New stylish meal jars that keep dishes at its ideal temperature

Vaya Life has launched a range of brand new, chic, insulated meal jars – Vaya Preserve – to simplify the concept of taking food out on-the-go. Vaya Preserve keeps food at its optimum temperature – whether hot or cold – for up to six hours so users can fully enjoy. They’re compact enough to pop into a gym bag, purse or backpack, which means they’re perfect for the busy worker, jetsetter or health-conscious individual. 

Vaya Preserve enables users to store hearty ramen, pastas or warm soups. Alternatively, foodies can enjoy cold custards, fresh salads and delicious pudding. These clever contraptions allow users to maintain fitness goals by storing healthy snacks such as dry fruits, guacamole, hummus or crispy apple slices.

Furthermore, with Vaya Preserve, Brits can say goodbye to old and discoloured containers. These stainless steel meal jars also double as great stackable storage containers for the kitchen and can be used for dry herbs, jams, sauces, nuts and cereals 

Vaya Preserve comes in a plethora of sleek designs including:

Graphite (£38/£46/£57)
Black (£38/£46/£57)
Gold (£38/£46/£57)
Purple (£38/£46/£57)

These containers come in two sizes (300 and 500ml), and can be purchased on https://vayalife.com/gb-en/food-storage-container.

300ml (left) 500ml (right)

Vashist Vasanthakumar, Founder and CEO of Vaya Life, comments, As Brits are getting more health conscious, there are a limited number of options in the market available to cater to their consistent and immediate nourishment requirements throughout the day. Vaya Preserve is an effective on-the-go food carrier that’s easy to pack and use, with a high-end vacuum insulation technology, which keeps food fresh for long hours. Now, with Vaya Preserve, Brits can carry and consume their healthy food anywhere and at any time.”