Spring 2022

36 Dec21118 For Majestic Experiences The hospitality and tourism industry took a huge hit when the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world, but slowly and surely the market is recovering and people are looking forward to being able to travel abroad once again. We speak to Panos Oikonomopoulos the hotel manager of Ostraco Suites, located in Greece, who is particular excited to welcome guests back to the recently renovated hotel especially as it wins Most Serene Boutique Hotel – 2022. The Greek island of Mykonos is part of a group called the Cyclades and is situated in the South Aegean Sea, close to the neighbouring islands of Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos. Known for its laid back vibe and stylish accommodation, Mykonos is a popular destination for those wanting to experience true Greek hospitality coupled with unrivalled scenery and a little bit of luxury. Boutique hotel, Ostraco Suites is a stylish boutique hotel which lies on the west coast of the island in the capital town of Mykonos (or Chora). Operating since 1986, the hotel occupies an enviable 6,000 square metre spot which enjoys panoramic views of the endless blue ocean. In 2017 and 2018, Ostraco Suites saw major renovations to the reception area, the restaurant and the rooms, all of which was done in a style that was reflective of the existing six buildings and the landscape surrounding it. The simple lines of the Cycladic architecture and the white colour of the buildings which we all associate with classic Greek properties were preserved. “Clarity and simplicity were among the main targets during the renovation,” explains Panos Oikonomopoulos, the hotel’s Manager. “Our priority is to satisfy our guests need in providing relaxation, freedom in vacation, and maintaining the high standard in quality which we are known for. This can only be created by well-maintained premises and well-trained staff that share our values of hospitality.” The clientele that Ostraco Suites attracts ate those looking for not only a fantastic holiday experience, but those seeking high standards of services and facilities, as well as looking for a more personal touch from their hosts to make them want to return year after year. Panos believes that the hotel has hit the sweet spot and can provide all this, and more, to its discerning guests. “There are many ways to reach high standards of satisfaction. The best possible way for us is to create unforgettable memories and we always sharpen both our tangible and intangible tools in order to achieve our goal.” But it’s not all down to having beautiful facilities, and Panos is quick to sing the praises of the hard working and dedicated team who help to make each and every visitor’s dreams come true. “Our path is different, and works via mutual dedication, since those that work here must feel well and enjoy their work,” he states, elaborating further on how Ostraco Suites strives to keep its employees happy as well as its guests. “We do ensure that everyone is aware and respects our values, and we offer training, as well as giving understanding and respectfulness. After all our team is mainly consisted by personalities that joined us in the past and are still working with us for many years. This is also one of the main reasons that our guests feel like home and prefer to visit us - because familiar faces bring back the memories created in the past.” Having recently been recognised in the LUXlife Awards as the Most Serene Boutique Hotel – 2022, Ostraco Hotel is looking forward to a year of welcoming its guests, both old and new, to stay in its stunning and comfortable venue. “Our philosophy is that every year, Ostraco Suites must maintain its character but evolve according to the challenges of luxury travel.” Contact: Panos Oikonomopoulos Company: Ostraco Suites Web Address: https://ostraco.gr/ Email: [email protected]