Hospitality Awards 2019

Page 108 LUXlife 2019 Global Hospitality Awards Finally Free Productions: Best Gaming App Developers - USA Founded in 2014, Finally Free Productions has since been devoted to crafting stories and creating experiences that both educate and inspire. Working primarily with start- ups, entrepreneurs, business owners and established enterprises, they have forged a remarkable reputation in a highly in-demand, and ever growing, industry. Ultimately, as Saj explains, “Finally Free Productions was created with one goal in mind: to help businesses and enterprises launch successful web and mobile applications that are loved by users all at an affordable cost.” In that they have surely succeeded. Whilst the firm’s team understand that any solution can be built quickly and generically, they are committed to giving their customers -simply- more for their money. It’s been an effective ethos, one that puts the client and their growth and future success at the very centre of Finally Free’s operations. Nowhere is this more evident than the firm’s work in the hospitality market. “Finally Free focuses on building custom solutions. We offer services at a fraction of the industry standard and we specialize in mobile application Based in Brooklyn, Finally Free Productions is an innovative company specialising in mobile app development, website development, and game development. We spoke to the firm’s CEO, Saj Zaman, to learn more about the innovative technology it develops and how it is creating unique gaming experiences for users around the world. development (iOS, Android, Windows or Cross-Platform), game development, app prototype development, app design, website design and custom software development. We heavily focus on UI and UX to ensure all end products are modern, clean and user friendly. “Our process is comprehensive and unequivocal: we get to know our clients so we can craft the most memorable experience for their audience. Our team is extremely motivated and will work tirelessly to make sure we understand their vision and extract it exactly the way they want, if not better.” Operating collaboratively, the firm is able to support the client throughout the process and ensure that they enjoy the best possible client service, as well as a cutting-edge technological solution. Thanks to this innovative approach, the firm boasts a vast plethora of satisfied clients, and a client base that only grows with each passing year. As the CEO of Finally Free Productions it is Saj’s goal to ensure that all of his staff understand the core vision of the company - to grow throughout the country while catering to bootstrapped start-ups that don’t have a large budget and help them get to market as soon as possible. Specifically, within the game development space, for which the firm was recognised in this year’s Hospitality Awards, Finally Free Productions is able to use its skill and experience to take any gaming idea to the next level and create a unique product that will stand out from the crowd. The firm’s experts build spectacular 2D and 3D multiplayer games focused on addictive gameplay. Be it unity games, multi-platform solutions or mobile app games, the firm can support any client and create them a one-of-a-kind solution that makes their gaming dreams into a reality. Boasting wide-ranging technology experience, Finally Free Productions’ team can offer clients any technology stack they could possibly require, enabling them to create their perfect gaming product. It’s important, throughout all of this, to keep Finally Free Productions values in mind as they look to reinvent ‘best’ practices in the software industry. In a market that is so oversaturated, they have differentiated themselves through their founding ethos, realising that start-ups are a relatively niche market to make their mark and establish their reputation. As we come to the close of the interview Saj offers more insight: “The standard cost of building an app in 2019 ranges anywhere between $30,000 - $100,000+. Most of our competitors charge their customers north of $100,000 to build a simple app and still don’t build these solutions in the USA. They outsource their work to warehouses overseas and have incredibly inexperienced and inexpensive developers working on their client’s projects. This hurts both the quality and budget of the client. Keeping the current state of the tech industry in mind, our goal is to offer significantly affordable app and software solutions while developing high quality products in-house at our offices in the USA.” Finally, when it comes to future developments for the company, Finally Free is aiming to launch their own app before the year’s close, as Saj moves to discuss in his closing comments. “This will be a huge milestone for us as we are a forward-thinking company and progress through the trends of technology. Our app will help streamline all of our existing and future client’s needs. Our clients will be able to use our app to track live progress updates of their project and also communicate with us effortlessly all through the app. Other than that, we welcome people to reach out to us if they want a free consultation/ assessment for their project/ app idea!” Company: Finally Free Productions Website: Contact: Saj Zaman “We build the best products, use local resources to inspire and implement affordable solutions for start-ups, businesses both big and small, and entrepreneurs; while keeping curiosity as the cornerstone of our brand.”