Travel & Tourism Awards 2020

Page 86 LUX Travel and Tourism Awards 2020 Now, more than ever, the world is focused on saving Earth. Young people are making their voices heard, world leaders are beginning to notice, and organisations are striving to become carbon-neutral in a desperate bid to keep humanity from damaging this planet irreversibly. However, there is always more to be done, and that is the philosophy that is at the heart of what Conservation Travel Africa is all about. Effortlessly mixing unique adventures with a planet-saving agenda, the firm offers life-changing volunteer experiences, allowing people to completely immerse themselves in a new country and culture whilst helping conservationist causes. Well off the beaten track, these experiences are a chance to see the real, authentic, powerful, and unforgettable Africa. Just some of the volunteer projects include the conservation of endangered and priority species, wildlife rehabilitation, and the research and conservation of the marine life. Visitors can venture into the wild, learning from experts and those involved in supporting vulnerable communities. Conservation Travel Africa is only a small volunteer travel agency, but works with carefully-selected organisations that have been visited, and are known personally. That way, the team can be sure they are offering experiences that are not only eco-friendly, but authentic and perfect Eco-tourism, in the form of sustainable and ethical travel, has become increasingly popular as one of the best ways to experience the natural world in all its glory, without damaging it beyond repair. Conservation Travel Africa offers travel experiences across Southern Africa, supporting grass-roots organisations where volunteers and visitors alike can have a tangible impact. Following the firm’s double-award-winning success, we took a closer look to discover more about its vital efforts to save this beautiful planet Conservation Travel Africa Best Eco Tourism Agency - Southern Africa & Distinction Award for Family Volunteering Experiences 2020 for adventurers who want to combine ethical travel with memorable experiences. Conservation Travel Africa’s experiences may not be five-star, Michelin-starred luxury, but they do offer a different kind of privilege - drawing families together, far from the distractions of technology, work, school, and the everyday routineness of modern life. As the original backpacking generation have grown up and started families of their own, they are beginning to realise the importance of educating their own children with similar experiences. Families today crave adventure, filled with cultural diversity and incredible wildlife experiences, whilst also being educated about the importance of preserving these areas. Conservation Travel Africa seeks to address every family need, and open their eyes to a wonderful world of biodiversity that demands protection. Each project that Conservation Travel Africa offers is based in a rural area, surrounding by trees and open areas, encouraging volunteers to get their hands dirty and appreciate the beauty of being outside with those they love most. Parents can expose their children to new worlds, cultures, ideologies, activities, and species, allowing them to soak in the world around them without constantly being connected to the digital world. Most projects don’t have Wi-Fi capability regardless, encouraging family connection, learning new things and all working together for a common cause. Just a small part of what makes an experience memorable is often who it is shared with. For many travellers, their family is their ideal travel partner. However, for all the good the Internet and social media has done, it has also served to disconnect people from those around them. Conservation Travel Africa removes the desire to be constantly checking a phone, and instead encourages families to come together in volunteering their time to immerse themselves in an authentic African experience. Offering infinitely more than another safari experience, these volunteer expeditions enable visitors to see Africa in a way seldom few get to ever see. Imagine helping to preserve the endangered black rhino and a myriad of majestic elephants on the African plains, conducting research of whale sharks, manta rays, and turtles in Mozambique, conserving the shrinking habitat of Africa’s stunning cheetahs, or teaching to vulnerable communities. This is a very different kind of luxury; one that satisfies the soul and opens its eyes to new worlds and cultures in outstanding ways. Volunteering with Conservation Travel Africa is a two-way exchange; guests contribute their time, empathy, and finance, in return for a more immersive and transformative African experience which can be enjoyed for generations to come. Company: Conservation Travel Africa Contact: Jane Palmer Website: