set their goods and services apart from the crowd. Having worked with top brands all over the world, it is truly an expert when it comes to designating the point of sale and communication – no matter the industry or sector the client belongs to – and able to ply its trade to help its clients directly answer the demands of their customer base, adapting each point of communication to fit. Consequentially, this is what has made its branding, packaging, retail, and communication a commercial phenomenon, working with a staunch commitment to great ideas and promoting true talent. Company: Littlestudio Contact: Josep Sabate Website: littlestudio.es

10 Dec21639 require off-season construction between September and May and typically expect the completion of the new building to function by the start of the new tourism season. Moreover, the company is also known today for its extensive preconstruction work that includes assisting its clients with everything from obtaining land, to arranging financing, negotiating state and local incentives, and taking care of all the municipal approvals for its projects. Friede & Associates is recognized for going above and beyond what typical general contractors do, from continuously focusing on improving its service offerings, to the training of its team members. And these improvements have not gone unrecognized, as the firm has become the most awarded contractor in the state of Wisconsin, with nearly 60 of its projects being recognized as “Projects of Distinction” by the Associated Builders & Contractors (ABC) of Wisconsin since 2015. It has also been named both the best commercial and residential contractor in Wisconsin by various publications, recognized by the Silicon Review as one of the “30 Innovators to Watch in 2021” and, most recently, was named one of the “50 Most Admired Companies to Watch in 2022” by the CIO Bulletin. LUXlife proudly joins the others in recognizing the outstanding work of Friede & Associates by naming them “Wisconsin’s Most Trusted DesignBuild Contractor in 2022”. Company Name: Friede & Associates Contact Name: Scott G. Truehl Web Address: https://www.friede.com/ Contact Email: [email protected] The long-standing history of what is now known as Friede & Associates starts back in Wisconsin as early as the 1900s. Initially formed by William Friede under the name William A. Friede & Sons, the company was set up as a local residential builder and building materials supplier in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. The 15–20-man firm successfully operated and grew in the residential market for over forty years before shutting down for World War II. When they reopened in 1945, the firm changed its name and chose to focus on commercial construction projects while operating under the name Friede Brothers Construction. Just over a decade later, World War II and Korean Conflict war veteran Roger Friede Sr. bought the company from his father, Arnold and uncle, Fred, and became the company's President in 1956. The company continued to serve the Reedsburg area, with carpentry, masonry, concrete and even cabinetry crews for the next 40 years before changing focus once again. By the early1990s, Roger's son, Roger Friede Jr., took over as President and purchased the firm from his father. Then in 1998, Roger added a new partner in Executive Vice President Scott Truehl and changed the name of the firm to Friede & Associates to represent the new focus as a professional services company featuring design-build construction. Friede & Associates provides clients with a multitude of services from complete design-build, general contracting, pre-construction, renovation, restoration, and construction management services to name a few. Due to its legacy and renowned reputation as highly trained professionals within the industry, its unmatched expertise has allowed the company to grow both in terms of the types of projects it builds and the geographic areas it serves, which now includes the southern two-thirds of the state of Wisconsin. As a commercial general contractor, Friede & Associates now selfperforms services such as concrete, carpentry, demolition, and steel erection on their commercial, retail, municipal, manufacturing, and industrial projects. The Friede team has also developed a national reputation for the creativity and imagination that they bring to each of their projects, living up to their unusual tagline “We do Weird Well!” This ability to help their clients accomplish their construction goals through alternative materials or construction methods, and to do so often utilizing alternative work schedules has earned them a large and loyal following of repeat customers. Moreover, it has ignited the nationally renowned trust that has been established by customers and by those who come to work for and with Friede & Associates. Due to its extensive connection to the hospitality business in the Wisconsin Dells tourist market, Friede & Associates is one of the foremost users of prefabricated wall systems within the market. Projects With nearly eight decades of commercial industry expertise, passion, and impeccable standards, we are proud to recognize Friede & Associates as Wisconsin's Most Trusted Design-Build Contractor. Building Success, One Generation At ATime. Roger Friede, President and Scott Truehl, Executive Vice President

Sep21714 Nature Knows Best The story of Earth’s Kitchen is one founded on the principle of nature knowing best. Through the use of powerful natural ingredients and recipes, this incredible firm has changed lives around the world. Recognised in LUXlife’s 2021's Leaders in Luxury Awards as 2021's Most Trusted Natural Sunscreen Brand - New Zealand, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of their tremendous success. The words Earth’s Kitchen brings certain images to mind. For some, a vision of greenery in which we share only a small part. For others, the idea of nature in all its wisdom and variety all together. For the team behind Earth’s Kitchen’s amazing skincare brand, the focus has always been on harnessing the incredible power of the natural world, into treatments that can have an incredible impact on the way in which we live. At the heart of Earth’s Kitchen is founder Jules Bright. Jules first discovered the immense potential of natural solutions while living in India. Her promising nursing career came to a crashing halt after a motorcycle accident. It was the locals who oversaw her recovery, using techniques and remedies passed down for generations. It was an experience that few would forget, but Jules was transformed. She needed to share the wisdom she had gained and uncover the knowledge that had been gathered by indigenous cultures around the world. So, she went on walkabout, spending years immersed in such diverse landscapes, cultures, ancient traditions and alchemy – learning timeless practices successful to this day. Her travels saw her gain triple diplomas in Naturopathy, Body Therapy and Medical Herbalism and then opening her own clinic and laboratory. It was here that the journey of Earth’s Kitchen really began, with Jules formulating and perfecting her own natural sunscreen. To her, it was clear that modern skincare primarily focused on the use of synthetic ingredients that simply don’t do our bodies or our planet any good, in fact, they largely create significant damage. Her answer to this challenge is one which leverages technology to get the most out of what nature has to offer. With no parabens, no artificial fragrances, no petrochemicals and no titanium dioxide, no nasties; the range from Earth’s Kitchen really stands out. Their aim is avoid nasties and deliver great results. Earth’s Kitchen’s impressive range of products was the world’s first BioGro's NATRUE certified natural sunscreen SPF50. It carries the Certified Natural label, authorised by Natrue, giving total satisfaction that when you buy one of these amazing products, you’re buying something that meets global certification standards for sustainability. The pioneering nature of Earth’s Kitchen reflects the incredible dedication shown since those early days by people like Jules, and the demand for it now shows how right she was to keep on pushing in those early days, beyond the status quo. The journey from an accident in India to a world-leading pioneer in the skincare industry is one which has seen an incredible period of change. Over 20 years and 16 global awards later, the team have taken the time to perfect their formulas so that your skin is protected and nourished in equal measure. The determination to offer this as a natural solution allows them to stand apart from the crowd. We celebrate the tremendous success of these beautiful products and look forward to seeing what more delights will come from Earth’s Kitchen in the future. Some of the most recent awards include, Gold winner for Best Ethical Product, Gold for Best New Product and Silver for Best Plant Based Product in all categories. Company: Earth’s Kitchen Name: Jules Bright Email: [email protected] Web Address: https://eksunscreen.com

12 Sep21557 Sleek, Stylish and Sophisticated Established in 2012, Blend Furniture is an haute hub of furniture and lifestyle accessories with multiple locations in Cairo. Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, Blend prides itself on its attention to detail, uncompromising quality and service, as well as affordability. LUXlife magazine has recognised Blend Furniture as Most Outstanding Luxury Furniture Store, 2021 – Egypt, so we delve into learning more. It is Blend Furniture’s passion to make its customers forget their daily stress while indulging in one of its many exclusive pieces, each being a blend of quality, simplicity and style. With a diverse range of products including sofas, chairs, tables, fireplaces, fixtures, and more, Blend has everything you need to add those homely touches to your living space. Over the years, Blend has continuously adapted its collections to the furniture market, demonstrating a deep ability in understanding the requirements and tastes of its audience, and in anticipating and interpreting trends in living. The Blend journey began ten years ago with the launch of its first showroom in Nasr City, Cairo. This was followed by the unveiling of a second showroom in Heliopolis in 2015, and after that, a third branch in New Cairo in 2019. It is currently preparing for the opening of its fourth showroom in West Cairo. Blend’s showrooms serve as a source of inspiration, thanks to the comfort and timelessness of its products. Its goal is to create the perfect blend of furniture for each home with impeccable design and quality standards. Original minimalistic contemporary designs with a unique sense of detail are hallmarks of every Blend product. The company has worked with international brands that possess the same keen attention to detail, with some of them hailing from countries known for their history in the design industry such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands, having been creating cutting-edge designs since the early 1900s. Some of these include Calia Italia, Cattelan Italia, Ndesign, Casa, EHEM., and Flitch & Grain. Blend isn’t just a brand; it’s also a platform that strives to encourage local talent. Its strength is its endless passion for seeking out new designs and new and upcoming talent. It prides itself in its collaborations with Egyptian designers and innovators who excel in their field, showcasing their innovative creations in its showrooms. Overall, Blend makes sure that everything it does honours that connection between its commitment to excellence and unmatched comfort. All Blend products are ISO9001 or equivalent certified to guarantee safety and environmental soundness, and to ultimately transform your house into a home. Company: Blend Furniture Email: [email protected] Website: www.blendfurniture.com

13 Jan22466 Architecture in Harmony with Nature Limassol-based architect, CSS & Associates, is our Leading Sustainable Architecture Practice, 2022. With over 30 years’ experience in its field, CSS & Associates specialises in combining traditional values, with contemporary design, sustainability and functionality. Company founder, Stelios Stylianides let us into the secrets of the firm’s success. In 1991, CSS & Associates opened its architecture office, since then the family-owned business has completed over 1000 projects. Each of which has added to the expertise and experience of the firm. CSS & Associates works with a wide variety of clients on an even wider variety of projects. From a simple extension to an existing private dwelling to a whole new apartment building, from public service buildings such as offices and schools to warehouses. The company treats every project with the same care and commitment. Stelios tells us, “We carefully consider engineering, functionality and aesthetics in all our projects. And we always respect sustainable architecture best practices. Every project is different and we ensure we find customised solutions that correspond to our client's individual requirements.” The company provides a wide range of services under the umbrellas of architecture, consulting and engineering. CSS & Associates researches and implements new trends such as passive building design. And, with its partners, has also advised in the role of Urban Design Expert in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, participating in Europe-wide programs on the subject. CSS & Associates distinguishes itself in the market by its integrated approach to every project and the importance the company puts on its client relationships. “The rapport we develop with our clients goes way beyond the narrow framework of ‘provider-client’. We never consider a project as finished. We are by our client’s side from the moment they first come to our office, throughout the design, construction and delivery process. And we’re there afterwards too. For us, the relationship never ends. We have a special bond with each building. They may need more attention and care as the years go by and we’ll be there to help and advise.” CSS & Associates employs a team of staff made up of architects, civil engineers and designers. Stelios adds, “We’re a family company. We make sure all our team members feel part of the family. The whole team knows that if the company is doing well, each of them is doing well too. Everyone takes part in the decisions and realisation of every project. The good atmosphere is one of the main reasons for our success over the years. When we design a house we think of it as a home we are creating for our own family. This is why the relationships we develop with our clients feel more personal too.” Besides its full-time staff, the firm also calls upon its expert network of external electrical and mechanical engineers, topographers and quantity surveyors to work on its projects. All the company’s associates share its vision and commitment to the highest levels of expertise and professional standards. When we ask if there’s anything else he’d like us to mention, Stelios says, “I’d like to add that no one in the team considers architecture as a profession. A profession is what you do to make a living. We are architects because it gives us pleasure. It satisfies us. It relaxes us. We’ve managed to make our profession out of our hobby.” Of course, with that said, there’s only one plan for the future and that’s to keep going. Contact: Stelios Stylianides Company: CSS & ASSOCIATES LLC Web Address: www.css-architects.com

14 Jan22172 despite disruptions and lack of building material availability that many businesses were seeing through during this time. Stewart describes the effects of the pandemic on the business by declaring, "Covid-19 had an unexpected impact on the company in that it seems to have increased our number of enquiries. We suspect that is because people are spending more time at home and, as a result, wanting to make modifications to their homes, small or large." Currently, for the company, ADI has taken up several projects for 2022, which will keep the team busy during this time. With the addition of its newest Project Manager to aid in the progression of projects lined up for the company, Alexandra Dixon Interiors is ready to tackle the future, supporting clients with their visions and making them become a beautiful reality. "We introduced ADI to our project at the beginning of our build. The team worked in partnership with our developers, and in every area, ADI showed their experience and expertise throughout. ADI have turned our house into a truly wonderful home; their attention to detail is second to none. The only regret I have is that we didn't understand the capabilities of ADI at the very beginning of the project, as early as the architectural phase. Such was the level of their professionalism and technical understanding; if I had understood the breadth of their expertise, then I would have employed them to manage both the build and the interior elements. Our project was complex, and I couldn't be happier with the input of ADI. Of course, it helps that the staff are incredibly honest, helpful and easy to work with." - Ellie Bradley Company Name: Alexandra Dixon Interiors Contact Name: Eddie Dixon Web Address: https://www.alexandradixoninteriors.co.uk Contact Email: [email protected] Founded in 1989, Alexandra Dixon Interiors provides a refreshing design service that is bespoke to its individual clients, many of whom return due to the exceptional results that the company achieves. With stunning ideas and advice, ADI is run by experienced, ambitious, and talented designers who capture its clients' visions, bringing dreams to reality with incredible innovation, passion, and expertise. Stewart Jameson, Director of ADI, comments on the company's reach by explaining, "We primarily produce high-end interiors for private homes however, we have also worked on numerous corporate projects such as hotels and even luxury yachts. Our projects range from locally in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and London to all around Europe. Most of our projects are sourced either from word-of-mouth, repeat business, or via our website and online presence." Regardless of the project, whether it's a simple soft furnishing or a complete refurbishment, Alexandra Dixson Interiors provides consistent commitment, enthusiasm, and dedication to every task, showcased through its designers, project managers, and architects – daily. At ADI, its inventive and creative team of individuals is the company's very essence. Stewart expands on this by stating, "Our team is everything, from the designers to the administration staff. All are involved, and all are adaptable, flexible, and open to new ideas and skills. The internal culture of the company is one of teamwork. Everybody understands all the ongoing projects and are willing to help out even if it is not something they are directly involved with. However, at the end of the day, the client is the most important element of the project." Most recently, for ADI, the company had three large redevelopment projects that were set to begin at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to its incredible team's efficient and hardworking efforts, the company was able to pull through and complete each project as usual Established over three decades ago, Alexandra Dixon Interiors has been recognized as Buckinghamshire's Most Outstanding High-End Interior Design Practice, 2022. Based in Beaconsfield, ADI works on high-end projects across the UK and abroad, offering professional and efficient services from initial design and specification to final installation and completion – exceeding customer expectations. The Design to Success

15 Dec21281 Visionary Architecture for Desert Living Sought after master-architect, Ron Robinette, has completed over 350 construction projects across Southern Arizona. His unique, creative designs have gained his firm, Robinette Architects Inc., an irrefutable reputation in the industry. Robinette Architects is Arizona's Most Innovative Residential Architecture Practice, 2022. Based in Tucson, Arizona, Robinette Architects is a boutique firm focused on custom luxury home design. Founded in 1984, Robinette Architects is a ‘full-service’ firm with expertise in all phases of the design and construction process. As well as more traditional services, the firm also offers interior and landscape design. Designing and building in prestigious real-estate communities including Dove Mountain and Saguaro Ranch, Ron creates homes in harmony with the lifestyle of their owners. Ensuring that homes blend with and are respectful of the Sonoran Desert environment is of the utmost importance. Ron, a Tucson native, has over 40 years of industry experience. The award-winning team at Robinette Architects is regularly recognised as a leader in residential design. When asked to comment on the service they received from Robinette Architects, one client observed, “Ron’s designs are impeccable. His integrity and dedication to his projects and clients are second to none. In my professional experience, this is a rare combination indeed.” The firm delights in making every client’s dream home a reality. Ron and the team take unique inspiration from each future homeowner. They use their vast expertise to bring each project perfectly to life. Providing a comprehensive list of architectural design services from feasibility studies through to contractor support, Robinette Architects works with the best consultants, builders and suppliers in the business. This enables the firm to deliver projects of only the highest quality. Several of Robinette Architects current projects will apply for LEED certification on completion. LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - is an initiative established by the US Green Building Council. LEED-certified buildings are energy efficient, conserve water and enhance the native landscape. As well as having a reduced impact on the environment, LEED buildings are also safer and healthier spaces for their occupants. The homes use state-of-the-art technology such as solar energy and fresh air systems. Designs also make use of more traditional practices such as landscaping and maximising natural light. One of Robinette Architects most recent projects, 6355 W Rockpointe Ridge Place, is an example of such a construction. Described as an ‘exclusive sanctuary’ the property boasts one of the highest elevations in Dove Mountain. Featuring natural stone, wood and quartz, indoor and outdoor spaces blend seamlessly together in this sleek and modern design. Situated in the sophisticated estate ‘The Point’, 6355 stands majestic against the backdrop of the Tortolita Mountains. In a rare departure from residential projects, Ron and the team recently designed the stunning Saguaro Ranch Club. The Club, a major refurbishment project that repurposed the iconic McClintock’s Restaurant, includes a 25-yard pool and fitness suite. Making the most of the natural environment, seating areas feature 180˚ panoramic views across the desert. Robinette Architects worked in partnership with companies in the local area to make the stunning concept a reality. Why not take a look at Robinette Architects portfolio for yourself at their website? Contact: Ron Robinette Company: Robinette Architects Inc Web Address: www.robinettearchitect.com

16 Dec21054 Best Bespoke Fine Jewellery Experts 2021 In the heart of downtown Auckland, NZ, is the workshop of Gary Meaden, Owner and Head Jeweller at Meaden Master Jewellers. Gary and his team specialise in creating sustainable fine jewellery to customers specifications. The internationally acclaimed jeweller is renowned for the excellence of his craftsmanship and design. We speak to Gary to find out more. As a son of a master jeweller; Gary developed a love of fine jewellery at a young age. A career in London at the Graff Diamonds honed his craft to earn an international reputation as an outstanding Master Jeweller for over 40 years. Along with his vast experience, Gary heads a highly skilled and innovative team at Meaden Master Jewellers. His client list includes young couples to celebrities, making Meaden Master Jeweller is the ideal choice for accessible luxurious custom design jewellery. “At Meaden, we create fine jewellery that inspires love and beauty. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do. Our speciality is taking an idea from conception through design to creation. We handpick our gems to ensure we get the best value and finest quality.” -Gary Meaden. Dedicated to providing the best service and quality, Meaden has built long-term collaborative relationships with clients and suppliers and business partners alike. Clients range from young couples in love to royal families and celebrities. Meaden also works with corporate clients such as British Airways and the Williams F1 team. All the company’s jewellery pieces are made in Auckland by Meaden’s team of skilled artisans, goldsmiths and gemstone setters. Gary says, “Our international contact list has been some 40 years in the making. It gives us access to the rarest stones. Coupled with our use of the latest technology, it has gained us a reputation as the ‘Jeweller’s Jeweller’. Meaden has become the go-to company for bespoke and ‘impossible’ designs.” Indeed, Meaden was one of the first companies in New Zealand to adopt CAD in its design processes. Producing high-quality ‘photorealistic’ renders during the design process enables the company to involve the client; in visualising the finished piece. Customers have a chance to try on their design for size and make any last adjustment with CAD waxes resin prototypes, an exemplary step before the items are committed to the final design. Gary explains, “Our new 8k resin printer has increased accuracy and improved symmetry. It allows us to make any final adjustments before we craft the piece.” Not only that, but CAD waxes also reduce turnaround times in manufacture. Less metal waste, making the process much more cost-effective than traditional methods. Unsurprisingly, Meaden stands out as an industry leader in this field. Another speciality of Meaden is lab-grown diamonds. This ethical and eco-friendly alternative to mined diamonds has seen a swift rise in popularity. Although significantly more affordable, it’s impossible to separate the lab-grown gems from their traditional cousins by the naked eye. They have the same chemical characteristics too. Gary handpicks all Meaden’s diamonds himself to ensure consistency and quality. Meaden has become known as an expert designer, and maker of luxury bespoke engagement rings in recent years. With this in mind, the company has decided to pivot from its B2B model to focus on consumer retail. To see Meaden’s masterpieces for yourself or find out more, visit the company website. Contact: Gary Meaden Company: Meaden Master Jewellers Web Address: www.meaden.co