Summer 2019

16 Mar19330 With vast industry experience and a commitment to working with engaging and driven clients, the McGregor Design Group has flourished over the past 31 years. We profile the group to find out what inspires their longevity and reputation for excellence. Originally established in 1988, the McGregor Design Group began with the objective of providing the highest level of design services to those who understood the value of design and wanted to utilize it to achieve their business and marketing goals. Indeed, this idea formed the very foundations of the company, as the team mandated that their target clients were not just those with the largest of budgets, but those savvy enough to know that they would need the right professional advice to ensure that the moneys available were used to achieve the best possible outcome. By working with the right clients, the firm has cultivated an impressive portfolio of completed projects. Since its inception, the group has specialised in corporate design, though, in 2010, it adapted and enhanced its services by also offering accessibility consulting. Thanks to this varied client service the firm has achieved a varied client base, which has – in turn - ensured a diverse body of work and interested, engaged staff. Over the years the team has worked with financial institutions, law firms, food manufacturers, land developers, mining companies, property management companies, tenants, and building owners among others. McGregor Design Group believes that if a client hires a designer they should receive a unique solution that no one else will ever receive. Each project is truly unique, and the group’s team works alongside their clients to create a space that meets their exact needs. The team at McGregor Design Group firmly believe that every office has a unique culture, and that culture needs to be respected in the design of space. Functional requirements also need to be well understood, as these must be supported in the working environment. Solutions cannot be copied from what has worked for another company. For the ultimate success, solutions need to respond to each group's individual and specific needs. Within today’s office design market there have been many developments, and the McGregor Design Group has worked hard over recent years to adapt to these changes. For example, office space in some regions of Canada, especially in Toronto and Vancouver, has become very expensive. The "re-gentrification" of old neighbourhoods has diminished the supply of affordable, creative space in older buildings. Large corporations are able to afford premium space in new towers - but many businesses are finding a need to fit into less space to keep overhead down. Seeking to offer their clients unique solutions to this issue, the McGregor Design Group believes that there will need to be creative new ways of looking at housing businesses that go beyond the current version of “co-work space”, which is often sterile and very expensive for the square footage. The group is currently working on the creative development of new models that it hopes will resonate with others. Designing Offices That Are More Than JustWorkplaces Looking to the future this focus on innovation and driving the interior design profession to even greater levels of excellence will remain central to the McGregor Design Group’s mission statement, while it plans to move to its new offices. Having achieved an impressive 31-year record the group has exciting plans for the coming three decades which they hope will ensure that the firm will continue to grow and prosper. Company: McGregor Design Group Contact Name: Lynn R. McGregor Address: 401 Logan Avenue, Suite 210, Toronto, Ontario M4M 2P2 Phone: 1-416-359-0002 Website: