Global Excellence Awards 2021

Page 24 LUX 2021 Global Excellence Awards Spray tanning tends to have a bad reputation. When you think about spray tanning, many think of chemically induced radiation and cancerous substances that ruin the skin. However, there is an alternative, organic way to get that glow without breaking the bank or your body. Nationally recognized as the Best Organic Spray Tanning Specialists, Organic Bronze Bar (OBB) is a luxury spray tanning salon that offers a healthier alternative across six locations and online. Organic Bronze Bar Best Organic Spray Tanning Specialists - Oregon Nov21524 Clients at Organic Bronze Bar (OBB) are offered an organic alternative to traditional tanning salons that damage skin cells and produce cancerous effects. The salon can give a sun-kissed look without the dangers of UV rays or chemical spray tans that often break the bank along with the body. The difference between competing salons and OBB is its carefully crafted formula that is clean-crated, small-batched and utterly bespoke to its client’s skin tone. A radiating experience without the damage and entirely customizable – meaning that clients can adjust their formula seasonally, to refresh the skin through any time of year. Clients can achieve a gorgeous ‘summer in Maldives’ glow without looking in the typically stereotyped ‘orange’ shade that is often a worry amongst the stigma of spray tanning. While it sounds like a dream, OBB ensures its reality with even more trendsetting benefits with zero off-putting scents or streaking. In addition, their organic spray tans fade naturally just like skin would do with an authentic suntan, further enrapturing the idea of a wholly organic and natural-looking spray tan – pushing away all taboo opinions with the push of a bottle. OBB products take less than 15 minutes to apply, and shortly after, customers will be walking down the street glowing with confidence, a look that will last up to 10 days depending on a client’s personal hygiene and activities. Other great attributes within the OBB formula are that it’s completely vegan and cruelty-free with absolutely no sulfates, appealing to the health and environmentally conscious people of the 21st century along with the beauty gurus of the online community and industryleading professionals. Founder Danielle Van Auken believes OBB’s healthy alternative to spray tanning can serve various communities as, naturally, tanning bed salons continue to be regulated and/or closed down. For OBB, the salon is focused on the importance of the brand reputation with the aim to expand and grow the franchise. In doing so, OBB proudly offers its service, contributing to the well-being of others and individuals looking for a healthier concept to invest in. Zero junk – it’s the driving factor that allows OBB to create its products and expand its reputation within the beauty industry. Hence, all its products are made using all-natural and organic ingredients that provide a radiant look and aid in the anti-ageing effects. OBB utilizes the healing properties of several key components such as acai berry extract, goji berry extract, goldenseal extract, ginger root, fucus brown algae, green tea extract, Indian fig, lavender essential oil, marigold extract, seaweed extract, rosehip extract and more, to provide their one of a kind, natural and organic products. A dream come true product that is available across several locations, and if you’re not in the area, OBB offers its service onlinebringing the sun-kissed glow right to your door. Nationally recognized as the Best Organic Spray Tanning Specialist, OBB is taking on the taboo of spray tanning, one natural glow at a time. Website: Instagram: @organicbronzebar_PDX Facebook: OrganicBronzebar Portland