Christmas is a time for family, fun, and of course, food! Having created a Christmas Gift Guide on social media to showcase the best presents for everyone, LUXlife’s Staff Writer Hannah Stevenson decided to offer a Food Guide so that you can tuck into some decedent treats on the big day!  

With Christmas fast approaching and shoppers already scouring the supermarkets for the best offerings, LUXlife showcases some of the finest unique products from around the world and how these will make exceptional additions to any table. Featuring hand-crafted goodies, this guide to the best luxury products aims to offer an insight into how you can make your spread truly indulgent over the holiday season.

When it comes to the centrepiece of the table, the turkey, you cannot beat a Kerry Bronze. These luscious birds are highly sought-after, and with good reason: thanks to their outdoor lifestyles the birds always have incredibly tender meat, making for the crowning glory on an exceptional Christmas spread.  

Alongside this, fresh vegetables are always best, so make sure you visit your local greengrocer or farm shop to stock up! If any of your guests are vegetarian, you can offer them an inclusive option with something from Sol Cuisine. Before the trend for plant-based diets, the firm was creating delicious tofu based foods that make a great addition to any meal.

For those with a sweet tooth, some of Pip’s Real Hot Chocolate will really hit the spot. The company aims to bring a luxurious change to the hot chocolate market, offering clients a unique new experience that is the antithesis of traditional powdered hot chocolate products. As such, your guests and family will be able to enjoy an authentic, rich hot chocolate experience they won’t have had before. There’s even a  version named after LUXlife in honour of the firm’s win in our prestigious 2018 Food & Drink Awards, so make sure you check it out!

Another decedent treat is a panettone from Oscar Enoteca, an Italian winemaker and patisserie specialising in some of the finest panettone on the market. A sweet loaf of decedent bread filled with currents and fruit, this delicacy will bring Italian craftsmanship to your table this Christmas.

Love them or hate them, Christmas dinner is never complete without a Christmas Pudding, and Figgy’s Christmas Puddings are among the best. This artisan Devonshire company offers luscious puddings that will convert even a die-hard Christmas Pudding avoider!

So tuck-in to some of the finest luxury products this Christmas and delight your family and friends. Merry Christmas!