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Do you own a second home? Would you like to save thousands on your travels by not paying rent? If your property qualifies, THIRDHOME awaits. Explore beautiful destinations where you can live richer experiences at stunning properties many of which are exclusive to THIRDHOME, making the most of your assets. Use your own second home as credit and see what you can discover. Here we speak to Vice President EMEA, Niki Christian Nutsch, from THIRDHOME about the company and what it does as it is featured for LUX Recommends.

THIRDHOME began in 2010 when Founder, Wade Shealy, formed this successful and luxurious company. One of the most important factors of THIRDHOME is its ability to save money and cut down on expenses made by second homeowners. Wade says in an interview, “Simply leveraging a few weeks of unused time in their second home, members could trade with others in the club and save thousands by not paying rental rates when they travelled.” By offering a chance to share homes for less money, THIRDHOME is showing a way to see the world without having to spend an awful lot of money.

With over 14,000 properties, THIRDHOME promotes various hot spots for its members to enjoy. Members of THIRDHOME have the ability to use its house exchange so that they may visit and encounter these highly sought-after destinations that are not only visually appealing, but destinations that truly feed the soul.


Its exchange “invites second homeowners to join an exclusive community of like-minded members who take advantage of unused time in their second home, to open the doors to countless other homes within the club. THIRDHOME Rentals empowers owners to list their home with confidence and allows travellers to book without compromise,” says Niki Christian Nutsch, Vice President EMEA. We see how dedicated THIRDHOME is to recommend the best to its members, as it only takes on the most distinguished properties it can find around the world. THIRDHOME is transforming the way we see luxury travel and the illustrious property industry. With its lavish villas and apartments there’s a property for singles, couples, or the whole family to enjoy.

“THIRDHOME has evolved into the only travel brand that brings together a collective of trusted second homeowners, renters, and adventurers who share a passion for discovery and demand an elevated experience,” Niki adds. Exclusive adventures that give new meaning to a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip.

“THIRDHOME Adventures elevates travel experiences with uniquely crafted journeys around the globe,” Niki enthuses. By navigating these remarkable adventures members can feed their curiosity and follow their fantasies for an irresistible and astonishing time, whatever and wherever they desire.

A great example is a testimonial from member Michael, August 2021, for the Ka’anapali Beach Club property in Hawaii. He says, “We really like going back to this resort for a relaxing experience. This time we got a remodelled and upgraded unit with a balcony and an ocean view. Everything was comfortable, and just perfect for a Hawaiian vacation.”

Another member, Linda, wrote, “Location is wonderful. Close to shops and desert hikes the house has been thoughtfully decorated in mid- century theme. You will want to spend all your time outdoors with the pool, hot tub and fire place.” This truly reflects the beauty of the modern Palm Springs dream villa.

THIRDHOME is excited to present a wide variety of destinations that you can experience with great depth and with all of your senses. It doesn’t simply wish you could experience the world; THIRDHOME offers you the opportunity to really feel and enjoy it, for much less money and with much more style. Turn your dreams into your reality with THIRDHOME. The future looks promising for this luxury business and we can’t wait to see what it does next.

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