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Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Phone: +44 (0) 203 970 0018 Website: Following a successful inaugural edition in 2022, LUXlife is thrilled to reveal this awards programme is back with a splash for its second year running! The Nautical Tourism Awards 2023 celebrates those exceeding within the nautical, coastal, and marine tourism markets. Yacht charters, water sports companies and fishing expeditions are a few of the diverse areas featured in the programme. The award adopts a broad perspective of the industry and is therefore able to recognise many companies which are often overlooked. With this approach, LUXlife can spotlight remarkable businesses the world over who are helping this dynamic industry reach new heights. So, no matter your specialism, we guarantee that the Nautical Tourism Awards 2023 is the place for you. Over recent years, the Nautical Tourism industry has demonstrated an important skill: adaptability. Businesses across the industry have been able to overcome a surplus of challenges, from pandemic-mandated travel restrictions to increasing attention on climate-friendly practices. Innovation is vital for the industry, and with many companies embracing technological advancements and sustainable initiatives, this is the perfect time for the Nautical Tourism industry to shine. Welcome to our Nautical Tourism Awards 2023

4. Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club: Best Local Yacht & Dinghy Club 2023 - Bermuda 6. N. Absolute Consulting: Best Marina ManagementConsultancy 2023 - Greece 8. Bonaire Yacht Charters: Best Luxury Catamaran Charter Company 2023 - Bonaire 9. Vintage Days Out: Best Luxury Thames Boating Experiences Company 2023 10. Lantau Yacht Club: Best Super Yacht Marina 2023 – Hong Kong 11. Falcon Tenders Ltd: Best Custom Superyacht Tender Builders 2023 12. Yacht Cruise Company: Best Boutique Cruise Agency 2023 - Europe 13. Prima Sailing Charter Agency: Best Sailing Yacht Charter Agency 2023 - Europe 14. Roditis Yachting: Yacht Agency of the Year 2023 - Eastern Mediterranean 15. TravelFun.Biz: Best Travel Agent Training Program 2023 - USA 16. Island Cruising New Zealand: Best Yacht Cruising Rally Experience 2023 - South Pacific Contents

Jun22596 4 | LUXlife Magazine The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club was formed with Joseph Trimingham as the first Commodore, and it is likely that the club’s early meetings were held in his home. Originally established as a gentlemen’s lunch club, sailing was just one of the events that the group partook in, with the others being tennis, snooker, and social events. When the club garnered its royal title in 1883, a unique white flag was designed in the traditional style of British yachting clubs of the period, with this being curated specifically for Royal Hamilton’s exclusive use. In 1890, a mere seven years after receiving this honour, legislation was changed regarding governing titles, and it was decided that this privilege would be given only to remaining monarchs. As such, the royal moniker was unfortunately dropped. At the same time, however, memberships were extended to include a social club, and the members set about finding a suitable clubhouse. March of that year saw some rooms taken over on the second floor of a house on the corner of Reid and Queen Street in the Hamilton area, thus birthing the first Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club clubhouse. 1896 saw “Amateur” dropped from the title of the club, and the name Hamilton Dinghy Club stuck until 1953. Along with this change, a new logo was curated along with a corresponding burgee, which saw the adoption of the red ensign of the monarch service complete with a gold anchor and the letters HDC etched underneath. In 1946, the decision was made to again reach out to the British royal family, with the purpose of confirmation for the grant that was received by H.R. H. Princess Louise back in 1883. Oct23382 Best Local Yacht & Dinghy Club 2023 - Bermuda Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club’s impressive history dates back to 1882, where it was established following the successes of the Fitted Dinghy races that were held by the Hamilton school and headmaster Charles E. Clay. The only dinghy sailing club in the world to have the title “Royal” bestowed upon in it, this remarkable achievement occurred the following year in 1883, when H. R. H. Princess Louise, Marchioness of Lorne, was holidaying in Bermuda for the winter. Since 1964, the club has occupied “Mangroville”, where it boasts a clubhouse that is used for an array of functions, a beautiful marina which stretches out into the ocean and is home to some magnificent vessels, as well as boat storage and car parking. We catch up with Cassius Fevriere, to find out more about the club’s illustrious history and what membership entails. Confirmation would officially be received in 1953, shortly after Queen Elizabeth II was crowned, and on June 4th that year, a ceremony was held at the Hamilton clubhouse premises, whereby the Governor, Lt. Gen. Sir Alexander Hood, G.B.E., C.B., K.C.B., C.B., K.C.V.O., officiated and restored the prestigious royal title to the club, once again making it the world’s only royal dinghy club. In 1954, the name was again changed, officially christening it “The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club”, representing things coming full circle for the club, more than 60 years after it first opened its doors. With this prestigious history to boot, the social club today serves members across Bermuda’s communities, and as such, its membership ranges from children to adults, and appeals particularly to sailors of all ages and experience levels. Its membership is based on current members recruiting their family and friends, and taking advantage of the excellent sailing classes that are offered all year round at the club and marina. To this end, the club has made it its mission to encourage and promote Bermuda Fitted Dinghy racing in the area. This mission also extends to the encouragement and promotion of all other sailing and boating activities in a safe and professional manner, with the same going for the use of the wider marina facilities for all berth owners and renters, providing social and recreational amenities for members that are of the highest calibre. All of this starts with the team at the club, who, as Cassius describes, “are the heartbeat of the business.” The sailing programmes offered for children and adults by

