Restaurant Bonjour Vietnam impresses with its authentic Vietnamese cuisine served with an exceptional dedication to customer service. Following their deserved recognition as the ‘Most Outstanding Vietnamese Restaurant’ outside of Vietnam, LUXlife endeavoured to find out more about the restaurant’s delectable offerings by speaking to one of the owners, Truc Quynh Tran Choleva. 

You might be forgiven in thinking that it is impossible to find authentic Vietnamese cuisine outside of Vietnam – after all, that is generally the rule of thumb in gastronomy: French cuisine is best experienced in France, Italian in Italy and so on. It can be considered a rare thing indeed that Restaurant Bonjour Vietnam manages to capture the unique magic of its homeland, with all of the rich variety and flavour combinations it is famous for. 

This, of course, is the result of Quynh’s considerable efforts, and that of her mother Loan Nguyen, who provides the expert hand in creating authentic dishes. “We aim to serve Vietnamese food to the highest quality. The most important thing in our food is the freshness: fresh herbs, fresh vegetables, fresh ingredients across the board. The quality is excellent, and the price is average, so everyone can afford to experience our food.
“We have lots of customers who keep coming back to us all the time. We always make sure that our client’s feel happy for what they pay for. Besides the quality, we are also known to be a place with super-friendly service. As a result, many of our customers come to us through referrals and word of mouth – a good service is always important. We make sure that they feel at home, talking to our customers about our food, our culture and our country. Sometimes we also teach them how to say some words in Vietnamese, or how to make papers rolls, or how to use chopsticks…”

Naturally, the restaurant’s staff play a crucial role in ensuring this high standard of customer care is carried across the entire breadth of the business, from the second a guest steps over the threshold to the moment that they leave. Quynh continues, “We only employ
people who love the job they do. We are lucky to have a team who are super friendly, open and have a lot of humour. We can tell each other everything, good or bad, and we support each other to do the work as well as possible.”

Perhaps most telling is that the Restaurant Bonjour Vietnam has been open for seven years and thrived with each passing year. This is no small feat, especially considering the challenging and highly competitive nature of the restaurant and hospitality market. “Since we opened, we have been seeing many restaurants open and close, all the time. We are lucky to keep our old customers and consistently get new customers. We are also a place where tourists love to come. Even customers from many different countries have come to us and said that their friends recommended our restaurant as a must-visit establishment.”

As we come to the end of the interview, Quynh offers more insight into how she is approaching the future of the business. “Since we are an authentic Vietnamese restaurant, we would like to keep our own path that we have followed since the beginning: we will only serve authentic foods. That is also why we are so popular, because we know that other Vietnamese restaurants in Denmark cannot meet our standards. We will keep our quality to the highest standard, together with that, we will introduce new dishes and make sure that our clients are always happy when they come to us.”

Restaurant Bonjour Vietnam 

Name: Truc Quynh Tran Choleva 

Address: Vesterbrogade 44-1620, Copenhagen, Denmark 


Telephone: +45 53 53 67 97