LUX Xmas 2018

1810LU16 Turning A House Into A Home Style Thanks to the expertise and passion of Founder and Lead Interior Designer Sonia Sodhi, Klassic Home Interiors offers clients an innovative home designing service that will turn any space into an oasis. Sonia takes every project personally, and works alongside the client to create the exact aesthetic they are looking for. High quality outcomes are her core focus, and as such she uses patience, skill and expertise to craft beautiful spaces that meet her clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. Each client and each project is different, and as such Sonia tailors her approach and services to meet the needs of everyone she has the pleasure of working with, and as such she has completed a wide range of successful projects over the years. Thanks to the firm’s competitive prices they are able to work with a vast array of clients from across New Jersey, and this has led to an impressive portfolio of completed projects. Sonia is committed to constantly adapting her skills, and as testimony to this she recently qualified in Feng Shui, the Chinese art of decoration. She has also expanded her work into remodelling bathrooms and kitchens, which has provided her with even more opportunities to work on exciting new projects. Looking to the future, Klassic Home Interiors has many exciting projects on the horizon, including the launch of Klassic Design Collections, which will offer Sonia the chance to enhance her success even further over the years to come. Klassic Home Interiors llc provides a quality home designing service to make any home appealing to the available potential buyers. We profiled the firm, which was recently recognised in our 2018 Leading Designers Most Outstanding for Elegant Home Design New Jersey. Company: Klassic Home Interiors Contact: Sonia Sodhi Address: 17 Idlewild Road, Edison, New Jersey, 08817, USA Phone: 001 973 342 2113 Website: www. index.php