Parent and Baby Awards 2020 Page 13 Page 12 LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards LUX 2020 Parent & Baby Awards The fast-moving corporate world is one that can leave very little time for the personal touch, and there is a large gap in the market for baby gifts of real value. For those who have to find the perfect gift, it can be a real challenge. Baby Hamper Gifts fills the gap superbly, with the team working tirelessly to create the ideal present for every situation. Baby Hamper Gifts was started by Kris Perbe following the birth of her son. She had seen first-hand not only the challenges that this sort of situation presents to the corporate setup, but the difficulties her nearest and dearest had had in finding appropriate gifts for the baby shower. With a background in the business world, it seemed the perfect opportunity to create something new. Baby Hamper Gifts was the result. Established in 2011, it has grown exponentially over the last nine years, with the team producing truly bespoke products that speak volumes to their commitment to luxury and excess. The personal nature of the service means that a present from Baby Hamper Gifts is not just a gift, it’s a complete and comprehensive experience. From exploring the myriad options on display through to ensuring that the delivery arrives at the perfect time and place, everything is considered and catered for. No one knows the needs of a parent better than parents themselves, which is why Baby Hamper Gifts is run by a small hands-on team of mums and dads committed to creating something Buying baby gifts is a challenge for many. Most don’t know what to get, and few know where to find them. The team behind Baby Hamper Gifts have dedicated themselves to finding the right solution for their customers, ensuring each gift they package and deliver brims with quality and luxury. In the light of their inimitable success, we take a closer look at how the team has been able to succeed in this year’s Parent and Baby Awards. Aug20536 Baby Hamper Gifts Best Newborn Baby Gifting Service 2020 - UK that will make you smile. They specialise in corporate gifts, working with some of the largest businesses in the UK as well as some that are still up-and-coming. Each client gets specialist treatment so that the team can develop a gift that everyone is proud of. Taking account of the parents, the baby and the budget is vital, and allows the Baby Hamper Gifts team to apply their unique brand of creativity. Thoughtfulness and quality shine through each product, whether it’s a hamper, gift set, nappy cake or clothing bouquet. Because each is created to order, there is a guarantee, and expectation, of care. Each product that is placed into a Baby Hamper Gift is sourced from a trusted and reliable UK supplier who reflects this commitment to quality and attentiveness. Many are award-winners in their own rights. The key to the continued success of Baby Hamper Gifts can easily be found in the relationships that grow and develop between the team and their various partners. Customers appreciate the way in which the contents are developed, and the presentation is perfected. In a corporate environment, this is a vital manoeuvre that allows people the freedom to get on with their world without having to worry about the quality of the result. Of course, the world of parenting products is constantly evolving, and the team take the time to stay on top of the latest developments. There’s nothing wrong with tradition – many want to celebrate strong childhood rituals and customs – but with so many new and innovative products on the market, raising a child can be made much easier and much more fun. The team are constantly on the lookout for items which wow them, attending trade fairs to discover new lines and working with suppliers to understand what the market needs. Recently, the team have noticed that baby milestones have become increasingly important, and something to be recognised on social media. Parents want to be able to create and save these precious memories of a baby’s early years in a fun and quirky way. The addition of milestone cards has been a highly popular decision, acting as something that can be placed next to the baby for that celebratory photograph. Pieces like these form an essential part of a Baby Hamper Gifts product, providing something that is not just appreciated for the day, but will last for months and even years. Today, Baby Hamper Gifts finds itself in unprecedented times. The baby showers that have proven a mainstay of its business have been held off by social distancing. It makes the need for celebrating the gift of a new life even more important to many. The team have worked tirelessly to ensure that they have been able to keep working through this period, with an eye constantly on what the current government advice is. Mums and dads need support more than ever now, and Baby Hamper Gifts is built on the idea of putting the needs of others before themselves. The current pandemic has done nothing to change this selfless outlook and, if nothing else, has only strengthened this feeling within the firm. New products are constantly in development from the team. Even in this critical situation, the team are too creative not to explore new and exciting ways of making people happy. They guide their products through every step of the process, taking the initial idea, discussing and developing it because bringing it into glorious life as a completed item. This growth in terms of ideas is how the business has expanded over the last decade. Not focusing on growth for growth’s sake, but on ensuring that customers receive the best possible quality at a time when they want to celebrate a momentous achievement. As more and more people come to see the team as a trusted, recognised and respected brand, the team are certainly shaping up for another decade in which they will thrive. Company: Baby Hamper Gifts Contact: Kris Perbe Website: