The Perfect Gift Awards 2022

Page 18 LUXlife The Perfect Gift Awards 2022 When Annette Petersen moved from her New York City home to Concord, Massachusetts, to raise her family, she needed to make ends meet. Her artistic ability led her to begin sculpting and painting woodland creatures from clay. When she stumbled upon the design for ‘Miss Mouse’ a little bonnet-wearing mouse, Wee Forest Folk® was born. Some years later, her son, daughter and granddaughter, Willy, Donna and Bonnie, joined the enterprise – making Wee Forest Folk® a true family affair. Today the company is renowned for its fanciful miniature creatures, perfect in every detail. The vintage look of Wee Forest Folk’s pieces makes them sought after by collectors. Company representative, Jenny Petersen, tells us, “Our specialty is designing mouse miniatures reminiscent of the sweetest of family moments and woodland critters in endearing scenarios. Many are in different holiday themes, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more. Our unique selling point is to soften the heart by evoking pleasant memories and thoughts bringing warmth to your home.” Each piece is still made entirely by hand. The Petersens sculpt, design and develop all the colours. The original clay sculpture is cast and artists hand paint each one adding embellishments that make each piece unique. Many customers buy the wee creations in a variety of options while some want each piece in every color. Unsurprisingly, Wee Forest Folk® has developed a large and loyal following over the years. Jenny tells us, “Our core values are to bring smiles and happy feelings What started as a cottage industry back in 1972 still endures today. Wee Forest Folk® has been producing exquisite miniatures that delight its clients for over 50 years. Based in Carlisle, Massachusetts, the company, which still makes and paints all its pieces by hand, is a favorite of gift givers and collectors around the world. We take a look at the company, past and present. Aug22129 Wee Forest Folk® The Perfect Artisan Figurine Gift Collection 2022 into the world. We celebrate the goodness in people. We hope to uplift spirits and inspire enthusiasm. We strive to bring that same spirit to everyone involved in the creation of these little creatures too.” It appears to be working. Until recently, the newest member of the team joined the company 20 years ago. Many staff have been with Wee Forest Folk since the very beginning. Despite rumblings of a recession and the rapid rise in the cost of living, Wee Forest Folk® has not seen an impact. Due to demand, the company recently recruited some new artists to paint from home. Working for Wee Forest Folk® requires expert painting skills and meticulous attention to detail. With small gift stores as its main outlet, the company has had to rethink some of its marketing strategies. Jenny explains, “With so many online sellers, small retailers are now struggling. This creates a challenge but, at the same time, it can offer opportunities. Our best selling point is when customers can see and touch a Wee Forest Folk® piece in a store. But places like Pinterest and other social media platforms have been positive in highlighting our company.” Wee Forest Folk® can now be bought online as well and in stores in Japan, Singapore, and across the USA. This year, Wee Forest Folk® said farewell to its founder, Annette Petersen, who passed away on the 8th of June, aged 102. Although still recovering from her passing, Wee Forest Folk® continues to create gifts in her honour to bring joy to its customers. The company is currently finishing new designs for its Autumn, Halloween, and Christmas lines. Having created a very special Brambly Hedge piece from Spring Story, the company is hoping to complete a piece inspired by another season in 2023 – we wish it longevity and success! Contact: Jenny Petersen Company: Wee Forest Folk, Inc. Web Address: