Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 24 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 Based in France, Kaleidoscope is a full- service travel agency, working like a personal assistant to design 100% tailor-made travel experiences for clients. Founded by Celine Leguay, a passionate globe-trotter, who has been travelling the world on land and seas for over 20 year, Kaleidoscope offers clients a personalized service that has been carefully designed to not only meet their requirements, but exceed their expectations. Keen to share her own unique experiences, Celine provides clients with detailed insight into travelling in familiar places like Europe, South-East Asia, the Carribean or the USA, to more original or off-the-beaten path destinations like Namibia, Mongolia, South Korea, Japan, South and Central America. By combining their personalized service with Celine’s extraordinary experience and insight, means that the team at Kaleidoscope do not have any off-the-shelf pre-production trips. Instead, they create trips which are based entirely on the needs and wants of their clients, their style, the type of pace and depth of service that suits them, and of course on budget. Going into further detail about Kaleidoscope’s clients, Celine begins by informing us on the clients the team usually work with, touching on how the agency expands their clientele. “Here at Kaleidoscope, we primarily cater for small parties of 2 to 10 people, for leisure trips ranging from short getaways in Europe to far- flung nomadic journeys. In addition, we also work with a private clientele, who get to know us essentially by word-of-mouth. That allows us and our clients to build strong and lasting relationships based on trust, as we usually New Generation agency, Kaleidoscope is the missing link between a classic high street travel agency and a time consuming internet solution. Having spent years perfecting their craft in assisting clients to find their ideal holiday, we profiled the firm to discover how they established themselves as one of the best bespoke travel agencies in France. Kaleidoscope Best Bespoke Travel Agency - France have some shared connection in one way or another, be it friends, family or colleagues.” From arranging transport and accommodation, to booking restaurants, bike rentals, massages and even babysitters, Kaleidoscope likes to go the extra mile for their clients. By using a qualitative and authentic approach of the various destinations, the team send their clients to carefully selected boutique accommodation with private chauffeurs and guides, and immersive activities and meet-ups with locals. Each trip created has been carefully designed to offer either classic itineraries or stay well off-the-beaten path. At times, they can feature obvious unavoidable visits, but they also