Spring 2022

40 Jan22233 Everyday Heroes Master Productions Unlimited - Everyday Heroes & Everyday Heroes Youth in Partnership with Youth Empowering Youth. Work we do: Everyday Heroes (EDH) is a Film Production Company highlighting ordinary people who take heroic actions in their communities and in the world. Everyday Heroes overcome challenges. They give back to society from a place of inner strength and confidence. By sharing deeply personal stories, they give concrete examples to others that transformation is not only possible, but needed to live a fully expressed, happy life. In many ways this transformation is similar to a caterpillar who cocoons and emerges newly as a butterfly. Services we offer: EDH and its partners spread this message of transformation via short films, blogs, articles, podcasts and social media posts. Since launching in 2015, this Heroes Movement became a catalyst for living courageously. EDH collaborated with (YEY) Youth Empowering Youth in Storytelling zoom classes. These youth shared stories of overcoming difficulties and tapped into their inner heroes. They gave back to their peers from a new found desire to help others overcome challenges. EDH addressed York University students at Ted-X Talks, joined Canada's 150 Delegation at Sheffield DocFest, Podcasts, Speaker Slams and won awards. Our core values and goals: Courage, Respect, Acceptance and Collaboration: The goal is to embrace our Humanness with all its imperfections activating the “Hero Gene” that lies dormant within each and every one. The aim is to create safe spaces for the next generation of youth, instilling values of belonging, connection and compassion. The mission is to shift paradigms where Heroism is the norm that anyone can do. The youth became each others role models when sharing personal stories of overcoming challenges. EDH “clients” are just ordinary everyday people. They make an impact by teaching others to overcome challenges, moving from living fearfully to living courageously. Everyday Heroes can come from any walk of life. They can be kids, parents, animals or even countries that activate the Hero gene to do good, and make a positive difference in others lives. EDH is shining a light where no one else is. Everyone needs to know that they matter, they belong, and can make a difference. Participants learn that adversity is part of life, that they are not alone and can support one another. The impact of COVID-19 and lockdowns enabled outreach globally. With YEY young people were brought together in real time from the comfort and safety of their own homes. This would not have been possible before the pandemic. They are forming online communities and each contributes in their own way, just being themselves. Barbara is an experienced partnership broker who created social marketing partnerships in the mid 90’s, long before it was common. Partnerships included: Canadian Cancer Society with Seaboard Life Insurance raising $1M over 4 years; Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre with UBC and the Italian Consulate; Social Planning and Research Council of BC with Local Supermarket Chains. Plans for 2021 and beyond: EDH is creating a website for Everyday Hero Youth with 3D animation. Anticipated website and social media campaign is releasing Fall 2022 to coincide with Raindance Film Screening and youth live Q&A. EDH is working on a short film from the 2021 youth storytelling class profiling examples of what is possible for today’s youth. This film will be developed into a pilot for a television series about youth resilience during the pandemic. The series release date is mid 2023. This short film is in early production screening at Raindance’s 30th Annual Film Festival this fall. It is academy award eligible, BAFTA qualifying, and Canadian screen award qualifying. EDH is seeking 3 youth focused founding corporate partners. These valued partners will work strategically with the team and benefit from goodwill, brand awareness and increased media attention through this affiliation. EDH’s livestream storytelling project is currently in development. This project’s goal is to promote partners through social media and via the TV series. Many youth influencers will be happy to further spread the Hero message. This project will highlight the best of their stories, in music videos, podcasts and other media coverage in 2023. Added Information: Barbara’s experience of loss and tragedy started with her brother David’s suicide. This journey began 25 years ago as Barbara learned to believe in herself anew. She had to go beyond grief and find a new way of being in the world by giving back to create better futures with youth. In 1964, Barbara’s father Morris, helped launch Little Stevie Wonder’s career. Stevie Wonder understands and appreciates the value of having an adult believe in you and will endorse this project of youth Heroism, because he knows the value of having just one person believe in you. Everyday Heroes..Could Be YOU Company: Master Production Unlimited o/a Everyday Heroes & Everyday Hero Youth Producer and Director: Barbara Borenstein Email: [email protected] Website: www.EverydayHeroes.Life https://linktr.ee/YouthEmpoweringYouth EverydayHeroes.Life Banner Barbara Borenstein, Producer and Director Photo of my father Morris with Little Stevie Wonder, Kitchener ON, 1964