EcoViking was created to address a rather obvious gap in the parent and baby market: a need for a traditional baby nest that is both simple and stylish – Something that would feel right at home in modern residences. We spoke with EcoViking’s CEO and Founder, Stefan Bosnjak, to find out more about the company’s inspirations, ethos and future.

Baby nests are becoming a popular choice for today’s parents and have, in recent years, overshadowed the popularity of the Moses basket as the firm favourite for daytime naps. Spinning out from the wildly popular offerings of EcoViking and their eco-friendly glass baby bottles, EcoViking have developed a baby nest that has swiftly become a go-to for parents that want an altogether more mature alternative to the baby nests of years passed. 

With its simple Scandinavian lines and warm tones, EcoViking’s baby nest certainly appeals to a high-end market, which was -of course- entirely by design, as Stefan explains. “Most of the baby nests and pods sold today have childish motives and don’t ‘fit’ in our homes. With the birth of my first daughter, I started the development of a new baby nest that would cover that gap in the market: a baby nest that would fit and be a part of the archetypal Scandinavian home décor. During 2019 we finally reached the end of the three years long journey, just in time for the birth of my second daughter, the very first user of the new EcoViking baby nest. And that is how it all began. 

“Now, we have a line of baby nests that sell very well in Scandinavia. Across the entire line we ensure that we only use materials that are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, making our nests safe to use.”

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of customer service in the parent and baby market. It is crucial to establish a high level of trust with any potential client and continue that through beyond product purchase. For EcoViking, customer care remains the crux of the company, securing their position as one of the most trusted businesses working in the industry. “We always aim to create a good experience as we believe it creates loyal customers. Of course, not all customers will return for a new baby nest, but they will tell the story to their friends, neighbours and so on. Moreover, we are also extending the range of items that will make our customer wants to return to us for a second purchase. Customer-first focus is very important for us and when customers have questions or concerns, they want resolutions right away, especially when they purchase an item for their new-born. Being available at all times to offer fast support to our customers means creating a strong brand experience.”

This level of customer service finds its roots, predictably, in the dynamic of EcoViking’s team, as Stefan continues. “Since the foundation of EcoViking, me and my team have been working very closely making sure we keep developing excellent working relationships. We address all issues immediately and we keep moving on. My team knows what I stand for and that standardization and follow-up is of key importance for growth and it keeps us on track.”

EcoViking - SleepyViking BabyNest 5

Stefan describes EcoViking as a joint venture into the baby market and the baby fashion industry, emphasising the importance of appearance on their entire product line – a combination of form and function, not just the latter. It’s an unusual stance that has swiftly helped to differentiate them in an increasingly competitive industry. “EcoViking is currently seen as a high-end baby nest manufacturer, but, as in every business sector, we face competition. It is only through innovation that we can remain viable, and further gain competitive advantages. We do believe that we will be able to provide good value to our customers through developments that are superior to our peers.”

As we come to the end of the interview, Stefan takes a moment to mention the role of baby nest regulation – which he welcomes entirely. “There will be more regulations coming when it comes to the safety of baby nests. We do welcome regulation as there are a number of companies out there making dangerous products that do not follow the standards that we stringently follow.”

When it comes to EcoViking’s future, there wasn’t much that Stefan could discuss in light of upcoming launches: “We are developing a new line of baby nests with exchangeable covers which will be released very soon.” However, Stefan was keen to touch on his other efforts in the sustainable space, offering a natural extension to EcoViking’s core ethos. “We are just about to release a new brand in a totally different industry – Sweden’s first electric scooters company. Keep an eye out for Veio Scooters, which you will see on the road pretty soon.

Company: Viking Brands AB

Name: Stefan Bosnjak, CEO & Founder

Address: Gothenburg, Sweden