Spring 2022

Jan22095 Creative Agency of theYear - Catalonia Littlestudio, an expert when it comes to marketing and branding, has been making a name for itself with the service of its myriad different clients over the years. Based out of Catalonia, this agency is a small, friendly, and creative firm with a strong voice and a recognisable visual punchiness that makes sure those it works with can stand out from the crowd in order to become the front-runners in their market segment, utilising its tailor-made branding and communications tools in order to do so. In essence, Littlestudio is just that. A little studio with big ideas. Fundamentally, this innovative agency has made a name for itself by designing for its brands with boldness and bravery at every turn, taking an innovative and creative approach to its business and utilising its over 30 years of experience designing for top brands in order to do so. With powerful concepts in mind, its methodologies speak to the impact that a fresh new idea can have when it comes to branding, championing the ability of a strong brand communicating everything about a company before that company even says anything about themselves or their products, a feat that can seem intimidating to businesses just starting out. This is where Littlestudio steps up to help. Critically, it sets it apart from its competition by way of its attention to detail, working hard to ensure that every ‘I’ is dotted and every ‘T’ is crossed, making itself Barcelona’s number one marketing and communications creation agency by way of tailormade and highly relevant work. Its efforts will always be appropriate for both the client and the market segment they wish to attract, keeping itself sensitive to the current social climate into which a brand or piece of advertising will be released so that its work is not only relevant, but respectful. In times like these, with the pandemic still ravaging the world, this is more important than ever. Much of the marketing and branding that was relevant pre-pandemic no longer is, and so Littlestudio has been working hard to support its clients through pivoting their messaging where appropriate, offering special designs that focus in on that connection between the client and their target market. Crucially, this fosters a sense of closeness that is aiding its clients in retaining customer loyalty, and it helps them to keep the attention of these people with new shapes for structures and new striking graphics that set their goods and services apart from the crowd. Having worked with top brands all over the world, it is truly an expert when it comes to designating the point of sale and communication – no matter the industry or sector the client belongs to – and able to ply its trade to help its clients directly answer the demands of their customer base, adapting each point of communication to fit. Consequentially, this is what has made its branding, packaging, retail, and communication a commercial phenomenon, working with a staunch commitment to great ideas and promoting true talent. Company: Littlestudio Contact: Josep Sabate Website: littlestudio.es