Travel & Tourism Awards 2021

Page 4 LUX 2021 Travel & Tourism Awards Global Rescue is a travel, telehealth, and travel risk management company founded in 2004 on the principle of making travel safer for a world of ever-changing paradigms and stressors. Membership provides travellers with better and more effective ways of getting help in the event of a medical or security emergency when away from home. It offers evacuation and rescue services, as well as year-round 24/7 advisory services, emergency travel assistance including prescription refills, legal referrals, passport or visa assistance and language translation services, and much more. In all that is does, it seeks to provide members peace of mind from the ‘what ifs’ of travel. Over the course of its time in operation, it has conducted more than 20,000 operations to save lives and protect its members; a few such operations have been some of the world’s most challenging crises. Examples of this are Hezbollah’s war with Israel, the Arab Spring, the Haiti and Nepal earthquakes, hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, and – more currently – the coronavirus pandemic. Employing more than 250 personnel, all spread across five different operational centers each in a different country, Global Rescue provides a unique and crucial service in its industry. It is the only vertically integrated travel risk management solution, taking up a duty of care for all, from private members such as individuals and their families, government employees, and enterprise corporate clients. In this way it is the only crisis responder that serves the worldwide community at all levels. Despite its growth and impressive expansion, it has ensured to keep its core mission intact while innovating new features and services that keep the company ahead of all others. It aims to continue to provide its clients with exemplary medical, security, intelligence, rescue, evacuation, travel risk and crisis management services. In each of these fields it has made itself a worldwide leader and held close to its convictions. Furthermore, Global Rescue’s pioneering methods and model have secured Dedicated to assuring the wellbeing of its members through global medical, security, and intelligence services, Global Rescue is the world’s only fully integrated risk management organization. Dec20496 Global Rescue LLC Best Travel Risk Management Solutions Organization - USA its reputation as one of the most forward- thinking services of its kind. It works hard to provide the most up to date services available both in terms of the technology it uses and the training of its personnel, delivered by teams of critical care medical experts and military special operations veterans. Over the years Global Rescue has built exclusive and strong relationships with certain accredited and renowned groups that help to further this mission. In terms of its medical advisory and evacuation services, it works with Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations, Elite Medical Group and Partners HealthCare. This has ensured that not only is it in itself exemplary, but that it is recognized by other exemplary groups. It has also allowed it to develop significant industry contacts and given it a track record that has made it the chosen provider for both government agencies and corporate bodies alike. The motto of its operation is simple: ‘to be there when it matters most’ and it has gathered all the tools and expert personnel needed to meet and exceed this mission. Internally, it takes great pride in the diversity of the people that it works with. Global Rescue’s members and employees come from all walks of life, cultures, backgrounds, and creeds, but are all united in their desire to see a safer traveller experience. Its members travel for both business and pleasure, and