Global Excellence Awards 2019 Page 15 LUXlife 2019 Global Excellence Awards Being able to live and lead your best life takes time, dedication and reflection. Offering clients deeper insight into what aspirational gems lie within, Neelam Challoner of Designer Life Coaching brings something to the table beyond traditional methodologies. With a bespoke and idiosyncratic approach to her work, we took a closer look to find out more. Designer Life Coaching: Most Client-Focused Business & Lifestyle Coach 2019 For Neelam Challoner, life coaching is the achievement of a personal dream, one where she can change and transform peoples lives for the better. For those in high-powered positions, it’s possible to live in a perpetual grapple for balance and harmony between the various aspects of life. Through a tailored service, taking a holistic approach, Neelam redesigns the way people think to bring an improved vision to life. Since beginning coaching in 2004, Neelam has brought a personal and heartfelt approach to the high-end service she provides. Starting with a consultation, she can gain a clear image of where a client is, where they want to go and what they want to achieve. This is completed before any coaching engagement is agreed and leads into a journey that is jointly designed by both her and her client for their mutual benefit. Each client’s journey is unique, with a special blend of tools, models and intuition to release the potential in each individual and move them closer to their goals. The sessions take place in clean and comfortable locations, with appropriate essential oils or candles and high-quality snacks included. This multi-sensory approach comes from Neelam’s belief in creating the right atmosphere for inspiration to come to life. While some would end their responsibilities at the session, Neelam undertakes continual reviews to ensure that progress is as desired. This is just one part of her going the extra mile, as she keeps in contact with clients to make the most effective progress possible. It’s an approach that allows for a deep connection to be quickly built. Clients feel comfortable talking openly with her, and Neelam is likewise able to bring wisdom and inspiration from her own life experience to the table. The result is an effective ROI for those who want a life that is first designed, then created and finally lived. Not content to stay static, Neelam places a great deal of focus on continued personal development, spending time and money on masterclasses, workshops and ways of learning new techniques and coaching tools. As a member of the Association for Coaching, she has grown and developed professionally from qualified to accredited to an influencer in the industry. Her achievement of a Level 7 in Coaching and Mentoring, as well as attaining hours over 15 years to be a ‘Master Coach’, demonstrate the hard work she has put in to provide the best service for clients. Currently, Neelam is looking to coach department heads in various businesses to become ‘change-makers’ in their own organisations. This would allow her approach to spread quickly through organisations. Similarly, a focus on business owners and Solo-Prenuers is at the forefront of Neelam’s plans, developing a growing market. Another plan that is in development is a Coaching App that could bring a global change to how people communicate, broadening her reach to a wider audience with the dream of a million downloads. In a world where more and more people want access to a luxury lifestyle, where freedom and choice are at the heart of how they live and work, the biggest challenge can be working out how best to reach that point. Neelam can make this happen for any of her clients, providing they will do what it takes to reach that point. Lifechanging in every sense of the word, the impact that Neelam has on her clients is indescribable. Company: Designer Life Coaching Contact: Neelam Challoner