Travel & Tourism Awards 2020 Page 65 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 Out in Colombia Founder Sam Castañeda Holdren knows a little about travel. Born in California, he lived in Phoenix, Tucson and Boston before making the move to Medellin, Colombia. With a history of LGBT advocacy working for various foundations, groups and community centers, he wanted to do something new – to share his love of Colombia with others. This is how Out in Colombia was born. Everyone wants something unique from their holiday, and the team at Out in Colombia are experienced in creating something truly bespoke for their clients. Whether it’s a romantic, relaxing getaway or hitting up some of the best nightclubs in Latin America, there really is something for everyone, and no company better at finding it. Putting the luxury in luxury travel, Sam has sourced the best locally branded 5* hotels, organized high-quality tours and experiences with local guides and offers a 24/7 concierge service. Every moment of your time in Colombia is accounted for from the moment you’re picked up at the airport to the day you return to the real world. The package is all-inclusive, including flights through the country, private transport, accommodation, tours and activities and, of course, the bilingual concierge service. Throughout the trip, Sam will tailor each part to try and share some of the real Colombia with his clients. Out in Colombia is a boutique company, with a staff of only three, including Sam. The numerous tours on offer are run by local talent, not just because they bring a personal perspective to visitors, but because it creates job opportunities for local communities. Firm in the belief that travel can open hearts and minds, Recognized internationally as one of the top LGBT travel destinations, Colombia has almost too much to offer to the unwitting traveler. Taking the stress and strain out of the holiday experience are the travel agency Out in Colombia, a boutique agency offering bespoke tours. For those wanting to see and experience the best that LGBT- friendly Colombia has to say for itself, there is no finer option. Here at LUXlife, we thought we’d take a closer look at what this travel agency had to offer. Out in Colombia Travel Best LGBT Travel & Tourism Agency 2020 Sam’s life-changing and memorable tourism experiences promote cross-cultural exchanges, uplift local communities and help to preserve Colombia’s diverse natural environment. While highly personalized, custom tour packages, Out in Colombia has created a delightful selection of signature experiences such as CookingOUT and DiningOUT with local chefs from the LGBT community, Community OUTing Experiences which are city tours with an LGBT twist as well as NightOUT Experiences where visitors can explore the wonders of LGBT nightlife through bar crawls. The bilingual guides are invaluable throughout all of these experiences as Colombia is still a developing country and English is not as common here as in other destinations. With the logistics of booking and coordinating organized beforehand, and any deals or conversations handled by your guide, visitors can relax into their holiday and appreciate what Colombia has to offer. Out in Colombia has proven to be an amazing success, and will be partnering with Colombia’s tourism board to promote the country as an LGBT travel destination. Its reputation for service of exceptional quality has earned contracts to operate fam trips, showing international travel agents the beauty that Colombia has to offer. As tourism increases in Colombia, Out in Colombia intends to continue its focus on providing an authentic experience that involves the local community and intercultural exchange. With so much to offer, the attractiveness of Colombia as a holiday destination is clear to see. It offers a delightful look at a different culture and fresh perspective, while also using the biodiversity of the country to enjoy the mix of Bogota’s milder temperature and the warmth of the Caribbean Coast. There are few experiences that can provide a truly bespoke experience, but that’s exactly what Sam and the team at Out in Colombia brings to every one of its clients. Company: Out in Colombia Travel Contact: Sam Castañeda Holdren Website: