Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 26 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 In the far east of Botswana in a distinctly unique part of the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, is a beautiful sanctuary of luxury and magnificence. Boasting unrivalled landscapes, a captivating history, and exotic wildlife, this breath-taking adventure is like nothing else on Earth. Ten elegant suites sit perfectly beneath a canopy of robust trees that provide peaceful shade in gardens which are bursting with life. The Tuli Safari Lodge is the zenith of tranquil luxury, where guests can spend their time relaxing surrounding by unmatched exoticism. With extensive space in the shady gardens, guests are free to do as they please, whether that be reading, being mindful, or simply absorbing the sheer vastness of life. Of the ten suites that are available, guests can choose to go either tented or classic. The eight tented suites are presented as draped canvas walls and roofs atop a timber frame, whereas the two classic suites are bricked and thatched. Both are furnished to impeccable standards, with freestanding baths, wrap-around decking and relaxing outdoor spaces that offer spectacular views of the bush and surrounding Tuli Safari Lodge grounds. At the heart of the grounds is the famous Waterhole bar, built around the base of a 600-year-old Nyala berry tree. With a Going on safari in the heart of Africa can be one of the most magical, ethereal, and awe-inspiring travel and tourism experiences that one can possibly do. Nestled between the powerful and mighty Limpopo River and ancient sandstone hills lies the Tuli Safari Lodge Botswana, an intimate, luxurious and relaxing retreat that truly brings to life the heart, style and soul of Africa. Discover more about this haven of tranquillity, as we unlock the secrets of this stunning safari experience. Tuli Safari Lodge Botswana Best Timeless Botswana Safari Experience 2020 swimming pool set amongst the bushes and large rocks, everything is made to feel as natural as possible, without compromising on the outstanding luxury that makes it so exceptional. Truly timeless, the nature of Tuli Safari Lodge has provided some of the world’s greatest literary minds with magnificent inspiration which can still be experienced today. The winding and snaking Limpopo River provided the perfect setting for Rudyard Kipling’s much-beloved Just So Stories, and guests can experience the river’s wonder for themselves. Out on the game reserve itself, the rugged land is defined by incredible sandstone and basalt formations. Summer rains can transform the landscape into a lush green landscape that is ablaze with flowers showcasing every colour in the rainbow. During every stay at Tuli Safari Lodge, guests are taken on two guided game activities per day. Adventuring out into the wild can reveal some of Africa’s most elusive creatures, and experienced guides are on hand to showcase