the club’s sailing director and his team are world-class, and so too is the dock and marina management, carried out by the dockmaster, and the food and beverage service offered by the F&B team and bolstered by the administration team. Cassius explains, “we function as a well-oiled machine, and every team member’s contribution is recognised and appreciated by our membership as well as our management committee.” Despite this stellar team, the past three years have been incredibly difficult as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, yet the club is proud to announce that its membership numbers have remained strong, and that once again, an uptick in mobility growth is being experienced across the club, marina, and its relevant services. In recent years, the team have also doubled down on their commitment to helping foster a clean and sustainable environment, one footprint at a time. To this end, a number of green initiatives have been implemented, such as solar panels, eco-friendly supplies, energy-saving lights, a marina waste management system, “Annual Marina Clean-up Day”, recycling bins, herb gardens, and the preservation of the woodland reserve area. Through these initiatives, the club has expressed a proactive approach to taking care of the picturesque location in which it is situated, ensuring its beauty for generations to come. Looking ahead to the future, challenges the club is likely will stem from the expanding of its clubhouse and facilities as its membership numbers continue to grow. With these numbers on the rise, the club will at some point have to develop its offerings, with the team hoping to be able to offer rowing and other similar marine-based activities to appeal a broader demographic. As well as expanding its activity offerings, plans are also in place to include sleeping facilities, enabling the possibility for the club to cater to overseas members as well those residing on the island. In the more near future, the club is currently in the process of gearing up for the 2024 Newport to Bermuda race, as well as the Annapolis to Bermuda ocean crossing, which are both set to be held in June. Plans have been confirmed and registration is now open for participants, with the 2024 iteration of the former race representing the 53rd outing since its founding back in 1906. Ultimately, with everything set to be going on in the next few months and plans for expansion and development in the pipeline, there has never been a better time to join Royal Hamilton and experience its excellence first-hand. With an unrivalled history, one-of-a-kind royal status, and a fantastic location to boot, Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club has solidified itself as Bermuda’s premier dinghy club. For those seeking membership at the club, there a host of benefits to signing up, including access to all of the club’s function rooms, unique dining experiences, exclusive promotions, social nights, and privileges for boat owners such as a year-round sailing programme and access to marina amenities. Keeping all of this in mind, the group is more than deserving of this award, celebrating its brilliance as Bermuda’s best local yacht and dinghy club for 2023. Contact: Cassius Fevriere Company: Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club Web Address:

6 | LUXlife Magazine ased in Athens, Greece, N. Absolute Consulting is dedicated to assisting clients in the ownership and management of marinas to optimise their performance. Founder Pavlos Gyparakis supports marina owners and managers to streamline the running of their operations, reduce costs, and drive profitability. N. Absolute Consulting is unique in that several team members are themselves marina operators and managers. By utilising their combined knowledge, the team can provide a total solution for the design and implementation of hardware, software, and training services. Company executives possess extensive experience in marina management, marina development, procedures for building marinas, financial analysis, tax analysis, human resource management, and information technology services. The business has developed an innovative methodology that relies on financial data to make accurate projections and find the optimal strategy to increase marina efficiency. With over 30 years’ experience in the marina industry, N. Absolute Consulting provides integrated solutions to manage and restructure marinas using its pioneering management systems. The company’s management system supplies clients with all the necessary information to make informed business decisions that nurture their marinas development. One important aspect of the system is the continuous monitoring of set goals to ensure all objectives are working towards optimising marina performance. The business’s management tool encompasses many components including the reorganisation of marina departments, process control systems, data collection information systems, data security systems, remote control systems, knowledge management systems, and much more. This advanced management tool can be tailored to meet every marina’s requirements, whether that be a complete restructuring or finetuning of their systems. To provide its comprehensive management tool, N. Absolute Consulting collaborates with several trusted partners to deliver the best possible results. Eunice S.A. is an innovator of IoT solutions dedicated to designing and implementing IoT projects in Power Management and Sustainability to address the challenges of integrating systems. The business focuses on interoperability requirements to connect individual systems and environments. N. Absolute Consulting also works with Hexasystems S.A., a company that integrates and configures N. Absolute management systems and the Eunice S.A. IoT platform. Although its management system is made possible through associate Best Marina Management Consultancy 2023 - Greece Established in 1993, N. Absolute Consulting specialises in port and marina solutions, offering consulting services to assist clients with the ownership and management of their marinas. By utilising an advanced methodology, the company determinestheidealstrategytoenhanceefficiencyandincreaseprofits.N.AbsoluteConsultingisdedicatedtosupporting new and existing owners with optimising marina performance and has received a Nautical Tourism Award for this year’s Best Marina Management Consultancy – Greece. partnerships, N. Absolute Consulting maintains overall responsibility for the recommendation, design, and implementation of all solutions. Since its inception, N. Absolute Consulting has remained committed to its mission to achieve absolute satisfaction for its valued clientele. The business tailors its high-quality services to meet customer demands and provides its partners with the appropriate training to design and implement its turnkey solutions. With the team’s continuous support, N. Absolute Consulting monitors its projects to deliver clients their desired results. With specially designed training programs, the business ensures that marina personnel possess the necessary skills to manage their business operations. Consultants at N. Absolute Consulting collaborate with clients in the formation of these programs to ensure that training meets customers’ specific needs and improves business efficiency. The business maintains contact with clients to follow up on its personnel's development and ensure that businesses have been positively impacted by its services. Several members of the N. Absolute Consulting team have worked for their departments for more than 20 years. Their in-depth expertise in the marina industry allows them to fully understand customers’ unique challenges. When recruiting new staff, the business encourages employees to immerse themselves in the marina environment and develop their knowledge of the ever-changing sector. N. Absolute Consulting has achieved success through its teams’ combined expertise and ability to actively listen to customers’ evolving requirements. The company is excited to share the development of its new products which utilise AI technology. N. Absolute Consulting has recently finished a pilot category product, designed to manage its email correspondence and other communications with customers. The business has become renowned for its quality marina solutions and, until now, has gained exposure from client testimonials. The company is now expanding its operations outside of Greece and generating brand awareness to reach broader target audiences. N. Absolute Consulting is currently establishing strong relationships with marinas in France and Italy. For over 30 years, N. Absolute Consulting has delivered marina operation and management services to ensure the smooth operation of clients’ businesses. The company is dedicated to achieving complete customer satisfaction by tailoring its unique services to meet clients’ individual needs. Through its advanced management system, the team can manage B • Oct23417

Food & Drink Awards 2023 | 7 Absolute Consulting has received our award for this year’s Best Marina Management Consultancy – Greece. Management Tools & Products •Marina Management Tool • Smart Marina Metering System for Electricity and Water consumption. • AI Context-Driven Analysis Contact: Pavlos Gypareakis Company: N. Absolute Consulting Web Address: and restructure marinas to enhance their efficiency and increase profits. By processing financial data, the company’s innovative methodology can determine the best strategy to optimise a marina’s performance. N. Absolute Consulting has achieved success thanks to the resilience and expertise of its hard-working team, and under the leadership of Founder Pavlos Gyparakis, will continue to assist new and existing clients with the ownership and management of their esteemed businesses. With continued innovation and the introduction of AI technology, the business will develop more pioneering products to streamline clients’ business operations and enhance efficiency. It is N. Absolute Consulting’s mission to further develop its advanced technology and unique services to serve the marina industry for years to come. For its outstanding services, N.

8 | LUXlife Magazine Best Luxury Catamaran Charter Company 2023 - Bonaire Based in the Caribbean, Bonaire Yacht Charters is a privately owned catamaran charter operator. Its team of sailing professionals offers travellers premier sailing experiences around the beautiful island of Bonaire and plans unforgettable daysoutforguests.Astheisland’sonlysolar-poweredcatamaran,thebusinessdeliversaluxurious,eco-friendlyexperience that never compromises on comfort. Bonaire Yacht Charters offers guests memorable journeys and has received our award for this year’s Best Luxury Catamaran Charter Company – Bonaire. Bonaire Yacht Charters boasts the newest, most spacious catamaran on the island, tailored to provide incredible experiences to its visiting clientele. The Catamaran 'Maxim' is a 2022 Lagoon 46, designed to combine high performance with the luxuries of home. These unique journeys cater to everyone from adventure-seeking vacationers to eco-conscious travellers. The business is unique in its commitment to environmental responsibility and provides a sustainable sailing experience with its solar-powered catamaran. Bonaire Yacht Charters prides itself on offering a personalised touch by ensuring every reservation meets guests’ specific needs. The team prioritises attention to detail, guaranteeing that the vessel is in pristine condition and that bespoke itineraries have been created for the day. On a catamaran sailing charter, guests are hosted by an experienced captain and stewardess. They show visitors around on board and discuss their unique wishes for a perfect sailing experience. From a premium bar and local fresh fish to water sports, the team can organise personalised activities for any group. The onboard crew ensures that guests have healthy and tasty treats along with refreshing drinks. On the ‘Discover Bonaire Sail & Sea’ and ‘Full Day Sail’ charters, guests are served a delicious lunch or BBQ to tantalise their tastebuds. The ‘Fine Dining Catamaran Cruise’ experience involves chefs creating and serving a four-course Caribbean dinner including wine pairing. Bonaire also offers a variety of water sports activities such as paddle boarding, scuba diving, snorkelling, and much more. The team can organise these activities for the enjoyment of their thrill-seeking guests. The island of Bonaire has over 200 cruise ships arriving annually and daily flights from the US, Canada, neighbouring islands, and the Netherlands. Bonaire Yacht Charters caters to families, couples, and travel groups with an average age of 30-65 years old. The company has found that this demographic appreciates the individual attention and high-quality service that Bonaire Yacht Charters has to offer. The business prefers a personal touch and handles each reservation in person or over the phone. Guests are welcome to visit the marina to view the boat and after booking, they receive a personal pickup from the cruise port. One valued guest, Joanne Rae, shares, “We had an unforgettable day on the ocean. Our extended family of 14, ranging in age from 14 months to 66 years, had a fabulous day with Bonaire Yacht Charters. Agnes was a delight to deal with; she was very responsive and professional. Rowan and Jeanne completed the onboard team, and it was five stars. I highly recommend this company for a private catamaran yacht tour in Bonaire.” The team is comprised of four sailing professionals and travel enthusiasts dedicated to delivering complete guest satisfaction. Staff are passionate about hosting guests and helping them plan a once in a lifetime experience. All the team members have hospitality and maritime experience and have developed a vast knowledge of Bonaire and the yachting industry. Bonaire is a Blue Destination, meaning that the island protects its natural resources and helps local businesses remain sustainable. Bonaire Yacht Charters contributes to this initiative by participating in the One Hour Clean Up Power movement every Saturday. Together the team collects debris that washes to shore and is a threat to the local fauna. In the future, Bonaire Yacht Charters aims to expand its fleet with quality yachts and leisure boats to provide more extraordinary travel experiences. The team currently works with the TCB (Tourism Corporation Bonaire) and local hotels and resorts to offer guests unique charters. Bonaire Yacht Charters hopes to work in collaboration with more businesses for the benefit of tourism on the island. Bonaire Yacht Charters is passionate about providing exquisite sailing experiences that display the island’s natural beauty. The business is unique in its commitment to sustainability and is proud to support eco-friendly initiatives that protect the island’s natural resources and help local businesses. With its experienced team and luxurious catamaran, Bonaire Yacht Charters can tailor its amazing charters to the wishes of its valued guests, consistently delivering memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Bonaire Yacht Charters has received a Nautical Tourism Award for this year’s Best Luxury Catamaran Charter Company – Bonaire. Contact: Agnes Mazee Company: Bonaire Yacht Charters Web Address:

9 | LUXlife Magazine intage Days Out is located only 30 minutes from central London, so you can be enjoying a truly unspoilt and idyllic stretch of this river in no time at all. If you are looking for an exceptional and quintessentially English day out, then look no further. The classic style provided by Vintage Days Out combined with the romance of the Thames creates the ultimate experience in extravagance. Everything Vintage Days Out do has that personal touch as they pride themselves on being attentive to their clients’ every need. Vintage Days Out can arrange a door to door service to and from your hotel or residence, whether that be in London or elsewhere. For the more independent traveller there are superb rail links where you would be met from the train on arrival. Vintage Days Out specialise in a full bespoke, luxury experience that can range from a personal cruise for two (maybe as a venue for a special proposal) to 12 guests, to a private dining experience up to eight people, or as a corporate meeting venue. Vintage Days Out can host it all. The vintage experience with modern facilities is the perfect mix of period surroundings but with a modern bathroom and Wi-Fi on board. Working with one of Oxford’s top chefs, the gourmet food options available to enjoy on board are truly sumptuous. From coffee and pastries on arrival to canapés, lunches, picnics, cream teas, afternoon teas, champagne afternoon teas, through to private dining with the chef on board, Vintage Days Out can cater for all tastes. Everything is served on English Bone China, with silver cutlery and vintage glassware, keeping the luxury standard throughout. Choose from a range of champagne or classic vintage cocktails whilst you cruise serenely along the river, enjoying the glamour of a bygone era. Alternatively, the boat can make a stop at any number of exquisite riverside dining venues. It’s worth mentioning that Vintage Days Out is also very family friendly, children of all ages are safe to move about the boat and get involved in learning the operation of the boat and the locks. The boat itself has an interesting history. Built in 1933, The Charles Cooper Henderson is one of the famous Dunkirk Little Ships that rescued thousands of soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940. She is also Britain’s longest serving lifeboat, steeped in history and stories that make her quite possibly one of the most famous boats on the river today. This is one very special boat with written testimony from her skipper at Dunkirk that gives an insight into her many adventures. Best Luxury Thames Boating Experiences Company 2023 Sir Winston Churchill once said, ‘The Thames is no ordinary waterway, it is the golden thread of our nation’s history.’ There couldn’t be a more luxurious and relaxing way of passing through some of the most stunning countryside, towns, and villages that the Oxfordshire/Berkshire border has to offer, than on your very own privately chartered cruise on a truly famous historic boat. Having spent most of her life saving others, recently restored to a luxury standard, she now enjoys retirement hosting discerning travellers and visitors alike. You will have the opportunity to learn more about this famous boat… or maybe even helm her. Vintage Days Out also offers private charter experiences for some of the most spectacular events on the river. Your private boat would provide you the best seats in the house at events such as (but not limited to) the Women’s Regatta, Henley Festival, or the world famous Henley Royal Regatta, guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience. Not only on the Thames, but along the Thames…. Vintage Days Out can offer their privately chauffeured 1933 Rolls Royce, either to and from the boat or for one of their other exclusive experiences. Be transported to the birthplace of Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace, to be hosted and shown behind the scenes by the 11th Duke of Marlborough’s personal butler or visit one of England’s oldest vineyards to be privately hosted by the owning family, or perhaps a behind the scenes VIP experience to some of the most historical sites in Oxford. All of these and many more, rest assured that Vintage Days Out does it in true style. Delighted guests are the best ambassadors for Vintage Days Out. Check out their website to see some of their outstanding reviews. Contact: Richard Prunier Company: Vintage Days Out Web Address: V

Food & Drink Awards 2023 | 10 Builttoexceptionalstandards,LantauYachtClub’s148-berth marina is one of few in its region that caters to superyachts. Withanofferingthatistyphoon-proofandfullyequippedwith the latest technologies, owners are not only provided with peace of mind, but a location bolstered by stunning views of lush green, mountains, and miles of open South China Sea. This premium, members-only club also boasts world-class mooringfacilitiesandluxuryamenities,availabletobemade use of by members who comprise the local leisure boating community and superyacht owners from across the globe. WespeakwithMembershipandMarketingManagerStafanie Chiu, in order to find out more about the club and its aweinspiring marina that serves as one of the world’s premier destinations to moor a yacht. Best Super Yacht Marina 2023 – Hong Kong Also located next to the marina is a service yard that promises to take care of a client’s vessel in the same way they would, providing a haul out service by a 45-tonne travel lift and an ability to forklift 10 tonnes, in addition to dry stack and hard stand capacity that can accommodate boats up to 17m long. Housed within the yard is the club’s trusted service partners, with these offering full maintenance and repairs, once more allowing guests and members to rest easy. This area is also fitted with individual storage lockers, enabling yachts to be freed from clutter with belongings stored in a safe, secure, and constantly monitored location. In addition to the above facilities, LYC members are among a select few who are afforded the ability to experience first-hand the luxury, leisurely lifestyle offered by Discovery Bay, complete with invitations to enjoy exclusive access to the clubs and hotels and an array of special offers. A choice selection of these perks include the ability to play on the 27-hole golf course in Discovery Bay Golf Club, access to the comprehensive sports and leisure facilities present at Discovery Bay Recreation Club, the infinity pool at Club Siena, and the spa and delicacies at the Aubergine Discovery Bay Hong Kong seaside resort. Since Hong Kong is one of Asia’s biggest boating centres, it serves as the perfect destination for cruising, complete with classical architecture, islands, and beaches that are riveting to explore. For those seeking a convenient place to start or end a seafaring adventure, look no further than Lantau Yacht Club’s private marina, which not only boasts all of the amenities one would expect, but adds a touch of class and marvellous views to a prime mooring location for yachts and superyachts alike. General enquiries: [email protected] Membership enquiries: [email protected] Company: Lantau Yacht Club Web Address: ocated in the tranquil Discovery Bay on Lantau Island, Lantau Yacht Club (LYC) is Hong Kong’s only private marina club, providing members with a 100m berth for their vessels, the longest available within the private marina club market. As the newest private marina opened in Hong Kong in the last 20 years, the best facilities are available here, inclusive of 5-metre-wide concrete pontoons, service pedestals for individual electricity and water, and 3-phase shore power up to 380V or 600A. Although a private club, every year owners of suitable yachts and superyachts are invited to enjoy the marina’s facilities through the “yachtcation” programme, which also includes access to LYC’s clubhouse. Serving as the ideal position to either explore China or begin a journey across Asia and beyond, LYC’s marina was awarded the 5 Gold Anchor accreditation on its first anniversary in September 2021, underpinning its excellent services and luxurious facilities. The vision of the club is ultimately to offer premium yachting facilities and become Hong Kong’s preferred destination for mooring and yacht club membership. Moreover, there are a series of core missions that LYC strives to uphold every day, including building a sense of belonging for members, promoting yachting in the region, and offering a world-class marina with top-notch services. Just outside of the marina is the beautiful LYC Clubhouse, which offers patrons a cosy and relaxing ambience akin to that of a European summer getaway. Within the clubhouse is the exquisite Caffè Napoli, as well as a bar brimming with tropical cocktails, specialty wine, and local cuisine. Moreover, a host of exclusive luxury areas can be found, with these including a private dining room, entertainment room, lawn, and BBQ area, all nicely complemented with spectacular views of the marina. Here, members are free to host exclusive events, and the facility acts as the perfect place to either relax after sailing, or host business and leisure events. L

Best Custom Superyacht Tender Builders 2023 Underpinned by British craftsmanship, Falcon Tenders Ltd. is the apex builder of high-performance superyacht tenders, striving to bring heritage boatbuilding to the bespoke yacht tender market. Producing custom limousines and open crewed launches for the most discerning of yacht owners, the company prides itself on the quality of its products, which are crafted with passion and designed to inspire. Established in 2020, Falcon Tenders is headed by Directors Mark Pascoe and Dean Stoneman, both well-known figures in the fields of boatbuilding and powerboat racing. The company gets its name from Mark’s role in building two custom tenders for the iconic S/Y Maltese Falcon in 2005. Together, the pair lead a highly skilled workforce with 150 years of combined experience in traditional shipbuilding, who have collectively built hundreds of tenders for some of the world’s most impressive superyachts. Over the last 25 years, the Falcon Tenders team have honed a broad range of techniques and skills that enable them to build the company’s comfortable and high-performing tenders. With their diverse and unrivalled skillsets, the company is able to offer products that combine ingenious design with bespoke workmanship, delivering unparalleled quality. In everything they do, the team are truly driven by a genuine passion and desire to create something special. Today, Falcon Tenders is proud to design, develop, and manufacture the finest yacht tenders in its Southampton-based custom composites manufacturing facility. Thanks to its outstanding team, the company delivers the quality finish of a small family business, whilst operating