Travel & Tourism Awards 2021 Page 5 LUX 2021 Travel & Tourism Awards Global Rescue differentiates itself from its competitors in the integrated, streamlined processes it uses in its work. It ensures that its travellers, tour operators and travel designers don’t have to fight to put together a puzzle of warring factors when it comes to risk management. Global Rescue offers a full-service approach that covers medical, security and intelligence measures, and in this way, it reassures clients that they are getting a service that covers all possible bases. Most of its competitors only handle one or two of the aspects that Global Rescue does, or must outsource to do so. Global Rescue does all this in-house. The CEO, Daniel Richards, was passionate about building a security company that could ‘rescue from the point of injury or illness’; an organization that could be there for its members during the time of crisis. It asks itself in all its operations if the service it delivers is something it would be happy to have delivered to their loved ones, and this constant drive to be better has spurred its growth ever onwards. Global Rescue also prides itself on transporting its members to the right medical or security facility for them – not the closest, but the most appropriate for their illness or injury. This capability reassures its member that they will be well taken care of, and Global Rescue’s in-house staff can attend to them to bolster this sense of comfort. It also allows members to talk directly to an expert. When a member calls in a crisis, an operations in-house operations team will communicate with them on a personalized level about their specific case, managing it until the emergency is resolved. Global Rescue has also been offering medical evacuation throughout the pandemic in response to the Covid-19 crisis. It recognized the outbreak for what it would be as early as January 2nd of 2020, sending out a worldwide alert to its members, repatriating hundreds of members and providing updates to the public, the press and to business leaders. It developed a free daily report called the Coronavirus Intelligence Center, updated every 24 hours, with outbreak locations, data, signs and symptoms. It gained 2800 subscribers and through its blog now reaches more than 200,000 readers per annum. Global Rescue responded to the pandemic by eliminating the more-than-100-mile rule that it previously held, providing support for its members venturing out around their private abodes. Whether it is an individual wanting medical advice for a fracture out in the field or a business traveller in Beirut needing security support, Global Rescue handles high intensity and complex situations. Therefore, its staff must be able to work well under pressure. It is an unconventional mindset that one must find themselves in, and therefore, this company employs former military special forces and medical veterans to handle complex scenarios effectively. Of course, its staff are also there during the smaller asks during travel such as advice on a destination or what to do if a passport is stolen. In this way, Global Rescue’s staff also prize empathy and understanding, and an ability to provide a reassuring supportive ear. Global Rescue’s most recent partnerships include Expensify, AAA and there are many more to come. In 2021, it foresees travel and security remaining complex, and perhaps even becoming more so as the world readjusts to a post-pandemic environment. In current times more than ever before, attention to detail will be paramount. In this way, Global Rescue foresees its services remaining in high demand and fully intends to rise to the challenge, ensuring that its services remain the best in the business. From the beginning of a journey all the way through to its conclusion, Global Rescue is dedicated to meeting the client’s needs – big or small – and will continue to do so long into the future. Company: Global Rescue LLC Website: