Style & Apparel Awards 2022

14 | LUXlife Magazine - Style & Apparel Awards 2022 Best Global Sustainable Eyewear Brand - USA ‘Together we can change lives’ – that’s the promise of San Diego company, SOLO Eyewear. Creating sunglasses that are environmentally responsible, SOLO also aims to restore the vision of those most in need. We take a look at the company mission in more detail with founders Jenny Amaraneni and Dana Holliday. SOLO Eyewear began life as a university project. When reading Paul Polak’s book, Out of Poverty (What Works When Traditional Approaches Fail), Jenny Amaraneni became aware of the lack of general eyecare in poorer areas. Whilst working on completing her International Entrepreneurship course, she felt compelled to do more research. Jenny, who has poor eyesight herself, was startled to discover that around 1 billion people in the world don’t have access to eyecare. On top of that, theWorldHealthOrganization states that almost 80% of blindness is preventable. Spurred into action, Jenny partnered with her fellow student, Dana Holliday, to launch SOLO Eyewear. So why sunglasses? Jenny explains, “At SOLO Eyewear, we know the world doesn’t need another sunglasses company. But it does need companies that care about people and the planet. And that’s us. Our mantra is ‘One idea. One person. One action can change theworld.’Wewant to inspire individuals to go out and do amazing things.” So how does SOLO accomplish its mission? Firstly, SOLO makes its sunglasses from responsiblysourcedmaterials suchas repurposed wood, bamboo, and recycled plastic. This keeps the carbon footprint low and avoids depleting natural resources or making more plastic. Using responsibly sourcedmaterials doesn’t place a limit on choice or quality. SOLO’s sunglasses come in a host of different designs and feature polarised lenses that give 100% UVprotection. But thecompany’s commitment tosustainability doesn’t end there. SOLO also recycles and repurposes its packaging materials and defective sunglasses for parts. Ethical sourcing is high on the agenda too. All SOLO manufacturers need to pass a comprehensive audit that examines areas including worker protection, health and safety, and chemical management. Jenny tells us about the accessories that SOLO also sources: “We buy sunglasses cases and cords from a group of female artisans in Panajachel, Guatemala. By paying them a fair wage, and exposing their products to the global market, we’re able to help them and their families out of poverty.” And what about the company’s mission to restore eyesight? By donating 10% of its profits to funding eye examinations, glasses and cataract surgery, SOLO has helped restore vision for over 13,000 people in 32 countries! Jenny says, “When a person’s vision is restored, they can live a fuller, more productive life. They can earn more money, too. On average, the people we help increase their annual income by around $300. It may not sound like a lot, but in countries where individuals are living off $1-$2 a day, $300 makes a huge difference.” Next time you need a new pair of sunglasses, or blue light filter glasses for your PC, why not visit SOLO Eyewear? And who knows the difference your one purchase could make? Contact: Jenny Amaraneni & Dana Holliday Company: Solo Eyewear Web Address: