Quoin Rock Wine Estate

South Africa is a country famous for many things, but one of its most famous exports is undoubtedly the selection of sumptuous cuisine and fine wines. The epitome of elegance and sophistication, truly discerning oenophiles and individuals craving the utmost in superior cuisine need look no further that Quoin Rock Wine Estate. Recognised as the Most Outstanding Fine Dining Experience in South Africa, join LUXlife as we discover its recipe for success.

Despite being founded very recently and only trading for a little over fourteen months, Quoin Rock has rapidly established itself as a beacon of fine cuisine and opulent luxury across South Africa, and the wider world. Offering a multitude of services to high-end clients is second nature for this luxurious estate, encompassing an intimate fortyseater restaurant, a high-end private villa perfect for multi-generational vacations, and simply gorgeous venue with marble floors and exquisite custom-made lighting. Each individual element of the estate perfectly complements the others, and also functions as an exceptionally luxurious offering on its own. From the budding wine collection, to the menu of global cuisines, to the excellent accommodation, Quoin Rock is a must for anyone in search of an experience that is nothing short of divine.

Primarily a wine estate, it would be remiss of us at LUXlife to not mention the pleasure of sampling a Quoin Rock wine. A deep fusion of well-balanced and complex flavours explodes in the mouth to incredible effect, generating harmonies and symphonies of taste that are near impossible to describe. Truly great wines reflect their soil, climate, and circumstance, and the truly great winemakers at Quoin Rock have mastered the knowledge of when to get involved, and when to let the natural beauty of the grape simply flow through. Those responsible for creating the wine at Quoin Rock are also imbued with a passion and love for maintaining the unique terroir of the vineyards on the slopes of the Simonsberg Mountain.

More than exceptional winemakers and viticulturalists, the team at Quoin Rock also partake in the growing of grapes for both powerful and fruity red wines, and crisp, dry white wines. Every wine in the Quoin Rock Wines collection aims to showcase the vibrant fruit and balanced complexities for which the region is world-famous. The collection includes a powerful Shiraz, Bordeaux-style Red Blend, captivating Chardonnay, matured MCC, wonderful White Blend, and a Vine Dried Sauvignon Blanc, each of which is just as delicious as the last.

Any visitors to the Quoin Rock Wine Estate can enjoy a sample of each of these wines, in the highly luxurious and relaxing wine lounge venue building. Open to the public every day, the wine lounge offers guests a wine experience unlike any other in which they are bombarded with flavours and tastes that continue to exude luxury. Each and every wine tasting session can also be partnered with cheese and charcuterie platters from the award-winning Gåte Restaurant that also features as part of the Quoin Rock Wine Estate.

Gåte is a dive into the realms of truly extraordinary cuisine, bringing together dishes inspired by the world around us into tasting experiences that tantalise the taste buds in unimaginable ways. A synthesis of skill and style, each dish prepared with painstaking delicacy and creative mastery to ensure that what arrives at the guests table is nothing short of culinary genius. Each ingredient and every spice in an invitation to partake in an unforgettable experience. However, despite the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into creating each course, the kitchen team understand the value of excellent customer service. For those who require it, there are plant-based and pescatarian options also available upon request.

Fine dining is a term bandied about more and more in the world today, as establishments seek to elevate themselves beyond the competition, but Gåte at Quoin Rock goes even further still. There are three dining options, each designed as a set menu that takes guests on a culinary tour of the world whilst also offering sumptuous wines as pairings for each course. During the day, guests can partake in the Daytime Experience, a sixcourse set menu that features dishes from the likes of Italy, South Africa, Austria, Namibia, and the Caribbean. Each dish is inspired by local produce, spices, and flavours from the country of origin, but the luxury of the fine dining doesn’t stop in simply bringing them all together. The chef team skilfully and stylishly tailor each dish to ensure a culinary experience that broadens the horizons with new flavours and adventures.

Moving into the evening dining experiences, Quoin Rock and Gåte continue to raise the bar for what it means to deliver exquisite and luxurious fine dining experiences. With a seven course set menu and a fourteen course set menu to choose from, there is a wealth of taste and sensation awaiting those who partake in search of global cuisine. The dish hailing from Spain includes paella, black rice, and scallops, whilst the Canadian-inspired course offers upstream salmon with maple syrup and bacon dashi. Vietnam’s dish includes octopus, rice paper, and teriyaki, and the Mexican course serves up seabass flavoured with coriander and chili. Each dish is a carefully considered invention that showcases the best of what the world can offer, whilst also including an equally carefully considered wine pairing to truly bring out every modicum of flavour.

To experience this exquisite pairing of fine dining and fine wine at Gåte at Quoin Rock is nothing short of experiencing what it is like to live at the height of luxury. To the front, guests can enjoy a commanding view of the Table Mountain whilst the towering Simonsberg Mountain acts as a majestic backdrop for those enjoying the incredible inventions of the chef team. This sophisticated, tranquil, and elegant escape into the winelands of South Africa’s Western Cape is at the epitome of high-end living, and nothing short of truly luxurious.

Company: Quoin Rock Wine Estate
Website: http://quoinrock.co.za/