LUX Xmas 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 49 Xmas 2018 As a company that rapidly expands, we are in the midst of ‘re-training’ ourselves. We are transitioning from designers to mentors and managers. We feel a much greater sense of responsibility around those people who have trusted us with some aspect of their career. So, our role is not to tell them what to do, but to guide them and let them own that work. There are no words to describe the satisfaction we feel when we give some instructions to our team members and they come back to us with a result way better than what we had in mind.” Recently, the firm were selected in LUXlife’s 2018 Leading Designers Awards, speaking of the win Margarita and Katerina highlight what it meant to both them and the firm to have been recognised as the Leading Experts in 3D Rendering Services – California. “Here at High Q Renders, we feel deeply honoured for receiving this significant award. During the past 10 years, we have put every effort into maintaining the highest level of quality into our services, so it’s really rewarding to see that our hard work is being recognised. “This award adds value to the work we’ve being doing so far and shows us that our company is going in the right direction. “For prospective clients, the distinction showcases the level of creative solutions our company provides. For the design community, it demonstrates our commitment to raising the standards of the profession and it is also valuable from a recruiting perspective.” Reflecting on the firm’s most successful projects, Margarita touches on how every venture is unique and reveals what they have learnt from each one. “Overall, we mainly work with real estate agencies, interior design firms and construction companies. Which is why we are honoured to be trusted by leaders in the field to bring their design narratives to life. Some of our customers include Britto Charette, Trend Design Build, Capital Contractors and GKAP. “Currently, we are working on some of the most renowned buildings worldwide. Our extensive portfolio includes projects like The Ritz Carlton Luxury Residences, the Muse, FENDI Chateau Residences, Jade Signature, Hilton Hotels Resorts, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt, etc. We are unable to pick just one of them as favourite, since they are all unique from a design perspective. Our philosophy is that we want to work with clients that inspire us through their creativity and working on projects that are challenging and have a way to give back to the society.” Looking ahead, Margarita and Katerina sign off by envisioning what the future holds for the firm, as well as touching on how new technology will help to expand the business further. “Moving forward, we have associated 3D modelling mostly with interior design practices, but it can actually be applied to almost every profession. Lately, we are in touch with law firms and insurance companies to represent digitally how an accident went down in order for the jury to have a visual of what happened. 3D modelling has opened the door for more accurate and powerful simulations and site analysis without having to be at the location. We are now able to simulate movement, traffic patterns, fluid dynamics, etc. As the digital age progresses, our company’s focus is to take advantage of being in a profession where the possibilities are endless and to expand its applications. “As technology (powerful computers, smart algorithms, accurate simulations, drones, etc.) becomes prevalent in the design industry, major shifts are about to occur in how we work, which will inspire new ways to think and design. Given that our business model is entrepreneurial by design, it is actually difficult to predict what the future has in store. If you told us in 2009 (when we launched our first company) what we would be doing in 2018, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. Things have really evolved, so we hope 2020 to be a shocker!” Company: High Q Renders LLC Website: 3D Models e-shop: Social Media: igh enders igh enders igh