Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 44 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 Since inception, KM Zero Tours have supported and valued the amazing craft and talent of passionate local farmers and artists who deeply respect and love their land with its ancient flavours and deep-rooted traditions, and who are also willing to share it with new visitors and friends. Many of the travel experiences KM Zero Tours offers can last from a day to an entire week, as well as feature a variety of themes which reflect the needs and interests of clients. From organic wine tastings to cheese making lessons, local handicraft to olive oil tasting, visits to local villages and art centers, even hikes in the nature – the firm certainly go the extra mile to ensure that clients are given an authentic, yet enjoyable tour of Tuscany. With a vast range of experiences on offer, clients are eager to go on these journeys with a keen desire to learn, discover and gain an understanding of other cultures. As such, KM Zero Tours firmly believes that this new way of traveling is able to awaken an inner awareness and a natural desire to get deeper into a different culture, whilst making new memories and friends. However, none of these unique and personalized experiences would be possible without the hard-working, committed and Based in the beautiful Chianti region in Tuscany, KM Zero Tours is a small boutique travel company who believe in slow, sustainable travel. With a passion for creating meaningful and immersive travel experiences, which are aimed at discovering the authentic cultural and culinary heritage of the Tuscan region, KM Zero Tours goes the extra mile to ensure that clients’ expectations are exceeded. Providing this level of dedication and unique service, we decided to take closer look at one of the best cultural and culinary tour operators in Tuscany. KM Zero Tours Best Cultural & Culinary Tour Operator - Tuscany passionate team that work at KM Zero Tours. Formed of local, young, talented and fully licensed tour guides, KM Zero Tours’ team are all in love with Tuscany and are willing to share its treasures with travelers from across the world. Each member of the team joined the award-winning tour operator as they each shared the same vision of travel, which is based on professionalism, accuracy, honesty, consistency. From the very beginning, the team at KM Zero Tours have believed and supported the idea of slow and deeper travel. To this day, they have committed all of their energy and investments in developing this concept. In recent years, this trend in particular has achieved an increase in attention and interest from the media and single travelers. For KM Zero Tours, the team could not be more proud to make their own contribution in spreading the word of a slow, deeper and more sustainable travel. Looking ahead to what the future holds, the dynamic team are always willing to share any new ideas and projects, and are also keen to discover new, wonderful little gems and treasures which can be shared with clients. Every year, KM Zero Tours update their impressive portfolio with even more new and exciting experiences and destinations within Tuscany. Most of all, the team will consider the possibility to include in their offering hidden regions of Italy, which are still undiscovered and untouched by mass tourism. Contact: Arianna Cini Company: KM Zero Tours Address: Via Luciana, 18, Mercatale in Val di Pesa, CAP 50026, Firenze Italia Telephone: +39 349 352 9601 Email: [email protected] Web Address: