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Distillery & Brewing Awards 2023 Best Champagne Brand 2023 Kool & The Gang – a band that needs no introduction. Since 1964, it has taken the world by storm with its back-to-back hits. Now, as it stands, Kool & The Gang is one of the world’s most iconic bands. Of course, this is nothing new. What is new, however, is Le Kool Champagne, founded by none other than Robert ‘Kool’ Bell. Exemplifying Kool’s avid love for champagne, Le Kool Champagne is a premium brand that promises sublime luxury with every sip. Join us as we immerse ourselves in a journey of love, music, and celebrating good times.

LUXlife is proud to announce the launch of the Distillery and Brewing Awards 2023. For its inaugural edition on the LUXlife platform, this programme will spotlight and showcase the cream of the crop from across the international brewing and distilling industry. The Distillery and Brewing Awards 2023 will shine a light on the industry leaders who are revolutionising the sector. From craft breweries, familyrun distilleries, and micro-breweries to brewpubs and taprooms, this is an industry that is firmly established in everyday life. With more craft breweries and distilleries established each year, this industry shows no signs of slowing down! In a competitive market, today’s breweries and distilleries are characterised by their ability to adapt, overcome, and embrace innovation, with resiliency a crucial component to a company’s success. Turning to greener methods of production, and tailoring products to the consumer palate are just a few examples of new developments within the industry. Trends also suggest that many breweries are now focused on finding their niche, leading to greater diversity in the market and the opportunity to stand out amongst the crowd! Sofi Parry, Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: www.lux-review.com Distillery and Brewing Awards 2023

4. Le Kool Champagne: Best Champagne Brand 2023 8. King Road Brewing Co.: Best Family-Run Brewery & Venue 2023 - Western Australia 10. Burly Brewing Company: Best Specialty Craft Brewery 2023 - Central Colorado 12. Steinbock Spirits: Best Premium Dry Gin Brand 2023 – Switzerland 13. Dusty Barrel Distillery: Small Craft Distillery of the Year 2023 - Victoria 14. Love Beer Bars Ltd.: Best Home & Office Bar Installation Company 2023 - London & South East Contents

4 | LUXlife Magazine Best Champagne Brand 2023

Distillery & Brewing Awards 2023 | 5 It’s no secret that, even as far back as 1964, Kool has had a knack for creating meaning from the little things in life. Be it through Kool & The Gang’s music, or through the energy that he’s put out into the universe, his influence shines through almost every aspect of the modern world. Kool & The Gang is a household name – one associated with happiness, celebration, and uplifting atmospheres. As such, it only seemed natural to convert this essence into something that could be tasted, as well as heard. With a long-lasting love for bubbles, Kool finally founded Le Kool Champagne, a luxury brand that aimed to continue the band’s rich legacy, all whilst pleasing the tastebuds no matter the blend. However, to truly understand the depth of Le Kool Champagne’s origins, we must first venture back a little. Before Le Kool Champagne, there was Just Kool Enterprises. Created by Kool and his late wife Sakinah Bell, Just Kool Enterprises sought to leverage the iconic Kool name to encourage a union between generations of music lovers. Just Kool Enterprises was never meant to be a simple celebrity brand, however – it had meaning. Its existence represented a new endeavour, shared between husband and wife, to connect with the people that meant the most around them. Music lovers. Enjoyers of luxury. Regardless of generation, Just Kool Enterprises existed as a means to connect the world. It was only upon connecting with business partners Olfa and Mohamed Moretta did Kool take the leap into founding The Just Kool Party and Le Kool Champagne. He had always envisioned having his own brand from Europe, and adapted his love for champagne into something truly special. Of course, with such high expectations of what Le Kool Champagne could be, Kool was eager to establish connections with only the best vineyards the world had to offer. As such, Le Kool Champagne avidly sought out Grand Cru vineyards that truly understood what it took to craft specialty champagnes, right down to how to treat the grape on the vine. Finally, a collaboration with Estate Paul Berthelot was established. Renowned for its five generation long development, Maison Berthelot is a multi-vintage producer that has spent its years since 1884 nurturing its grapes, vines, and the surrounding environment in order to garner beyond perfect results with every barrel. Located on sixteen hectares of Premier Cru vineyards in Dizy and Avernay, as well as the Grand Cru Village of Ay, Berthelot delivers on the promise of concocting nothing short of premium, luxurious champagnes. Its worldwide reputation stands as a testament to this unerring devotion to quality, and it’s for this very reason that Kool chose his own plot of land upon which Le Kool Champagne’s grapes would be grown and harvested. From there, it was simply a matter of concocting the champagne to the highest possible degree of quality. After all, Kool intended to place Kool & The Gang – a band that needs no introduction. Since 1964, it has taken the world by storm with its back-toback hits. Now, as it stands, Kool & The Gang is one of the world’s most iconic bands. Of course, this is nothing new. What is new, however, is Le Kool Champagne, founded by none other than Robert ‘Kool’ Bell. Exemplifying Kool’s avid love for champagne, Le Kool Champagne is a premium brand that promises sublime luxury with every sip. Join us as we immerse ourselves in a journey of love, music, and celebrating good times.

6 | LUXlife Magazine tangibility over title, and therefore sought the most thoughtful manner of brewing. In order for champagne to truly hold a flavour that’s bound to hit, regardless of palate, it must spend a minimum of three years in the cellar to reach its peak flavour. However, Le Kool Champagne’s brews are given between three and seven years to fully mature. As such, their flavours take on a completely new essence – one that magnificently captures the richness of the blend. In addition, each of its champagnes are cuveès, the first pour out of every barrel, guaranteeing above favourable flavour, regardless of a person’s taste. For Le Kool Champagne, part of the wonder is witnessing individuals from all walks of life sample its delicacies, only to learn afterwards that their drinks have been crafted from the mind behind Kool & The Gang. It brings an incredibly humble nature to the brand, and perfectly encapsulates everything that Kool intended it to be upon undertaking this ambitious venture. Champagne is oft linked with special occasions, during which each person simply wishes to sit and enjoy a good glass of the best champagne that the market has to offer. As a result of its tireless efforts to source its products from the world’s best vineyards, Le Kool Champagne has gone beyond the name behind the brand, and has established itself as an entity that anybody would be lucky to indulge in. Once Kool, Olfa, and Mohamed had found a vineyard that lived up to the quality that they had in mind upon starting the brand, Le Kool Champagne could finally begin making its imprint on the world. Having started as an off-premise brand that began building a foundation throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Le Kool Champagne aimed to be available at customers’ doorsteps in under an hour. As such, it became a Drizly.com brand, and eventually evolved into conquering the delivery sphere. Now, Le Kool Champagne is available on Uber Eats applications, presenting an accessibility to luxury that hadn’t been seen up until that point. In short, Le Kool Champagne wanted to inspire delight within its customers, and is now often praised by some of the most respected sommeliers and top chefs in the world,

Distillery & Brewing Awards 2023 | 7 such as Loic Chavasse Frète of Evian Resorts, MGM's Douglas Kim, and Celebrity Chef David Burke. However, Le Kool Champagne’s expansive reach doesn’t end with some of the most distinguished restaurant menus around the globe. In addition to being presented to some of the planet’s most discerning customers, Le Kool Champagne also finds itself present on Norwegian Cruise Lines worldwide, inviting lavish splendour in the process. Le Kool Champagne is also an official sponsor of the now sold-out Groove Cruise 20th Anniversary Celebration, hosted on Norwegian Encore. Truly, marking celebration is at the very top of Le Kool Champagne’s checklist. Each time it’s able to consistently serve as the bottle of bubbly that everyone looks forward to popping to reign in the festivities. Currently, Le Kool Champagne has a major presence within New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Nevada, and California, with big upcoming plans to expand distribution across the globe in 2024. It recognises that, despite its name and wealth of passion, it’s a relatively new company, and still has a way to come to reach the level of some of the world’s most famous beverages. That isn’t to say, however, that it’s simply waiting for the chance to explode onto the market. Quite the opposite – Le Kool Champagne makes its own opportunities. It uses its initiative to grow and flourish, creating new openings to thrive within the industry. This is all a direct result of its incredibly tight-knit team, the members of which each holding the same amount of passion for the brand as Kool himself. Their inspiring mindset plays a huge role in the success of the branding, and it’s thanks to the unwavering dedication to help Le Kool Champagne reach the masses that it has gained such an immense amount of traction in recent years. At its core, Le Kool Champagne is actively seeking the next place to make its mark, not once faltering in discovering the perfect spaces to enter. Its luxury is designed for everyone to enjoy, regardless of palate, and it’s determined to make its presence known one way or another. A perfect example of this relentless mindset is their recent collaboration with Bulova - Accutron. As an homage to uplift women, they just released their Le Kool First Lady Legacy timepieces. Le Kool Champagne signifies a union that no other champagne brand has managed to create – a harmony between music and champagne. By combining some of the best flavours, sourced from the world’s most renowned vineyards, it has captured the very essence of Kool’s love for both crafts. In addition, Le Kool Champagne represents the dream of a husband and his late wife, with its signature bottles serving to empower the legacy of such an era-defining pair of individuals. Kool & The Gang sparked a revolution in music, and Le Kool Champagne is already well on its way to having the same effect on the champagne market. On the eve of Kool & The Gang’s 60th anniversary, Le Kool Champagne has already promised a wide variety of exciting plans to look out for. It seeks to truly take itself to the next level, be it through its involvement with The Superbowl 2024 in Vegas, or its exciting, aforementioned global distribution. No matter how it manifests, this exciting future seems to be reflective of the brightness that Kool & The Gang first introduced to the world some six decades ago, and it’s incredibly exciting to envision a world in which Le Kool Champagne is known by everyone around the globe. Through expanding to Europe, Africa, and Asia, Le Kool Champagne promises to take the world by storm in a similar vein to its founders’ iconic music. In a relatively short time, Le Kool Champagne has gotten support from the biggest names in the world such as The Liberace & Basquiat foundations, Prince Albert of Monaco, Oprah Winfrey, Director - Choreographer Jeff Kutash, Celebrity Stylist Charlie Lapson, Guy Laliberté of Cirque du Soleil as well as Sir Richard Branson. Having already earned itself a place among some of the world’s leading media outlets – from Forbes and Sophie Gayot to ABC Nightline – Le Kool Champagne is undoubtedly on track to become a worldwide phenomenon. Despite its young age, it has accumulated an average of five stars throughout each of its blends, be it its signature Grand Cru champagne or its innovative First Lady Rosé. Le Kool Champagne embodies Kool’s desire to honour his wife’s memory, all whilst bringing together individuals from all walks of life, just as he did all the way back in 1964. Partner this with their Just Kool After Party concept and the release of Kool & The Gang’s new album, ‘People Just Want To Have Fun’, which frequently references Le Kool Champagne, and you’ve got a brand that revels in bringing together new and old fans alike. Truly, there is no champagne brand quite like Le Kool Champagne. From its intentions to its taste, there’s a unique air to it that elicits a certain sense of nostalgia, whilst pleasing every type of palate. Whether you’re a champagne drinker or not, Le Kool Champagne promises something for everyone to enjoy. Even if it’s simply partaking in a celebration where Le Kool Champagne acts as a means to close out a night of good times and cherished memories, people from all walks of life will be able to witness the effect that Le Kool Champagne has on its customers. Music and alcohol has always been a popular combination, but never has it been more meaningful than it has through Le Kool Champagne. At this rate, the next time ‘Celebration’ is played on the U.S. Space Station, Le Kool Champagne will be there! Contact: Mohamed Moretta Company: Le Kool Champagne Web Address: https://lekoolchampagne.com/

8 | LUXlife Magazine et us take you back to 2013. In the peaceful town of Oldbury, Australia, there was a particular family, popular among their neighbours, who had an incredible knack for making the perfect glass of cider. So perfect, in fact, that its taste started to attract people from beyond the neighbourhood. As such, after five years of organically developing into the idea of becoming a brewery, King Road Brewing Company finally opened its doors to the public in 2018. Revolved around the values that first gave the business traction, King Road Brewing Company invites predominantly young families from the surrounding up and coming suburbs to indulge in some quality beer and cider. At its core, King Road Brewing Company is a family venue that seeks to be a safe space for those who are looking for a place to belong. This ethos translates to every aspect of the brewery – from its staff to its overall atmosphere, it has gone above and beyond to create a place where any can enjoy themselves. Beer and cider alike are to be savoured among friends, and this is exactly what the team at King Road Brewing Company aims to be – a friend. It has never forgotten where it came from, allowing it to remain humble whilst it garners frequent success. All of these qualities combined makes for a communal venue that encourages diversity, inclusivity, and an overarching sense of togetherness. In terms of aforementioned success, King Road Brewing Company has never been better. With consistent entries into beer shows and competitions often ending with a trophy in hand, King Road Brewing Company has managed to consistently prove that it’s more than a communal venue. Behind it is a real passion for brewing – one that began small, and has now escalated into what we see today. In addition, just one year into brewing beer, King Road Brewing Company earned itself a trophy for Best New Exhibitor in 2020, and progressed to win Best International Style Pale Ale for its IPA at the Australian Beer Awards in Melbourne, and again at Perth’s Royal Beer Show in 2021. These accomplishments have been followed by many, many more, and yet King Road Brewing Company has always remained true to its roots. As such, it wholeheartedly attributes the thriving of the business to its staff. Having fantastic staff morale is imperative within any collective, but King Road Brewing Company takes this to a new level entirely. Having sets its sights on upholding mutual respect between employees and managing staff alike, the venue has determined the perfect balance between work and fun. Every individual is seen as part of the larger King Road Brewing Company family, and it’s this brilliant morale that keeps customers coming back time and time again. As a consumer, it’s beautiful to see a cohesive team in action, and the environment that such a close-knit workforce invites ensures a welcoming experience across new and old customers alike. Best Family-Run Brewery & Venue 2023 - Western Australia Priding itself on its familial atmosphere, King Road Brewing Company is heralded by many within the local community for its commitment to friendship, family, and crafting fantastic beer and cider. What was once a small gathering of neighbours enjoying a glass of refreshing, homemade cider quickly flourished into what we see today – a brewery and venue that’s excited to welcome adults and children alike into a welcoming, community-driven environment. Below, we tell the tale of King Road Brewing Company’s inception, and how its love for its craft became a conduit for new bonds. L Aug23538

Distillery & Brewing Awards 2023 | 9 However, despite its abundance of award titles and plethora of praise, King Road Brewing Company is still looking to improve in the hopes of bringing even more life to the venue. In particular, it has its focus on improving and upgrading its brew kit and supporting equipment. Having started brewing with a 1500L brew kit, 3000L fermentation tanks, and two 1500L fermentation tanks, King Road Brewing Company has already taken significant steps towards upgrading its system, with more plans to do so on the horizon. With an exciting expectation to see its presence on the shelves of local bottle shops in the near future, it’s only a natter of time before the King Road name spreads far and wide. No matter the heights to which it rises, however, King Road Brewing Company promises one thing – that it’ll never forget the ones who helped it gets its foot in the door in the first place. Love, friendship, and connections all coalesced into a perfect blend that empowered King Road Brewing Company to its current position, and it seems as though its team is intending to honour its roots as much as its growth. Without the sturdy friendships that it had forged through its cider over a decade ago, there would be no King Road Brewing Company. It’s thanks to the individuals that believed in the dream that this brewery came to be, and, for that, King Road Brewing Company is incomparably grateful. Whether families are seeking a place to enjoy a quiet drink among friends, or are looking for a brewery and venue that knows how to create a spectacle, King Road Brewing Company will be there, no matter the request. Eager to share its food, drink, and smiles with the region’s people, it’s easily become one of the most sociable breweries throughout Western Australia. Its family friendly environment invites a community vibe that will stick with customers for a lifetime – a quality that truly sets it apart from other venues of its kind. We believe King Road Brewing Company puts it best – “We are a bunch of misfit puzzle pieces who have all coincidentally found a puzzle that suits us, instead of trying to change ourselves to suit the puzzle.”. Contact: Steve Wearing Company: King Road Brewing Co. Web Address: https://kingroadbrewery.com/

Jun22596 10 | LUXlife Magazine Best Specialty Craft Brewery 2023 - Central Colorado Craft beer is big business these days, with its unique flavours and varied hop varieties delighting the palates of consumers who are always looking for something different. It also brings a sharp focus to use of local ingredients, and delivers authentic, personalised experiences. A wide range of people are supremely interested in sampling new flavours and styles, which is why the market is burgeoning. The craft beer market continues to flourish despite the apparent decline in the popularity of beer drinking. What makes craft beer distinct from regular beer is the way it’s made in small batches. It might use the same traditional ingredients of malt, grains, hops, water, and yeast, but it is very different to the mass-produced beers of large corporate breweries. Multinational beer producers have a business need that entails getting its product out as fast as possible, so they are less likely to choose premium ingredients. Their beer is also watered down to make brewing more affordable. In contrast, craft beer, as the name implies, focuses on expertly brewing rich, flavourful beers made with an eye on quality over cost. They also tend to have a higher alcohol content than regular beers. Burly Brewing Company offers customers a range of craft beers including IPAs, pale ales, lagers, hefeweizen, golden ale, Mexican lager, barleywine, stouts, porters, and barrel-aged brews. The place was originally founded by George Goodman, who has certainly left his mark on the town of Castle Rock. It was his dream to open a brewery featuring a large, comfortable space where people could Burly Brewing Company is based in Castle Rock, Central Colorado. It’s a place dedicated to making great American craft beer, and celebrating with family and friends. A variety of beer styles are offered, alongside hard seltzers, sours, and lagers. It also promotes live music at weekends, brings customers varied monthly events, presents trivia quiz nights, and provides sporting entertainment shown on large screen TVs.

Distillery & Brewing Awards 2023 | 11 gather, something he definitely achieved with gusto. The mantle has now been passed on to owner/brewer Lisa Miles, affectionately known throughout the town simply as Miss Lisa. Lisa sees it as her responsibility to advance the Burly Brewing Company mission, which she explains encompasses three unequivocal platforms for success. These are family, community, and faith. She is proud to offer a family and pet friendly welcome to all, in an environment that is the place to come and enjoy relaxed conversation in comfort whilst enjoying a delicious American craft beer. The Burly also regularly hosts visiting food trucks offering culturally diverse food choices for customers to enjoy. As customer Ryan S. comments, “Delicious beer and welcomes dogs can't go wrong there, whenever tacos por dias (food truck) is here I'm here 10/10.” Outside, the brewery has two shaded decks, and fire pits for use during Colorado’s colder weather. Inside the taproom offers plenty of seating and a laid-back atmosphere, with a variety of sports shown on the venue’s 10 television screens. It is more than happy to put your game on for you if it’s not already showing. The weekend musical entertainment is available indoors, but also, if the weather permits it, outdoors where there’s a purpose-built live music stage. The Burly has been graced by many visiting artists from all over Colorado, and even a few from as far away as Los Angeles, Nashville, and Charleston. Due to its Colorado location in the home of the Rocky Mountains, the region is known for its stunning landscapes, rich history, and diverse range of activities. Castle Rock itself is named after a prominent, castleshaped butte near the centre of town. This is a landmark of the Colorado Piedmont region of the Great Plains and consists of an erosion-resistant rhyolite rock. Colorado is a home-rule municipality, which means it has been granted more control over its local decision making and the power to create its own local government and laws. Burly Brewing Company is itself a member of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce, and it counts strengthening old and building new relationships within the Castle Rock Community as some of its greatest achievements. As members of the Chamber of Commerce it has had the opportunity to meet many other small businesses who work locally, thus helping it to emphasize its presence as a family-friendly environment for all to enjoy. Welcoming new small businesses to the community, introducing them to the town of Castle Rock, and many of the wonderful amenities with which the town is blessed, has helped to cement Burly’s reputation as the cornerstone of small-town relationships within Castle Rock. Burly uses a tag line that reads “Where it’s all about the beer’d!” It uses its Burly, beardy tag throughout its instantly recognisable marketing, featuring a curly hop-like beard and sunglasses. The cool and memorable logo is used liberally on the glassware, beer mats, and as part of a wide range of merchandise available to buy. It’s been cleverly extended to also include ‘Gurlys’ and ‘Furlys’, which represent women and pets. All the logos feature the same sunglasses and curlicues. There’s even a cat logo known as ‘Purrly’. Burly Brewing Company has been recognised as the Best Specialty Craft Brewery 2023 - Central Colorado in the Distillery and Brewing Awards 2023. Well done to it for making an important and warm-hearted stamp on the Castle Rock community in Colorado, we are delighted to be raiding a glass in your honour! Contact Details Company: Burly Brewing Company Web Address: https://www.burlybrewing.com/ Contact Name: Lisa Miles Aug23463

12 | LUXlife Magazine Best Premium Dry Gin Brand 2023 – Switzerland With a vision that holds true to their zodiac sign, Capricorn (Steinbock in German), the two founders – Stefan M. Strasser and Roger Steiner – embarked on a journey to create spirits that mirrored the qualities of their celestial symbol: unique, determined, and enduring. Their elixirs invite those with a discerning palate and an appreciation of the finer things in life to explore a world of unique flavours. Steinbock Spirits: Crafting Distinctive Elixirs for the Connoisseur's Palate Born in the same year, 1973, and separated by just five hours at birth in Zurich, Stefan and Roger's connection goes beyond mere coincidence. Their lives have been intertwined throughout the many stages they've passed together, from school days to apprenticeships in the same company. Their friendship has been a constant thread, woven into holidays together with their families and countless moments of laughter that resonate with the unique sense of humour they both share. However, it’s their shared passion for quality gin that ignited the spark which would become Steinbock Spirits. Their appreciation for the complexity and versatility of this beloved spirit became the cornerstone of their venture. The brand's intention to produce spirits that speak of craftsmanship and authenticity serves as the foundation for their portfolio, which presently boasts two distinctive gins, and is set to expand to include a range of spirits, each meticulously crafted and unique. Steinbock's commitment to a sophisticated production process results in a symphony of aromas and flavours. The spirits are carefully distilled through an efficient yet gentle process of rectification, a technique that harnesses all the richness of the aromatic spectrum. A symphony of vapours unfolds through the interplay of the multi-layered bottoms of the column still and a precisely calibrated dephlegmator, culminating in the intensified essence of the distillate. Each spirit is nurtured with patience, given ample time to mature and develop a full-bodied flavour profile. Each bottle is a testament to exclusivity, individually numbered to signify the unique journey within. The dynamic duo’s first creation – Aronia Premium Dry Gin – is to be understood as a homage to the King of the Alps. It is distilled from roots, herbs, flowers, and berries representing the unique flora of the Alpine ibex habitat. The addition of black chokeberry (Aronia melanocarpa) also gives this spirit its unique aroma. Launched in early 2023, Spiced Orange Premium Dry Gin is a distilled triad of oranges accompanied by an orchestra of Asian spices. The blossoms, zest, and freshly squeezed juice of sun-drenched Tarocco oranges integrate with the warm, sweet, and full-bodied flavours of selected spices. Steinbock Spirits prides itself on a set of values that transcend the ordinary. They embrace the credo of distinctiveness, forging spirits that stand resolutely apart from the mainstream. While staying true to their recipes, they cultivate a connection with the environment through minimal use of plastics, a preference for organic sourcing, and ensuring CO2 offsetting for every shipment. Their creations are not born out of haste, but from the unhurried passage of time, putting class before mass. This dedication has garnered acclaim, with their gins securing national and international accolades. Collaboration is woven into the fabric of Steinbock Spirits. Their partnership with a local brewery allows their spirits to find their bottled home. In return, they lend their cocktail artistry to elevate the brewery's festivities. This ethos of partnership extends further, promising more harmonious synergies on the horizon. Their visual identity, created through a global collaboration, is a tribute to excellence. The bottles are decorated with hot foil stamping and illustrations of the botanical ingredients that grace their gins. The attention to detail extends to the numbers that adorn each bottle, embodying the uniqueness that lies within. As they navigate the path ahead, Steinbock Spirits stays dedicated to their craft. Their vision is not to conquer the world, but to create a lasting impact on those who appreciate the artistry of fine spirits. The future unfolds with the measured ambition of a Capricorn – anchored in tradition, yet reaching for new horizons. Contact: Stefan M. Strasser Company: Steinbock Spirits Phone: +41 79 801 09 01 Web Address: https://steinbock-spirits.com/

Distillery & Brewing Awards 2023 | 13 Situated in Macclesfield, Victoria, Dusty Barrel is a small distillery with a big vision to become an established brand with products on sale around the world. Founder Nick Hope produces unique spirits from locally sourced fruit and grains. With its 1250 litre copper pot still, Dusty Barrel Distillery distils handcrafted local malt and rice whiskeys. Small Craft Distillery of the Year 2023 - Victoria Nick Hope aims to showcase what can be produced by local fruit growers and grain suppliers, presenting a true local spirit to the world. To distinguish itself in a competitive market, the Dusty Barrel Distillery bases its malt whiskey recipe off a German Beer Oud Bruin, a sour beer, to produce a full-bodied, oaky whiskey. The distillery also produces a rice whiskey with light, floral notes. The taste is more savoury, with a honey over hay flavour profile. Dusty Barrel Distillery will be the first brand to release an Australian rice whiskey. As a family, we love camping and the outdoors, relaxing in nature, and sitting around a campfire with a whiskey or schnapps. In blending these passions, Dusty Barrel Distillery has looked at its carbon footprint and production methods in order to minimise our impact on the land. Dusty Barrel Distillery currently works with local farmers who use the draft (spent grain) for livestock feed. As part of its Founding Membership initiative, the business plants an indigenous shrub or tree on its property for every new membership, helping to build habits for Australia’s critically endangered animals. Tree planting also offset the building of the distillery and the company’s first year of production. In the next few years, Dusty Barrel Distillery aims to build solar and water treatment systems, with all distillation residue going towards tea composting and farm use. As a small distillery and one-man operation, Nick Hope plays the roles of cleaner, brewer, distiller, bottler, and salesman. One challenge facing the business is waiting for stock to be ready to sell on the market. The process cannot be rushed, but the business requires cash flow to continue building its stock. The next step for Dusty Barrel Distillery will be hiring skilled staff. The company is looking for hardworking individuals with a passion for producing flavour through quality grain, casks, water, and yeast. Nick Hope aims to inspire workers to utilise their creativity and put their unique signature into the process. The future holds exciting developments for the Dusty Barrel Distillery as Nick Hope further explores rice whiskey and variations to his recipes. The business is currently in conversation with a major winery with visions of distilling brandy and using Muscat, Pinot, Shiraz, and Merlot casks. The Dusty Barrel Distillery has grown from its humble beginnings and aspires to share its distinct spirits with a worldwide audience. For its flavourful spirits and its commitment to environmental responsibility, The Dusty Barrel Distillery has received our award for this year’s Small Craft Distillery of the Year – Victoria. Company: Dusty Barrel Distillery Web Address: www.dustybarreldistilery.com.au he story begins with founder Nick Hope travelling through Europe. While exploring, he visited several Schnapps distilleries and quickly became fascinated with the process. An opportunity arose to work at the distillery and learn the process. Nick jumped at the chance and began to wonder how he could replicate the process for himself. Years later, Nick happened upon the Black Gate Distillery, where owner Brian rekindled his love of distilling and spirits. Nick Hope and his family have now set up Dusty Barrel Distillery and are excited to share their love of whiskey with friends, family, and the community. T

Best Home & Office Bar Installation Company 2023 - London & South East Based in Basingstoke, Love Beer Bars Ltd. specialises in providing unique and creative draught dispensing solutions that are perfect for any event. Handling everything from installation to maintenance, the company offers a complete service for home and office bars, taking care of all its customers’ needs. Here, we dive into Love Beer’s various offerings. Delivering free of charge across the South of England, Love Beer boasts an extensive range of kegs. This includes well-known lagers and ciders like Bud Light, Stella, and Stowford Press, as well as specialist beers like Blanche de Bruxelles, Mikkeller, and Verdant’s Headband. For those who don’t drink beer, the company also offers kegs of Prosecco 1754, NICE wines, and cocktails like espresso martini. From personal kitchen bars to large bars catering to busy workplaces in London, Love Beer has been furnishing a myriad of venues with impressive bar setups for many years. Certified by the British Beer and Pubs Association, the company is renowned for its expertise and skill in supplying, installing, and maintaining remarkable bars. There are two types of home bar system that customers can choose from. These are the Flash Cooler and the Kegerator, both of which can be set up to dispense between one and four kegs. For a pub-quality setup with equipment that meets industry standards, the Flash Cooler is the most popular choice. Whilst beer is kept at room temperature, shortening its shelf life, the system is ideal for homes and offices that will mainly use it for parties and events. For those who need a lifespan of over four weeks per keg, the Kegerator is a better choice. This system has grown increasingly popular in the United States and Germany but remains comparatively rare in the UK. This is because there are very few producers of models that conform to British standards. By ensuring that the keg stays at dispense temperature, the Kegerator keeps beer fresh for far longer than the Flash Cooler system. No matter the system, every bar should be routinely maintained to ensure that it continues to deliver the best beer flavour and dispensing performance. All of Love Beer’s setups come with instructions with which customers can maintain the bar themselves, but many prefer for an experienced professional to handle the job. For a cost of £44.04, Love Beer offers a comprehensive hygiene check-up service, as part of which it will examine all fittings and gas, monitor temperature levels, and perform a thorough anti-viral disinfection on all surfaces along with a line clean. With this service, customers never need to worry about personally cleaning and maintaining their bar once it has been installed. Perfect for those who need a bar for a one-off event, Love Beer offers party keg equipment hire services. In this, it provides customers with a professional dispensing system using the finest products on the market, offering a range of taps that are great for setting up multiple kegs. The company strives to deliver a truly unique experience, combining incredible flavours with a stylish aesthetic. This is ideal for events where style and quality are of the utmost importance, including exhibitions, office parties, private parties, festivals, outdoor events, pop-up bars, and corporate events. All systems are set up by properly trained technicians using industry standard equipment, including digital temperature-controlled coolers, automatic pressure regulation, proper beer taps, and more. For its outstanding services, Love Beer has received a multitude of positive feedback on Google, resulting in its impressive 4.5star rating. For example, one customer states, “We get fortnightly deliveries for our work bar. We select new and different beers each time, which are often great recommendations, and are thoroughly impressed with the service. We would highly recommend!” As a result of its continued excellence, Love Beer Bars Ltd. has been awarded Best Home & Office Bar Installation Company, London & South East, in the Distillery and Brewing Awards 2023. We congratulate the company on this achievement and wish it the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Charles Richer-Smith Company: Love Beer Bars Ltd. Web Address: https://love-beer.co.uk/

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