at a larger scale. Falcon Tenders serves clients that demand products made with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail. To deliver this, the company sources the finest exterior waterproof fabrics from Mariaflora, which are delightful when combined with the interesting textures and details of Foglizzo leather, marble work surfaces, macassar ebony veneers, and natural slate flooring. Moreover, at Falcon Tenders, all components, fixtures, and fittings are carefully selected for their high quality, delivering the utmost longevity. They are faired and painted in high gloss Black Blue and Signal White, before the tender is assembled using industry best practices to meet full superyacht standards. Furthermore, all fabrications and stainlesssteel items are custom made using 316 (A480) grade stainless steel, then passivated and mirror polished. In assembly, the company uses A4-80 grade stainless steel torx fasteners. To deliver serviceability, Falcon Tenders ensures that the tender’s primary and electrical systems are clearly labelled and that corresponding drawings are supplied. This makes maintenance, fault finding, and repair much more straightforward and efficient for the client’s onsite service engineers and yacht crew. Alongside quality, Falcon Tenders is also committed to sustainability in its manufacturing processes, which not only appeals to the younger generation of modern yacht owners but will also be relevant to the owners of tomorrow. For this reason, the company’s main structures and small component mouldings are made with plant-based epoxy resin, which is the product of the latest innovations in biobased chemistry. Additionally, the industry has recently seen an increase in demand for hybrid and fully electric technology. As a custom builder, Falcon Tenders is easily able to diversify its products to incorporate the latest advancements in hybrid and electric propulsion technologies. The company is also currently investigating hydrogen powered options for its products. As a result of its outstanding custom tenders, Falcon Tenders has been named Best Custom Superyacht Tender Builders in the British Made Awards 2023. The company is proud to have launched two completely unique limousine tenders to the market, designed by the prominent studio of Michael Leach Design. In the coming years, Falcon Tenders looks forward to engaging in a number of further collaborations with high-profile superyacht designers. On this, Mark comments, “We have attracted some of the world’s top design studios to join us on this exciting journey, and to help us achieve our goal to deliver the finest bespoke tenders to owners and their crews, ranging from 5 metres up to 18 metres.” Contact: Mark Pascoe [email protected] Company: Falcon Tenders Ltd Web Address:

12 | LUXlife Magazine Best Boutique Cruise Agency 2023 - Europe The Netherlandish business Yacht Cruise Company is a specialist cruise agency that promotes small ship cruises worldwide. It offers a boutique service that enables customers to revel in the sort of unique itineraries that the large vessel cruise companies can’t come close to. It delights in being able to serve like-minded travellers with top quality, high-end cruises that exist off the beaten path, and far away from the masses. It is often said that less is more, and for the Netherland’s Yacht Crise Company company that is a notion that certainly rings true. Its small ship, boutique cruises are designed to provide remarkable holiday memories that embrace personal, intimate experiences, and cater to the diverse needs of an expansive clientele. From private yachts to state-of-the-art smallsize cruise ships, the Yacht Cruise Company specializes in luxury cruises that make sure noone is lost in the crowd. The blissful opportunities the Yacht Cruise Company can offer include the chance to visit quaint little ports that are unfrequented and often even unreachable by the larger cruise ships. The company’s partners are capable of navigating their relatively small cruise ships with ease to unique and beautiful destinations. Once there, in most cases there will be a shore excursion to enjoy, and during the sea cruises there will often be swim stops in idyllic locations. The Yacht Cruise Company offers a wide range of world cruises, all with different sorts of vessels. There is a full range of sophisticated cabins to choose from, and various amenities onboard including, of course, the obligatory fine gourmet meals that are served daily. Come the end of the day, who doesn’t enjoy gazing across the water to watch the setting sun, preferably with a glass of something bubbly in your hand? The Yacht Cruise Company is delighted to be able to offer a new way to cruise, with diverse destinations, and enticing itineraries whether cruising on rivers or oceans. All with the comfortable accommodation and service one would expect from a boutique hotel. All cruise adventures are handled by an impeccable crew, dedicated to treating travellers to the highest quality experience. The Yacht Cruise Company prides itself on offering refined cruises on board small ships. Its philosophy embraces the extraordinary and adventurous as well as celebrating exclusivity as opposed to mass travel arrangements. Many of the company’s staff themselves are cruise aficionados, and can often be found aboard a partner vessel, either enjoying their own holiday, or simply getting to know the ships fully so as to better advise their clients. This kind of intrinsic knowledge is exactly what you would hope to get from a specialist company, and also provides customers with dependable and reliable knowledge that can be personally guaranteed. The Yacht Cruise Company focuses on exploring the world from aboard various types of bespoke yachts. The comfortable accommodation its selected partner’s provide ranges from the hotel equivalent of 4-star to sometimes even as much as 6-star level. It seeks out cruise lines to work with that constantly strive to offer interesting and attractive itineraries, both on river cruises and sea cruises. After it has found and settled on a suitable partner cruise line company, the next step for the Yacht Cruise Company is to get to know the itineraries and destinations on offer. Whilst this can sometimes present a challenge, it is always incredibly interesting work to undertake. Ultimately, the Yacht Cruise Company just wants to charm and delight its wonderful clients. To do this it offers as many different sorts of cruises as it can, with an ever-growing range of different but always high-class vessels. It also offers special themed cruises for travellers with specific interests. This might involve travelling to the Arctic or Antarctica on an expedition ship, or even taking a sailing holiday on a mega yacht with a professional crew. How ever it can help a client to find the right cruise for them, it is happy to help. The inspiring Yacht Cruise Company has been named as the Best Boutique Cruise Agency 2023 – Europe, and it’s easy to see why. With its boutique cruises offering ‘a new way of cruising’, it is opening up such travel experiences to a whole new audience. Contact Details Company: Yacht Cruise Company Web Address: Contact Name: George Dekker

Food & Drink Awards 2023 | 13 PrimaSailingCharterAgencyisabrandownedandoperated by parent company Vemsa d.o.o. and was founded in 2013 for the purposes of providing customers with vessels for vacation or leisure activities. The agency began life offering vessels all over the Adriatic Sea, serving the countries of Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro. With a catalogue of more than 3,000 vessels inclusive of sailboats, catamarans, yachts, and mega yachts, it was not long before operations had expanded, and the company today has a strong presence across Europe in countries such as Greece, Italy, Spain, and France. Even as it has expanded, the company has remained grounded in its goal of offering a personal approach, and we speak with Samo Brbre in order to find out more about this and the business’ fantastic offerings. Best Sailing Yacht Charter Agency 2023 - Europe chefs aboard the boats, as guests are seeking an authentic taste of the destination which they visit. This is just one way in which the industry is developing, with another being a rise in those individuals who naively feel confident to manage a vessel themselves, without first undergoing the relevant training. Often this can result in entirely avoidable accidents, and for this reason, Prima Sailing has been organising skipper training for several years now, offering trainees practical sailing exercises and empowering them to acquire the necessary nautical skills. With such knowledge in toe, these skippers are available to rent and operate vessels themselves, and some even attend twice to really hone their skills in the field. Although the company achieved its goal of conquering the Adriatic Sea, it is determined to continue growing, expanding the detail of its descriptions of the interesting destinations it now provides all over the world. Moreover, Prima Sailing is looking to further develop its additional offerings and is seeking cooperation with food and drink suppliers and offer online reservations of berths at certain destinations for those guests who arrive by plane. This continuous drive to provide only the best sets the team apart from others in the industry and is just one of the reasons why the company is Europe’s premier yacht charter agency. As Prima Sailing Charter Agency continues to thrive well into the future, it has solidified itself as more than worthy of this award, earned as a result of its vast selection of vessels and excellent, personalised approach to customer service. Handling every stage of the process incredibly efficiently, the agency enables its clients to relax and enjoy the experiences of a lifetime. Contact: Samo Brbre Company: Prima Sailing Charter Agency Web Address: he primary aim behind Prima Sailing Charter Agency is to offer an online service whereby clients could browse an extensive selection of vessels, before using the appropriate filers to pick one and make a reservation for themselves. On many occasions it has been the case that other agencies have taken bookings for vessels that are no longer available, yet with Prima Sailing’s unique online system that operates in real-time, any vessel displayed on the website is free and available to be booked. This information is made possible by a direct and permanent connection to fleet operators, charter providers, and the company’s agents, enabling the highest quality of service to all customers. A conscious effort is made to handle every client personally, whether this be as a result of an enquiry or a booking, with the latter spurring the team on to make first contact, greeting the client via e-mail and offering any further assistance. As Samo explains, “there are no weekends or holidays for us, our principle is always to answer the customer as soon as possible.” This great service also extends to matters regarding payment, contracts, and vouchers, which are all dealt with personally, and stem from the agency’s core values of a personal approach, quick feedback, a strong bond between customer and operator, effectively maintaining contact throughout, and paying constant attention to the needs of clientele. When the team receives an enquiry or booking, the first port of call is to source as much information as possible, primarily what sort of vessel it is that they are after, which often corresponds with factors such as destination, rental period, and the number of people, particulars which are all clearly stated on the company’s online website and booking system. If customers do not possess much sailing experience, Prima Sailing offers them the very best skippers from its base, who are always local experts and acutely aware of weather conditions and other such factors. Recent years have also yielded an increased demand for quality T

14 | LUXlife Magazine Yacht Agency of the Year 2023 - Eastern Mediterranean or any yacht arriving in the islands, Roditis Yachting is here to provide its full agency assistance service. Its professional team is dedicated to providing first-class solutions delivered efficiently and with discretion. It is the agency’s objective to provide the highest quality of customer service to captains, owners, and their esteemed guests. The company’s essential services include berth reservations, customs and arrival formalities, fuel and lubricants, food and provisions, technical support and repairs, winter maintenance, and much more. The team will also assist clients with their onshore needs of travel and accommodation. For any yachting voyage in the Dodecanese Islands, Roditis Yachting provides vital services to help clients organise an enjoyable visit. The agency is an Associate Member of the Greek Yachting Association and prides itself on offering fast and reliable services. With offices across the Dodecanese Islands, its team of sub-agents and corresponding agents is committed to providing reliable support to their clients. At Roditis Yachting, agents provide berth reservations in all marinas and tourist ports in Rhodes, Symi, and the nearby islands. The company offers both short- and longterm berth reservations to all sizes of yachts at competitive prices as well as low rates on facilities in Rhodes and Symi. Roditis Yachting takes full responsibility for the complex processes of customs and arrival formalities and provides assistance with Port Master, Customs, and the Immigration Office. The business provides extensive services to clients with the issuance or termination of transit logs, charter permits arrangements, door visa service arrangements, and much more. Agents remain informed of the latest regulations with Port State Control to ensure complete compliance. Whether owners and captains are in Greece for a few days or the whole season, the agency can prepare and organise all pre-trip and post-trip duties to ensure clients have a smooth and relaxing yachting voyage. The business offers the best market rates for yacht fuel in Rhodes and provides duty paid and duty free where applicable. Roditis Yachting tailors its marine solutions to clients’ personal and professional needs and fills up boats with quality fuel from the state owned company EKO. The agency offers samples on request and consistently monitors fuel with government control meters to ensure it only offers the best possible quality. By prebooking, all Roditis Yachting services are available 24/7 so clients are always ready to embark on their next adventure. Its technical support services allow the team to conduct minor repairs and source spare parts for any yacht. For small boats, the company offers dry docking and storage. Technical support ranges from teak deck construction, repair, and re-caulking to painting and polishing services. The agency also offers anti-osmosis protection and treatment, Established in 1989, Roditis Yachting Agency offers its suite of services to yacht owners and associate agents in Rhodes, Symi, and the nearby islands. With its teams’ experience, expertise, and extensive connections, the agency provides support for all vessel operations. It is the overarching mission of Roditis Yachting to ensure its clients have a pleasant and memorable yachting experience. Roditis Yachting Agency and its specialist services have received a Nautical Tourism Award for Yacht Agency of the Year – Eastern Mediterranean. and inspection and repair of water, fuel, sewage tanks, and sea water taps. The team possesses expertise in servicing marine engines and can provide engine and generator maintenance if required. To meet yachts’ winter maintenance requirements, Roditis Yachting offers specialist marine services including hull and metallic parts hydroblasting, exterior cleaning, and engine room cleaning and maintenance. Before yachts launch, the team can provide hull scrubbing, cleaning, and antifouling to protect boats’ exteriors. Other services include crack and fibreglass repairs, varnish and gel-coat application, chain and capstan motor repair or replacement, interior cleaning, and much more. With its vast array of services, Roditis Yachting delivers consistently reliable and efficient services to all vessels visiting the Dodecanese Islands. Its friendly and professional team aims to provide the highest level of customer service to the yachts and superyachts of their valued clients. It is Roditis Yachting’s mission to cater to all onshore and offshore requirements and take charge of vessel organisation to ensure clients have an enjoyable and stress-free yachting experience. For its unique services, Roditis Yachting Agency has received our award for Yacht Agency of the Year – Eastern Mediterranean. Contact: Ioannis Roditis Company: Roditis Yachting Web Address: F • Oct23082

15 | LUXlife Magazine Best Travel Agent Training Program 2023 - USA TravelFun.Biz is a rapidly growing host travel agency that designed trainings to do more than teach, they designed a cuttingedge training program that works! Their travel agent training program offers live one-on-one sessions with successful travel advisors, lead generation opportunities, social media strategies, and AI groundbreaking technology uses so you can get started after the initial 90-minute video tutorial. When you choose to work with TravelFun.Biz, you gain access to an at-yourown-pace video tutorial course, allowing everyone who loves travel to start their own independent work-at-home (WAH) business. There's just one criterion: you must be FUN to work with us! In 2019, TravelFun.Biz was established by Digital Media Marketing and Social Media Director Shelby Frenette, a successful travel influencer and former Cruise Director for Princess Cruises. Having spent eight years at sea, she has hosted more than 500 cruises throughout her career and has orchestrated solo travel adventures for thousands of singles worldwide. Aiming to inspire people to embark on the journeys of their dreams, making lifelong memories and connections along the way, Shelby created TravelFun.Biz, a travel company that crafts unforgettable experiences for fun-loving singles and power couples alike. To approach its sophisticated clientele, the company uses social media to deliver exclusive insights and vivid storytelling, share content that blends opulence and adventure, offer personalized recommendations, collaborate with influencers, and foster a vibrant community of like-minded travelers. At TravelFun.Biz, Shelby works alongside a team of 22 US-based agents with over two decades of industry experience. Committed to their work, they have effectively collaborated to assist clients, sharing their unique expertise with one another to deliver excellence. The team have played a pivotal role in the company’s overwhelming success, which is why Shelby is committed to ensuring that they receive the best possible training opportunities. With TravelFun.Biz, travel agents gain expertise through certifications, courses, and webinars, equipping them with the most relevant knowledge related to locations and suppliers. They also gain hands-on experience through in-person group leader and host training sessions, which take place on luxury cruises and at resorts in some of the world’s most beautiful places. For its excellent training offerings, TravelFun.Biz has been awarded Best Travel Agent Training Program, USA, in the Nautical Tourism Awards 2023. We congratulate Shelby and her team on this outstanding achievement! Contact Details Contact: Joel Frenette Company: TravelFun.Biz Web Address: