• Ethical gold at same pricepoint as ordinary gold
  • 24-carat ethical SMO gold grain, sheet, wire, casting rings, wedding rings available for first time
  • 100% fully-traceable solely sourced from the Yanfolila Mine in West Africa, a sustainable, ethical mining operation far exceeding international best practice
  • Exclusively from family-run Betts Metals Ltd, trusted for over 250 years

Food, fashion, energy. These are just a few of the sectors where increasingly concerned consumers now demand ethical practices, sustainability and, above all, traceability. The jewellery sector is not exempt from this trend and is already coming under increasing scrutiny. 

However, even with the best will in the world, this scrutiny presents a challenge to jewellers. The source of most gold in jewellery is not simple to trace, in part because gold is usually melted together from different sources and sold as a pure commodity. 

No longer. Now there’s Single Mine Origin (SMO) gold, sourced from a single, highly ethical mining operation and refined without coming into contact with any other gold. In an age where traceability is paramount, the SMO Gold trademark provides complete peace of mind.

“We are very proud to be at the forefront of creating fully traceable, ethical gold by developing the SMO certification”, says Charlie Betts, MD of Betts Investments. “Ethical traceability is a necessity for today’s consumers. It’s a trend our industry cannot neglect 

Available exclusively in the form of beautiful wedding rings, casting rings, sheet, wire, and grain, direct from ninth-generation family run Betts Metals, leaders in the gold business for over 250 years.