Queensland translates into super famous eat and drink events that will satisfy every single sense of yours. Make your tastebuds dance while visiting some of the prime food and drink events and seeing some of the most beautiful places in Cairns. Here are some places you need to visit.

Cairns Food and Wine Festival 

What happens when good food and drinks collide? Well, we get the famous Cairns Food and Wine Festival, which is an annual showcase of food and wine from Tropical North Queensland. This showcase is for adults only and is normally held in the Munro Martin Parklands. The event allows guests to eat their favourite foods while watching live performances and entertainment. 

Salt House Food and Wine Festival 

This is one of the biggest food festivals in Cairns. You can casually sip on some of your favourite cocktails while sinking your teeth into some of the culinary delights. You can plan your trip to Cairns around this event, and the best Cairns car hire will make your trip to this salt house a lot easier. Here you can find some of the best drinks made by local brewers, distillers, and winemakers. Sipping on your favourite drink will be a much better experience while tasting some of the most delicious snacks. This perfect experience is combined with live music and smaller events that will elevate your entire impression even more. Children under 18 are welcome to the event until very late in the evening. So, why not bring your entire family and make some valuable memories? 

Taste Port Douglas 

This is what happens when food and paradise collide. Taste Port Douglas is the annual food event where you can taste some of the greatest meals prepared by top chefs for industry influencers as well as food lovers. This is the four-day capital event for the ones who perceive food not only as the source of life but also as the place where they get to know more about their top passion – food. The food schedule includes a festival village with small food stalls from some of the most iconic local restaurants, masterclasses, live cooking demonstrations, and live music. This iconic event has a part known as the Port Douglas Long Lunch, where you can take a taste of some of the finest local restaurant food and beverages that are iconic for this region. Some other events within this festival include cocktail masterclasses, seafood feasts, and food parties. 

When food and drink are the main characters in a story, you know it’s a good one. Cairns is a place where events like this are common, and where you can sample some of the most unique foods and drinks, some of which are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. However, you need to be careful and check out the regulations for some food and drink events so you can avoid awkward situations. Some festivals have limited numbers of visitors, while others have restrictions when it comes to children’s attendance. We hope this article will help you get the most out of your trip!