Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Page 13 LUXLife Parent & Baby Awards 2022 Set up by a midwife, developed with midwives and new parents in mind and now delivered by midwives throughout the UK, Bump, Birth & Beyond has quickly become an essential part of the pregnancy process. The challenge for most parents is the incredible uncertainty that comes with any birth, but thanks to the host of comprehensive courses from Bump, Birth & Beyond, there doesn’t need to be any surprise at all. Every course teacher is a practising and registered midwife, each bringing with them a wealth of knowledge for their students. Far from learning on the course, Bump, Birth & Beyond works because it is a place where practical experience can be shared. The course is bespoke to Bump, Birth & Beyond, designed by course director Emma Savage For expectant parents, having a baby is an entirely new experience, but it is also one which many have gone through before. While short classes were available through the NHS, cutbacks and the pandemic have seen many disappear. Bump, Birth & Beyond is the solution, offering a range of MidwifeLed Antenatal Courses and Birth Education Courses to give parents guidance, support information and some muchneeded peace of mind. Aug22598 Most Educational Antenatal Class Provider - UK so that when complete, parents will have an in depth understanding of pregnancy, labour, infant feeding and early days with a newborn, even if their own experience doesn’t go exactly to plan! Bump, Birth & Beyond is developed to encompass information that goes deeper than just telling parents-tobe what they want to hear, instead looking at all aspects of childbirth, how things can change and how to have good conversations with health care providers to enable informed choice . Those having babies deserve this level of care and education that simply isn’t available through this system anymore. The team’s talented selection of midwives agree that providing this service has been a boost not only to parents, but to their careers as well. Having the opportunity to broaden the scope of what they offer means they can enjoy their NHS midwifery more. Bump, Birth and Beyond switched to Zoom during the testing times of the pandemic and continue to run hypnobirthing add-ons online but have now returned to full, in person, antenatal classes. It is important for sessions to be in person not only to help parents with practical skills such bathing as dressing a baby, but also to build community which is at the heart of what they do. This community is carried forward with a range of postnatal meet-ups, parties and an online support group. Despite the current cost-of-living crisis in the UK barely beginning, the team at Bump, Birth & Beyond have already seen changing trends in the way people are living their lives. A significant rise in the firm’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ facility which allows parents to pay for their course in six weekly payments has inspired the team to explore other options. Moving forward, the team are launching PayPal Credit options as well as a 12-month payment plan for those looking to spread their payments over a longer period. The future for the firm is incredibly bright, with the team hoping to open over ten additional branches throughout the UK by the end of 2023. This will give the team a reach of 25 branches across the country. In the long term, Bump, Birth & Beyond intends to have a branch in every major town and city throughout the UK, with potential expansion into Ireland and further afield too. As the model of the business depends on interested midwives, it’s incredibly scalable and adaptable to different region’s practices and methods of working. New courses are already in development, including ‘refreshers’ for non-first-time parents, including important elements such as ‘How to Introduce Siblings’. When Bump, Birth & Beyond was created, it was to ensure that parents still had access to an honest source of information when it came to the pregnancy process. Thanks to the tireless efforts of midwives across the UK, they have more than succeeded in their mission. As the range of courses provided continues to expand, the length and breadth of the country, we cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: Bump, Birth & Beyond Name: Emma Savage Email: inf[email protected] Web Address: