Food & Drink Awards 2019 Page 87 Whether it is the pizzas of Campania, the flat rice plains between Milan and Turin, or the exquisite seafood of Sardinia, Italy boasts some of the finest food in the whole world. But what is food without the perfect drink to match? Enter Scuderia Italia, a young and fresh-faced wine company aimed at creating collections of superior quality wines. Join LUXlife as we discover more about this Italian curator of fine wine collections. Scuderia Italia: Best Fine Wine Collection 2019 Northern Italy Italy has long been a bounty of impeccable food and drink, bringing together a myriad of masterfully created tastes in explosions of flavour. As any other award-winning firm would carefully raise its champions with the utmost care, so too does Scuderia Italia with the nation’s wine. Drawing on all the firm’s discernment, the team of expert wine lovers and oenophiles wisely choose from the wealth of culinary excellence across all of Italy to craft the perfect wine collection. Scuderia Italia was born of a desire to celebrate the very best that Italian wine can offer the world. Instead of producing its own wine and pushing its own brands to the top of the Italian wine market, the firm brings wine from across the country into some of the finest collections imaginable. Any oenophile would be proud to own a collection from this company, one that is able to deliver the very best that the country has to offer. The idea for Scuderia Italia began with just one man: Flavio Sartori. During his oenological studies of wine, Flavio found it increasingly hard to discover wine lovers who went beyond the usual suspects within the industry. Despite the breadth of wine, flavours and complex blends that can be found, the safety of big names and brands prevented new explorations for many wine collectors. Thus, in 2013, Flavio set about creating a brand that contained a variety of different products, each one with ingredients of the highest quality. However, rather than limit the offering of wines to simply Italy, Flavio set about pursuing the Asian markets where Italian wines are well-known and sought-after by astute consumers. With eight wines drawn from seven producers, the current portfolio of superior quality wines from Scuderia Italia has been tailored to suit the most known and appreciated Italian wines in the whole world, with a particular focus for the oriental markets. Where Italian wine is seen as the image of excellence, Flavio and his team are painting that image for Asian markets in new and exciting ways. What started with a collection of wines including a Barolo, Amarone, Brunello di Montalcino and Chianti, quickly expanded to include a Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore, Lugana, and a Cuvée. The firm is not exclusively aiming for exportation to Asia however, with several partnerships forming in Denmark, England, Jordan and across South America. The last few years have seen increased levels of collaboration in the forms of various international auctions, challenges and sponsored events. High level events at the Italian Cultural Institute in London have seen many Scuderia Italia wines sold, whilst they have also achieved gold medals in various categories at the Gilbert & Gaillard international challenge in France. Building strong foundations in Italy has also helped establish the firm as a serious supplier of fine wine collections. Positioning wines in important strategic areas has enabled the Scuderia Italia brand to enhance its own reputation, whilst domestic partnerships have continued to open doors at home. By utilising such superior quality of ingredients found across Italy, Scuderia Italia represents a unique take on a traditional industry. Despite still being in its relative infancy as a firm, Scuderia Italia’s focus remains squarely on searching for the highest quality of wine and exporting them to showcase the very best of what the country can offer. With a myriad of superior tasting wines proving that Italian wine is just as beautiful as the nation’s food, this fresh-faced firm under Flavio is continuing to spread the word of success. Company: Scuderia Italia Srl Contact: Flavio Sartori Website: e-mail: [email protected] Tel: +39 388 6219045